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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1800


Chapter 1800

Chapter 1800: Admitting His Defeat

’’It's a battle to death, we both agreed. Why are you getting involved?’’ asked Lin Feng indifferently.

’’We said it's a draw. You are both incredible geniuses. Why battle to the death? It would be a loss for the university. I hope you understand,’’ said one of them in a sharply, but he tried to keep calm. After all, they couldn't truly get involved, but they didn't want Ji Wuyou to die.

’’I can kill him.’’ said Ji Wuyou coldly.

The cultivator next to him said, ’’I know you have a secret technique. However, battling to the death or getting injured is useless.’’

Then, he said using telepathy, ’’Even if you win, what will you get? You're just going to waste time.’’

Ji Wuyou remained silent and he heard the cultivator say, ’’Besides, even if you continue, you don't know what his trump cards are. You may end up badly injured or dead. Continue practicing cultivation, you can fight against him another time and win, unless you're not confident and think you won't.’’

Ji Wuyou remained silent and seemed to be coming back to his senses. Indeed, using his trump card against Lin Feng wasn't the best thing to do at that moment. He could challenge Lin Feng in the future again.

’’I forgive him, I won't kill him today,’’ said Ji Wuyou icily.

Lin Feng frowned and looked amused. He said indifferently, ’’You lost and you dare say you forgive me and you won't kill me? Ridiculous, since it's that way, let's continue the battle.’’

’’Lin Feng!’’ shouted the strong cultivator of the Moon Group, ’’Why say that? If Ji Wuyou uses his trump cards, he can be very dangerous. It would be useless for both of you! Let's say it's a draw! That's the best thing to do!’’

’’Haven't you heard him? He said he forgives me and won't kill me today!’’ said Lin Feng smiling coldly.

’’He's just angry!’’ said that cultivator indifferently.

Lin Feng looked annoyed. He knew that killing Ji Wuyou was useless. Tiantai was weak in the Holy City, but Ji Wuyou was so arrogant, Lin Feng couldn't stand hearing such stupid excuses.

’’We can stop fighting,’’ agreed Lin Feng, staring at the strong cultivator of the Moon Group, ’’But a win is a win, a loss is a loss. There's no draw. He must admit he lost and we can forget about it.’’

’’Admit I lost?’’ Ji Wuyou looked petrified. Admit he lost?

The first student of the lower ranking list, Ji Wuyou, admit his defeat? Accepting that he wasn't as strong as Lin Feng?

The two strong cultivators of the Moon Group frowned. That guy was stubborn. Making Ji Wuyou admit that he had lost wouldn't be easy.

’’Lin Feng, Ji Wuyou didn't use his full strength. A draw is the best thing for everyone. Why do you insist?’’ asked the strong cultivator of the Moon Group.

Lin Feng snickered and said, ’’Let's continue fighting then. If there's no winner, let's continue until there's one.’’


A powerful Qi emerged from Ji Wuyou's body. On his back, a Cyan Dragon Totem appeared again, gigantic and dazzling.

’’Ji Wuyou!’’ shouted the strong cultivator of the Moon Group extremely loudly. He put his hand on Ji Wuyou again and released a powerful Qi which restricted him.

Ji Wuyou shouted furiously, ’’What are you doing?’’

’’Ji Wuyou, I promised Ji Chang I'd take care of you. If you use your secret technique, with your strength, you'll need a year to recover. It means that you won't be able to progress for a year! Meanwhile, Lin Feng will become extremely strong and you won't be able to catch catch up with him or anyone anymore. If you ruin your cultivation because of your impulsiveness, then you'll never be as strong as your brother!’’ stated the strong cultivator of the Moon Group telepathically. ’’Remember how Ying Cheng was many years ago when he was as strong as you. He was humble and talented. He admitted when he lost back then, and he did lose sometimes.’’

Ji Wuyou shivered. He looked extremely sad and humiliated. He had to admit that he had lost, Lin Feng was going to become the first student.

’’Ji Chang, if you act like that, you will never surpass your brother!’’ shouted that cultivator again. Ji Chang's face was red with restrained anger.

Finally, he nodded and looked at Lin Feng. ’’I lost today. Another day, we'll fight again.’’

It was as if Ji Wuyou had used his full strength to say that, before he ran away. Some Qi remained behind, suspended in the air. After such a battle, admitting that he had lost was a painful thing to do. But Ji Wuyou understood that if he used all his trump cards, maybe he wouldn't have defeated Lin Feng anyway. Even if he had, it wouldn't have been worth it. Lin Feng was talented. With a year of time lost, he wouldn't be able to catch up with Lin Feng anymore.

The crowd watched Ji Wuyou leave and sighed. He had lost. Ji Wuyou had finally admitted that he had lost in front of everyone. Lin Feng was now the first student!

They looked to Lin Feng. He looked calm, serene, and yet arrogant, as if he had always known he'd become the first student of the lower ranking list, as if he had known from the beginning that he'd win the battle.


Tiantai's members rose up into the air and air and jumped onto the battle stage next to Lin Feng. They all looked like heroes. Tiantai was now stronger than Ji Chang's Club!

The members of Ji Chang's Club's Star Group pulled long faces. Ji Wuyou had admitted that he had lost. They were declining. They had suffered a crushing defeat and Ji Wuyou, the first student, had lost against Lin Feng.

’’Hmph!’’ Yu Wen Hou groaned icily. He flung his sleeves and pulled a long face. He was one of the managers of the Star Group, and in his hands, the Star Group had started declining. He felt totally humiliated.

The members of the Moon Group stared at Lin Feng sharply. The one who had been talking to Lin Feng smiled coldly, ’’You are really incredible. We gave you face, but you refused and you humiliated us. Even though you won, don't forget that your cultivation level is still very low. It's just the beginning.’’

Lin Feng was amused. That guy was very polite a moment before because Ji Wuyou was on the battle stage. The members of the Moon Group weren't supposed to get involved at all. Lin Feng and Ji Wuyou's battle was now over, and that guy's face had instantly changed. He wasn't polite anymore.

’’Don't worry, I won't grow dizzy with success, everybody knows the reason why we fought against the Star Group, but it doesn't matter anymore. At the moment, Tiantai only has low-level emperors, but maybe in a few years, our opponents won't be the Star Group!’’ replied Lin Feng.

That cultivator frowned and said coldly, ’’Well then, whom do you want to fight?’’

’’Within three years, my brothers and I will still come onto the battle stage. Of course, it won't be this one, it will be the one of the middle ranking list,’’ said Lin Feng, said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. Everybody frowned. Lin Feng was challenging the Moon Group?

’’How arrogant!’’ said the cultivators of the Moon Group. They all looked furious and released a powerful Qi, pressing down on Lin Feng and his friends. Tiantai's members looked angry.

’’The Star Group is very arrogant, it seems that you're not any different!’’ said Tantai icily, ’’In a few years, we'll show you what it feels like to be humiliated, just like the Star Group has been humiliated!’’

’’Little ignorant bastard!’’ one of the members of the Moon Group sneered coldly. Rumbling sounded as a gigantic earth energy appeared around Tantai and buried him.

Tantai harrumphed and shouted furiously. A punch attacked the earth energy, but nothing happened. That person shook his hand and the earth energy exploded. He smiled coldly and said, ’’Little boy, medium-level emperors and low-level emperors can't compete. Don't grow dizzy with success!’’

’’Three years, within three years, we'll be on the middle battle stage. When I challenge you, I hope you won't have forgotten what happened today!’’ said Lin Feng calmly. The crowd frowned, while the Moon Group's members were staring at Lin Feng. He would challenge the Moon Group within three years? Was he dreaming?

’’I will remember,’’ said the leader of the group, smiling and staring at Lin Feng. Three years was impossible. Who would become a medium-level emperor within three years in Tiantai?

’’You will remember, of course.’’ Three years was the time Lin Feng gave himself and Tiantai. He had to make Tiantai rise in the shortest time as possible. The Moon Group was a kind of goal for them. Within three years, they had to be able to defeat the Moon Group. After the Moon Group, they'd challenge the rest of Ji Chang's Club. That was the promise Lin Feng made to himself!


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