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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 176


Lin Feng looked at Duan Wu Ya. Duan Wu Ya was the second prince of the Imperial City. He had a soft and gentle temperament. He was kind and generous to other people, he wasn't arrogant at all. He was easy going and approachable. If people were nervous and tense, his presence immediately made people calm down.

Duan Wu Ya was just like Duan Feng described him. He was completely different from Duan Wu Dao, the crown prince. Lin Feng didn't actually know how unruly the crown prince was though.

’’That guy is powerful.’’

Lin Feng was talking to himself. Duan Wu Ya was an extremely important person and he was also very strong but at the same time, he was also amiable and approachable. He was incredibly powerful and prestigious.

Duan Wu Ya looked at the fighting stage, smiled and said: ’’Alright, you two can continue to fight. I will be the referee.’’

Lin Feng slightly nodded to Duan Wu Ya. The second prince had also already helped Lin Feng. Last time, he had also acted as the referee for his battle at the Prisoner Arena.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Hei Mo. Hei Mo had had his eyes closed. What just happened had nothing to do with him. His only purpose, at that moment, was to kill Lin Feng and gain prestige. He wanted to prove to everyone that not just anyone could challenge him to a battle.

At that moment, Hei Mo opened his eyes. A cold and profound light filled his eyes. Once more, Lin Feng saw the black flames burning in Hei Mo's eyes.

Lin Feng started releasing a very sharp sword force. Hei Mo was one of the top ten disciples of the Celestial Academy, Lin Feng couldn't afford being careless.

’’You have broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer and your sword force is very powerful. No wonder that you can kill cultivators at the sixth Ling Qi layer but if that's all you are capable of, it will not be enough to fight against me. Zu Ning, Gong Lun and the others, even though they had broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer, they were absolutely unable to compete with me.’’ said Hei Mo very arrogantly while staring at Lin Feng.

’’I also hope that you are as strong as you say.’’ replied Lin Feng coldly. He took a single step forwards and his sword force became even more powerful.

’’Alright. I will try and see if you really can compete with a truly strong cultivator like me.’’ When Hei Mo finished talking, he took a few steps as his silhouette flickered and disappeared. In the blink of an eye, he was in front of Lin Feng and his fist was rushing through the air towards Lin Feng.

’’Ice and sword!’’

Lin Feng's palm moved. He was accumulated piercingly-cold energy as well as sword energy in his hand at the same time.


Lin Feng was surprised. His body had been pushed back of a few dozen steps. He had almost reached the edge of the fighting stage.

Lin Feng looked perplexed. He opened his hand and looked at his palm. In the center of his palm, there was a black mark caused by fire Qi. It was extremely painful.

’’What a dark fire Qi.’’ thought Lin Feng while shivering. When the opponent's fist collided with the palm of his hand, Lin Feng had clearly felt the overwhelming fire Qi. It was completely evil. It wasn't violent or brutal but rather a ghastly fire Qi.

’’As expected, Hei Mo is much stronger than Lin Feng. Lin Feng was blown away in one attack.’’ thought the crowd when they saw that attack.

Hei Mo wasn't one of the ten best cultivators of the Celestial Academy for nothing. Lin Feng was sufficiently strong to kill other cultivators of the sixth Ling Qi layer but in front of Hei Mo, he was just too weak.

’’It seems like you cannot compete with Me. You cannot even withstand a single attack. Today, you will definitely die.’’ said Hei Mo in an arrogant tone.

’’You have broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer, I am only at the fifth Ling Qi layer. Of course the strength behind your punches would be stronger. However, you are an expert at using fire, but I am an expert at using swords.’’

Lin Feng completely forgot about the attack of a moment before as if it didn't matter. He reached to his back and grabbed his long sword. At that moment, his energy became increasingly more powerful.

’’That's right, Lin Feng is an expert at using swords. His cultivation level is weaker than that of Hei Mo, if he fights recklessly, it can get very dangerous for him.’’ The crowd was getting impatient again. Even though they thought that Hei Mo was stronger, Lin Feng still couldn't be that weak. Otherwise, this battle would have been pointless to watch.

’’Come here.’’ said Hei Mo indifferently while looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng walked forwards again. Lin Feng's sword energy which filled the atmosphere, suddenly enveloped Hei Mo's body. Hei Mo frowned, suddenly, a pain invaded his body, and he was being cut by the intense sword energy which surrounded his body.

Lin Feng wasn't rushing, he was slowly walking forwards. After each of his steps, his sword force was getting more intense and increasingly sharper.

’’Hmph.’’ Hei Mo smiled coldly. He raised his fist and launched an extremely powerful punch towards Lin Feng.

’’Deadly sword.’’

Lin Feng's sword fluttered in the air. His sword pierced the atmosphere while emitting a whistling noise. The sword energy was concentrated on the tip of his sword and rushed straight towards Hei Mo.

’’Extermination.’’ shouted Hei Mo. A black Qi emerged from his fist and started to consume the sword energy. At the same time, it collided with Lin Feng's sword. The fireball crashed into Lin Feng's sword and the black flames were extinguished.

Lin Feng' expression didn't change. Lin Feng released an extremely cold Qi from his body. When the black flames collided with his palm, it left him with a small injury. However this time when using his sword Lin Feng seemed unperturbed.

’’Flame attack.’’

Hei Mo launched his fist forward with a new attack, two black flames moved straight towards Lin Feng.

’’Fatal sword.’’

Lin Feng thrust his sword forward. His sword Qi was even more intense and contained a deadly Qi.

Lin Feng's sword energy and the black flames were both tearing through the air as they collided. The deadly Qi of Lin Feng's sword invaded the entire atmosphere and it even made Hei Mo take a step backwards. Lin Feng's sword mastery made him look like a triumphant sword god.

Lin Feng had gained the advantage with that attack.

Hei Mo silently looked at Lin Feng for an instant and immediately said: ’’You definitely have the qualifications to fight against me, you are strong enough, but this is only the beginning.’’

While talking, Hei Mo lifted his hand into the air. A burning black flame appeared and danced around his hand. That flame was emitting an incredibly deadly Qi.


Hei Mo quickly stretched out both of his hands and the flame burst into nine small flames. They were all black and were filled with the same sinister deadly Qi.

’’Deadly Black Lotus.’’

The crowd was stupefied. Hei Mo surprisingly wanted to use the deadly black lotus. It seemed like he was taking this battle seriously.

’’How skillful. It's a good thing I am also done warming up.’’ said Lin Feng while sounding indifferent. His eyes turned pitch black. His eyes were completely cold and expressionless. His mind started processing everything that was happening around him. At that moment, Lin Feng could even distinctly feel the deadly Qi that was contained within the nine black flames.

Lin Feng's sword diffused a dark and deadly Qi. It was the same Qi as that of the deadly black lotus.

Even though the crowd was a distance from the fighting stage, they could still feel the deadly Qi released by the two fighters. Their bodies felt fear but the expression in the crowd's eyes revealed excitement.

’’I hope you don't disappoint me and at least put up a fight until you die. Otherwise, this battle would be uninteresting.’’ Said Hei Mo arrogantly.

’’Don't you think that you talk too much crap?’’ said Lin Feng coldly.

Hei Mo kept calling in question Lin Feng's qualifications to fight against him which gave the impression that he was monstrously strong. However Lin Feng was actually forcing Hei Mo to become serious, even though he said otherwise.

’’Since you can't wait to die, I will help you achieve your aim.’’ said Hei Mo coldly. He then shouted: ’’Black flames, lotus transformation.’’

When Hei Mo finished speaking, each of his flames transformed into a lotus flower which rushed Lin Feng at full speed. The deadly Qi from the black flames had filled the entire atmosphere, surrounding Lin Feng's entire body. The entire atmosphere started to turn black.

’’How scary.’’ thought the people watching when they saw the deadly lotus flowers. These lotus flowers looked like they had come straight from hell.

Lin Feng was still calmly holding his sword in the same position. The dark Qi within his sword was getting more and more intense. At the moment when the lotus flames arrived in front of him, Lin Feng finally released his sword strike.

’’Lonely sword.’’

When Lin Feng attacked, the atmosphere filled with the Qi of his lonely sword. The black lotus flames collided with Lin Feng's sword and upon impact they vanished. However, Lin Feng's sword continued to move towards Hei Mo.

Hei Mo looked stupefied. Behind his body, an insanely violent black fire appeared. At the same time, an infinity of black lotus flames started orbiting around his body. His body was surrounded by black fire.

The entire atmosphere was being burned by the fire.

When Lin Feng's lonely sword was about to reach him, the multitude of black lotus flames turned into a gigantic lotus flower which rushed towards Lin Feng's sword and blocked his attack.

’’My lotus flower is not only an offensive attack, it can also be used for protection. It is impossible for you to break through It.’’ said Hei Mo arrogantly while looking at Lin Feng and then added: ’’I said it already. Today will be the day that you die.’’


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