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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1760


Chapter 1760

Chapter 1760: Six People Fight

’’Ji Wuyou, who do you think will win between the princess and the Buddhist monk?’’ Yu Wen Hou asked Ji Wuyou in a low voice.

’’The battle is balanced, but the Yu Wen Clan has some great secret Qi, right? Yu Wen Jing also knows the strength of the Four Seasons, if she uses her full strength, the Buddhist monk can't defeat her,’’ Ji Wuyou judged calmly. Yu Wen Hou smiled, Ji Wuyou was favoring the Yu Wen Clan!

’’But Puyang can't win,’’ judged Ji Wuyou, watching Hou Qing Lin and Puyang.

Yu Wen Hou frowned and looked at Hou Qing Lin's cosmic energies. He wasn't weaker than Puyang and his cosmic energies were terrifying. In addition, his cosmic energies and his spirit were a perfect match. A reincarnation energy curtain surrounded Puyang and Asura strength rose to the heavens.

Tian Chi and Yu Wen Jing's battle was incredible. A gigantic golden hand moved towards Yu Wen Jing at full speed, while at the same time, Yu Wen Jing released a Four Seasons attack. Tian Chi's golden hand then disappeared, yet the energies continued moving towards Tian Chi. Even a medium-level emperor couldn't resist such an attack.

’’Oh no!’’ Lin Feng frowned. Yu Wen Jing had a hidden Qi, it was fearsome!

Lights shone, Tian Chi's body became golden, and a Budda appeared. Yu Wen Jing's strength bombarded Tian Chi's Buddha, but the Buddha remained motionless. A metallic sound spread in the air, some ice and fire energies penetrated into the Buddha before it shattered. Tian Chi was propelled violently backwards, but at the same time, he was chanting mantras and his voice turned into golden hand imprints.

’’Destroy, destroy, destroy...’’ his voice echoed all around.

At that same moment, Puyang was being bombarded by Hou Qing Lin and was forced backwards. Puyang glared at Tian Chi icily.

’’Since we're on the same battle stage, let's fight together!’’ snarled Puyang, throwing himself at Tian Chi. Hou Qing Lin looked at him in an icily and released an Asura sword, shouting, ’’Be careful!’’

Tian Chi sensed that Puyang was attacking him and Yu Wen Jing was still releasing energies. He was stuck.

He released more golden Buddha lights which surrounded his body and turned into armor.

’’Boom!’’ Puyang assaulted Tian Chi again, condensing cosmic energies.

’’Bastard!’’ Lin Feng was furious when he saw that. He immediately rose up in the air and landed next to Tian Chi.

’’Piss off!’’ A Purple Tank shook the air, Lin Feng dragged Tian Chi away and threw a talisman into the air. They immediately disappeared and reappeared on the edge of the battle stage.

Yu Wen Jing bombarded the atmosphere where Lin Feng and Tian Chi were originally, but there was nobody there anymore.

Teleportation, deployment strength! The crowd was astonished. How had Lin Feng appeared on stage?

’’It's Lin Feng.’’ Someone recognized Lin Feng, the student who had joined the university three months before. Why was he on stage now?

’’Lin Feng!’’ Tian Chi was dumbstruck, he could only scratch his head and smile.

’’Brother!’’ Lin Feng replied, replied, smiling back. It had been such a long time since they had last seen each other. They probably had millions of things to tell each other.

’’I'm so happy to see you!’’ Tian Chi exclaimed. Then, he turned to Hou Qing Lin, beaming. ’’Brother, it's Lin Feng!’’

’’I know it's Lin Feng!’’ replied Hou Qing Lin, also smiling broadly. He wasn't blind.

’’Brother!’’ Lin Feng looked at Hou Qing Lin, who was running towards them. He hadn't changed at all, he still looked elegant and strong.

’’Brother?’’ The crowd was stupefied. Did Lin Feng know those guys? Were they his fellow disciples too?

Three fellow disciples?

’’Who is their teacher? Are they from a Holy Clan?’’ wondered many people aloud. Those three people had ended up in Champion University together and were fellow disciples. The crowd was astonished, they didn't know what was going on.

The battle was incredible with those four cultivators.

’’You again?’’ Yu Wen Jing said to Lin Feng cuttingly. Lin Feng, again!

’’It's the champion battle stage, and you dare come and fight as you wish?’’ demanded Puyang, staring at Lin Feng.

’’Who do you think you are to talk to me?’’ said Lin Feng glancing at him disdainfully. He had lost against Hou Qing Lin, so he had decided to attack Tian Chi by surprise. ’’The 5th student is a joke!’’ mocked Lin Feng.

Puyang looked furious. At that moment, Leng Xia jumped onto the battle stage and shouted, ’’You dared get involved while people were battling, you should die!’’

Hou Qing Lin spat back, ’’Initially, there ’’Initially, there were two battles, that bastard suddenly attacked Tian Chi by surprise, and now you say Lin Feng should die? We're now six, let's have a battle to the death!’’

That bastard, a battle to the death!

When the crowd heard Hou Qing Lin, they were astonished all over again. How arrogant, six people, a battle to death? Such battles were extremely rare!

But he sounded very confident. If the other team accepted, maybe that they were all going to die.

Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi and Lin Feng were the 12th, 13th and 21st students, but Hou Qing Lin had just proved that he was much stronger than the fifth student Puyang. Tian Chi was strong too, but people didn't know how strong Lin Feng was in comparison to the people of the top ten.

Puyang, Leng Xia and Yu Wen Jing were the 5th, 6th and 14th students, but nobody knew how strong Yu Wen Jing really was. Her energies were terrifying, she had proven it a moment before.

I would love to watch such a group battle, thought the crowd. Since Hou Qing Lin had proposed a battle to death, everyone would fight even harder.

Battles to the death were dangerous things at Champion University. As long as one of cultivators accepted, then the battles were incredible and nobody could get involved. They also couldn't use special weapons, otherwise, the mysterious leaders of the university would get involved.

Therefore, few people battled to death at university. Strong cultivators were confident, weak people could refuse. Sometimes, both sides Sometimes, both sides were self-confident though.

Battle to the death, how insane..., thought Puyang, looking at Leng Xia and Yu Wen Jing.

’’How could Princess Yu Wen fight? She's such an incredible woman!’’ Ji Wuyou spoke up for her. Yu Wen Jing had a high social social status and Hou Qing Lin wanted to kill her? Besides, Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing were supposed to get married at some point, he couldn't let her get injured.

’’Let's fight, if you don't dare, piss off! In your eyes she's a princess, in my eyes she's a stinky bitch!’’ Tian Chi rebutted him instantly.

’’You're acting recklessly, you mean nothing to me. Let's fight, you're worthless, your lives are completely meaningless!’’ swore Yu Wen Jing, releasing freezing energies.

Puyang, Leng Xia and Yu Wen Jing moved apart, getting ready to fight.

’’Lin Feng, who are you going to fight?’’ Hou Qing Lin asked. Even though Lin Feng appeared to be a Zun cultivator, cultivation level wasn't the only thing that mattered with Lin Feng. Back then, he had also seen Lin Feng become stronger. Even if this place was Champion University, Lin Feng wouldn't have passed the exam if he had been weak.

Lin Feng's eyes twinkled, then Hou Qing Lin continued, ’’I'll take Yu Wen Jing;Tian Chi, you take Puyang;Lin Feng will take Leng Xia.’’

’’Alright!’’ Tian Chi nodded. Yu Wen Jing released her strength, she was stronger than Puyang.

’’Alright!’’ Lin Feng agreed, not really caring who he fought. Those three people were all the same in his eyes...


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