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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 178


That sword was in suspension inside the celestial book. It was a deadly black sword.

Even though it was only a picture, when Lin Feng looked that picture, his heart was racing.

It gave a feeling of pride and serenity. That sword could annihilate everything and its energy was majestic. It seemed like nobody could stop that sword as if that sword could annihilate all of creation.

Lin Feng had never thought that a picture could make his heart pound like it had. It seemed like that sword had been created for the sole purpose of destruction.

’’If I could control the energy of that sword illusion, I could destroy anything in my path. I would need to fuse with that sword. I would become the sword and the sword would become Me.’’ thought Lin Feng.

His thoughts were actually correct. Even though he was using a sword and most people thought that he was a sword master, Lin Feng was aware of the fact that he was far from being a master. Only if Lin Feng could reach an extremely high level of mastery would he then consider himself as a real sword master.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. Lin Feng's thought was deeply profound. Everything was progressing within his mind. In the blink of an eye, he had understood a great deal of things.

Lin Feng was closing his eyes. He was motionless. Other people thought that his injuries were too serious and that he was trying to recover.

Everybody wanted to see how Lin Feng was going to cherish his fight against Hei Mo.

Nobody doubted Lin Feng's determination because at that moment, he was still releasing an incredible amount of sharp sword force. What surprised the crowd even more is that Lin Feng's force was becoming more and more powerful.

Apart from his will to fight, Lin Feng was still releasing deadly Qi.

’’How tough, how persistent!’’

The crowd was astonished. Even in such conditions, Lin Feng was still determined to fight.

But at that moment, on the viewing platform, Yu Qiu and the leader of the Nie Clan were astonished as well. They were both frowning. How could Lin Feng be so strong and his strength seemed to be increasing. How could he reach such strength? Even his deadly Qi was become stronger and stronger.

’’He's controlling pure energy!’’

The two of them suddenly thought of something. They were stupefied. Lin Feng was controlling energy.

The second prince Duan Wu Ya as well as Long Ding were fixedly staring at Lin Feng and could sense that his strength was increasing. Everyone was looking at him while looking perplexed.

Control, Lin Feng could control his energy.

’’Yan Er, will soon kill him.’’ said the leader of the Nie Clan at that moment which everyone look towards Lin Feng and Hei Mo. Hei Mo was moving towards Lin Feng again.


A terrifying energy emerged from Lin Feng's body. It seemed like an infinite energy mixed with deadly Qi. It seemed like Lin Feng had fused with this energy. In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng released all the energy he had been controlling at the same time. Lin Feng was surrounded by a strong wind. Lin Feng's torn clothes were fluttering in the wind.

’’He has become stronger.’’

The crowd was calmly staring at Lin Feng. The Qi that Lin Feng had just released was at the sixth Ling Qi layer and not of the fifth any longer.

Lin Feng, while controlling his energy, had broken through to the next Ling Qi layer.

Hei Mo's facial expression also slightly changed at that moment. His steps grew even more insane. When he arrived in front of Lin Feng, he threw a punch towards Lin Feng which was surrounded by black flames.

At the same time, Lin Feng opened his eyes. A bright and resplendent light suddenly blinded Hei Mo which forced him to close his eyes. When his fist should have reached Lin Feng, Lin Feng was already ten meters away from him.

When Hei Mo saw Lin Feng, he became anxious. He wasn't filled with the same determination as a moment before.

When Lin Feng was still at the fifth Ling Qi layer, there was a huge difference but Lin Feng had broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer, how terrifying was that?

’’You have already lost.’’ said Lin Feng indifferently while looking at Hei Mo which surprised him.

’’You are no longer an opponent for me. You are not courageous and powerful anymore. A short time ago, I still admired your strength, but now you are just acting like a sore loser. You are not qualified to fight against me anymore.’’ said Lin Feng. His energy had reached a pinnacle and could oppress anything in his path.

Hei Mo's heart was racing in his chest. He was staring at Lin Feng. He didn't reply. Actually, what Lin Feng had said, made his heart start to beat faster. When Lin Feng had managed to injure him, Hei Mo's confidence and arrogance had been destroyed.

’’Yan Er, he's killing your motivation, don't let him fool you.’’ Shouted someone from the Nie Clan on the viewing platform. Hei Mo was surprised. He looked at Lin Feng, who had a smile on the corner of his mouth.

’’Regardless of the fact of whether I am destroying your motivation or not, you cannot deny that your heart is racing and you do not doubt my words. That's enough.’’

When Lin Feng finished talking, he started walking again. His sword energy and deadly Qi were still growing stronger and stronger.

’’Sword.’’ said Lin Feng. At that moment, a sword illusion appeared in his hand. It was in suspension and it was pitch black. That was the sword from the picture.

’’Sword energy.’’

The crowd was astonished. How was that possible? Lin Feng could also use sword energy. Only cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer could use pure energy to attack. That was one of the tools of the Xuan Qi Layer to kill their enemies.

Even though Lin Feng had broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer, how could he use energy?

’’Wrong, that's not pure energy control. It's a skill... or in other words, he's controlling the sword energy with his own will.’’

Some people on the viewing platform who were extremely strong understood what was happening. They were also stupefied. Even though it wasn't pure energy, it was still very scary. Relying on his own control rather than on his spirit, Lin Feng had surprisingly been able to make a sword illusion appear. His sword illusion was even releasing deadly Qi. If someday, Lin Feng was able to use real pure energy then his strength would become monstrously terrifying. Then he would become a truly majestic figure.

Lin Feng was also aware of his weaknesses. Relying on control, he had been able to use the sword illusion which was in the celestial book but as before, his strength and his control was not sufficient.

A light flashed. Lin Feng unsheathed his soft sword which was around his waist. His soft sword and the sword illusion fused together. Lin Feng's sword energy and the deadly Qi invaded the entire atmosphere.

’’Hei Mo, this will end with one sword strike.’’ said Lin Feng. His body flickered and he transformed into a shadow.

Vanishing shadow skill.

From the viewing platform, people couldn't see clearly what was happening. They could only see a sword which was emitting a terrifying energy.

Hei Mo was intensely staring at the sword. That sword wasn't as resplendent or as simple as the sword which had injured him a moment before but he knew the strength of the attack was immense. The energy within as well as the deadly Qi around it was much stronger.

That sword was the result of the combination of the vanishing shadow skill and controlling sword energy.

When Hei Mo looked at the sword, he had the impression that it was a normal sword. However, when it was about to reach him, it started to glow and moved straight towards his heart.

’’Black lotus.’’ shouted Hei Mo extremely loudly while using his spirit. A gigantic black lotus appeared in front of him and blocked the way.

However, when Lin Feng's sword arrived in front of the black lotus, it pierced directly through it. That sword was destined for Hei Mo.

’’This doesn't look good. Yan Er is in danger.’’ said the head of the Nie Clan when he saw Lin Feng's sword. He stood up and instantly rushed towards the fighting stage. A brutal and oppressive Qi fell onto Lin Feng's body.

Considering his strength, he understood how terrifying Lin Feng's sword attack was.

’’I didn't get involved, you cannot get involved either.’’

While the head of the Nie Clan was getting involved, Meng Qing released some freezing Ice force which moved straight towards the head of the Nie Clan. His facial expression drastically changed. Yan Er was in danger!

’’Boy, stop!’’

At that moment, while Lin Feng's sword was piercing through the black lotus, a loud voice resonated in his ears which made his heartbeat accelerate.


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