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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 179


’’Sound attack.’’

Lin Feng's soul was shaking. Lin Feng was still holding his sword, but it seemed unable to move further.

Besides, under the pressure of that potent sound attack, Lin Feng was unable to move his body for a brief moment. How could such a fusion of deadly energy be stopped so easily?

Lin Feng's opponent Hei Mo, could use a trick to gain the strength of the seventh Qi layer. He was extremely powerful, but he could not stop that attack.


The black lines on Hei Mo's body started swirling in an insane way. His body released a terrifying deadly Qi.

’’BOOOM!’’ Fluphy has exploded!!

The entire atmosphere vibrated. Lin Feng's sword penetrated into Hei Mo's body, but left only a faint trace of blood. Then Lin Feng's body was blown away by Hei Mo's brutal attack.

The noise of Lin Feng's body falling onto the ground spread in the air. Blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth.

A deathly stillness filled the atmosphere. Had Lin Feng lost that battle after all?

Wasn't Lin Feng stronger than Hei Mo? Of course, it wasn't the case. He was, at least, as strong as Hei Mo. Lin Feng's sword had nearly killed Hei Mo. If Yu Qiu hadn't shouted like that, Hei Mo would have already been dead. Just like Lin Feng had pointed out, Hei Mo had lost his courage and was hesitant, he wasn't as determined as before. All of these things meant that Hei Mo had already lost before the battle even began.

Hei Mo was much weaker than Lin Feng.

However, Yu Qiu got involved and had influenced that battle. What happened was unfair, but who would dare blame Yu Qiu?

If somebody dared offend him and the Yu Clan, even if it was the Celestial Academy, he would destroy them, and even worse if it was a mere student of the Celestial Academy.

Lin Feng who was on the ground raised his head and looked at Yu Qiu, who was sat on the viewing platform. His eyes were filled with endless hatred.

’’Truly shameless.’’ Lin Feng was looking at Yu Qiu with endless killing intent, but he knew that he was nothing in comparison with Yu Qiu. If he dared to try and kill him, he would just bring about his own destruction.

In that world, only those who were extremely strong were respected. Honor and integrity didn't count for anything. If someone was strong, then nobody would dare to contradict them.

Meng Qing's body disappeared. She quickly moved next to Lin Feng and helped Lin Feng to stand up. Her beautiful face was filled with coldness.

’’How are you?’’ She asked.

’’I'm alright.’’ Lin Feng wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth. He looked extremely proud. He was standing perfectly straight.

’’What a proud young man.’’ thought the crowd while looking at Lin Feng. Their hearts were filled with admiration for him.

Lin Feng had surprised them throughout the whole battle. Hei Mo, one of the top ten students of the Celestial Academy, had to use all his strength against Lin Feng who was at the fifth Ling Qi layer. He even had to rely on the power of his black lotus to possess the strength of the seventh Ling Qi layer. Besides, at the moment when Meng Qing had wanted to help Lin Feng. He had refused and had said the outcome of the battle for him would be victory or death.

Immediately, when the entire crowd thought that he had already lost the battle, Lin Feng had broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer. Then, he released an attack which should have killed Hei Mo, but Yu Qiu interrupted him. But thanks to his strength and determination, Lin Feng had gained everybody's esteem and admiration.

Even in critical conditions, Lin Feng was still standing perfectly straight.

Hei Mo was looking at Lin Feng. He looked perplexed. He didn't look arrogant and proud anymore.

It was very clear to him that he had lost the battle. If Yu Qiu hadn't been there a moment ago, Lin Feng's sword would have pierced through his heart and killed him.

But Lin Feng wasn't looking at him, instead, he was staring at Yu Qiu as if Hei Mo wasn't there anymore. Hei Mo felt ridiculous.

The atmosphere was filled with deathly silence. It was very oppressive for everybody. Everybody felt uncomfortable.

At that moment, a faint laughter broke the silence. The second prince, while looking at the fighting stage, said: ’’You are both extremely strong, no matter who, you are both students of the academy, if one of you died, it would be a great loss for the Celestial Academy and even for our country. Let's put an end to the battle now.’’

Duan Wu Ya wanted to put an end to the battle but hadn't blamed Yu Qiu for having intervened. It seemed that, no matter what the situation was, it was impossible to guess what the second prince really thought.

Long Ding looked at Duan Wu Ya as if he was surprised. He then immediately looked at the Yu Clan and the Nie Clan. As if the situation had suddenly become clear, he nodded and said: ’’Alright, that's the end of the battle.’’

The Nie Clan didn't say anything. It wasn't such a bad idea to stop at that point. After all, Hei Mo's victory wouldn't have been very honorable after all. If he had killed Lin Feng, people would have despised Hei Mo for his behavior.

’’Hehe, how could a battle to death finish before the end result? The disciples of the Celestial Academy usually aren't such cowards?’’ said Yu Qiu indifferently while smiling at Long Ding. The crowd was stupefied. He wanted Lin Feng to die.

Besides, he had said on purpose that the disciples of the Celestial Academy weren't cowards. He wanted to make Long Ding angry. What an evil man.

Lin Feng had offended him so Yu Qiu was going to do anything to try and create difficulties for Lin Feng. He wanted Lin Feng to die and didn't care about making His Highness the crown prince lose face because of it.

Yu Qiu was a member of the Yu Clan, he was obviously arrogant.

Long Ding was staring at Yu Qiu. He wanted to say something, but didn't open his mouth. He only heard the sound of a cold and detached voice.

’’Of course! The people of the Celestial Academy are not cowards, unlike the members of the Yu Clan.’’

The person who had said these words was obviously Lin Feng. He fixedly stared at Yu Qiu. He sounded cold and indifferent which gave everyone the impression that he was insane. He surprisingly still dared to insult Yu Qiu. Could it be that he really wanted to die?

They didn't think about the fact that Yu Qiu already wanted Lin Feng's life. Even if Lin Feng provoked and offended him again, it didn't matter much anymore.

’’Even dead people dare to say such crazy things.’’ Yu Qiu's pupils slightly shrank revealing murderous intentions. He looked at Lin Feng and said: ’’When did my clan, the Yu Clan, ever contain cowards? What gives you the right to talk this way?’’

’’I don't have the right to talk that way?’’ Lin Feng smiled coldly, walked forwards and said: ’’I want to ask you though, how strong is the Yu Clan? ...and its young members, how strong are they?’’

’’The Yu Clan frightens everyone in the Imperial City. It can easily annihilate the Celestial Academy... and you ask me how strong we are?’’ sneered Yu Qiu before adding: ’’Besides, concerning the young generation, they are, of course, all giants amongst men. They are extremely strong.’’

’’Giants amongst men? You're really shameless! I didn't know a bunch of scum could be considered as giants amongst men.’’

While talking, Lin Feng was smiling coldly. Yu Qiu was even more furious. Lin Feng ignored his facial expression and pointed at the two young men standing to his sides. He then said: ’’These two, they are older than me. I challenge them both to a battle to death. If the young disciples of the Yu Clan are giants amongst men, then they will fight.’’

The two young men on Yu Qiu's sides were stupefied. They were staring fixedly at Lin Feng. He surprisingly dared uninterruptedly provoke them. These two young man men were not as strong as Lin Feng. They had seen how Lin Feng had almost killed Hei Mo. How could they accept that challenge?

Yu Qiu hadn't thought that Lin Feng would make such a move either. A light flashed through his eyes showing his uncertainty. Immediately after, he smiled and said: ’’You cannot challenge Yu Clan members as you wish.’’


Yu Qiu hadn't even finished talking that Lin Feng interrupted him and said coldly: ’’If you don't dare, then you don't dare, there is no need to try and think about a way out or give excuses. You say that they are giants amongst men, but they are just scum, nothing more. Last time, I violently beat one of them at the Prisoner Arena. I don't know if he's still feeling a little weak from then. I also humiliated the other one. They are just trash, they are so scared that they cannot get their revenge alone. They had to go and find a senior to protect them. That kind of giant amongst men is just ridiculous to the extreme.’’

The crowd was a bit surprised by Lin Feng's words. So that's what had started all of this. Originally Lin Feng had humiliated the arrogant young people from the Yu Clan. No wonder Yu Qiu disliked Lin Feng so much.

Lin Feng continued to talk: ’’But when I see you, it makes me think that the juniors and the seniors of the Yu Clan are probably all the same. Therefore, I am not that surprised by your cowardliness and your shamelessness... and you still dare think that you are better than everyone else. In fact, I would like to ask you a question, are all the members of the Yu Clan so shameless?’’

Lin Feng's words stupefied the people in the crowd. Yu Qiu was staring at Lin Feng as the killing intent on his face grew stronger.

’’Such a shameless and impudent clan, launching surprise attacks on other people and not even admitting it... and besides you are so satisfied and proud of yourself... Surprisingly, you dare sit on the viewing platform for people of high status. What a nerve!’’

As if Lin Feng didn't understand how furious Yu Qiu was, Lin Feng continued talking.


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