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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1749


Chapter 1749

Chapter 1749: Yan Di's Social Status

In Dan Meng's former residence, now Lin Feng's, a young man in white clothes arrived. His long hair was fluttering in the wind. He looked calm and serene. However, many people around looked at him strangely.

Ximu was 18th on the ranking list, he was extremely strong. He was also the fifth general of Ji Chang's Club.

Ji Chang's Club was very powerful. Hundreds and hundreds of students were members of the club. The club was divided into three subgroups, Sun, Moon and Star. Many ranked people were also members of Ji Chang's Club. Among the people in the top ten, three of them were members of Ji Chang's Club. Ximu, who was 18th, was also a member of the Star group, just like Yu Wen Hou.

At that moment, Ximu had arrived where Lin Feng lived, he wanted to settle accounts with him.

Lin Feng had offended Ji Chang's Club, and now he was going to pay for it.

’’There's nobody?’’ Ximu didn't find Lin Feng. He was surprised. That guy kept running around?

’’We must settle accounts today, otherwise, they will regret it!’’ said Ximu to himself, and then he left at full speed. People moved aside to let him pass.

At that moment, Lin Feng was already in the Edict Palace. The building was as incredible as the Champion Hall.

The ground floor of the Edict Palace was gigantic and there were many scriptures, talismans, etc. There were different materials for different faculties.

However, at that moment, in the Edict Palace, on the ground floor, there weren't many people. People kept going up or down the stairs. Everybody remained silent, too.

’’The Edict Palace is like the Champion Hall, you need a good Champion Card if you want to go upstairs.’’ Lin Feng took some scriptures and talismans and sat down. In the talismans were the most important pieces of news, for example: rise and fall of some cultivators, apparition of some peerless cultivators, and also regional news about the eighteen big cities of the region.

So much news, Champion University is not only about cultivation, it's also about knowledge, thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng loved this place. Reading the news was going to take some time.

’’I don't like it here. Lin Feng, you can stay here, Fu Long and I are going to the Champion Hall!’’ said Tantai. Lin Feng nodded and his two friends left. Bu Lan Shan and Zu Yan stayed there with Lin Feng, as they enjoyed reading the news too.

’’Lin Feng, the Edict Palace has news about everything. Upstairs, you can find very useful news for us. I'll go upstairs and read too. Take your time!’’ Qin Wu said to Lin Feng before heading up the stairs.

’’Alright, don't worry about me!’’ Lin Feng replied with a smile. He needed to study more about the history of the Holy City, so he could understand the archives. He also wanted to understand more about incredible cultivators of the region and ancient clans. He also needed to read about the whole region.

The Xu Wen Clan's ancestor, Yu Wen Ta, was a student here 15,000 years ago. He was a Champion here and amazed the whole region. After that, he left with some fellow students and they created the Yu Wen Clan, which has existed ever since. It's a terrifying Holy Clan in the Holy City...

Lin Feng read about the history of the Yu Wen Clan. Yu Wen Ta was terrifyingly strong. Actually, 15,000 years was not a very long time time for a Holy Clan, so Yu Wen Ta was probably still alive, but where was he?

Lin Feng was stupefied, the talisman contained so many pieces of information, there was even something about Yu Wen Jing's lineage! She was a direct descendent of the clan, which was why she was called Princess Yu Wen. Yu Wen Hou was her older cousin on her father's side. Of course, he was only one of them, but there wasn't any further mention of Yu Wen Jing's family tree in the talisman, either.

People modified or added things in the talismans every day. On the ground floor of the Edict Palace, Lin Feng already noticed how advanced the Edict Palace was.

Time passed slowly, a day passed and Lin Feng took out other newspapers and talismans. Time passed and Qin Wu, Bu Lan Shan, and Zu Yan left the Edict Palace.

Lin Feng learned about the eighteen cities, about universities, about the different influential groups of the region, and about groups which had been destroyed. For example, the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had been destroyed by the Three Lives great emperor. However, in the talismans, there were only few elements about the Three Lives great emperor. Lin Feng learned that the Three Lives great emperor probably had different social statuses, but he was mysterious and discreet.

Also, the Everlasting Celestial Emperor was a guest of honor of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, Lin Feng was stupefied. The Everlasting Celestial Emperor had amazed Si Xiang City, and he was an astonishing deployment spell caster, and he was also very close to the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. Lin Feng remembered what the great emperor in cyan clothes and the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had said back then. In the memories Lin Feng Lin Feng had received from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor, there were also many pieces of information about the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan.

Lin Feng was astonished by another news item... the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had a very famous and incredible cultivator back then, his name was Yan Di!

Yan Di was the prince of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan! Yan Di had been crushed a thousand years before, exactly when the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had been destroyed too! No wonder he knew that the statue in the middle contained nothing back then in the palace, and told Lin Feng to steal the statue on the right!

It meant Yan Di was the prince of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan!

How many secrets has he hidden from me?, thought Lin Feng. The talismans contained very precise and detailed elements. Back then, Yan Di was an incredible cultivator, and extremely strong. He understood many types of strength and had a terrifying knowledge of deployment spells. However, Yan Di had never really shown how powerful he was, so Lin Feng didn't know how strong Yan Di truly was.

The Moon Palace had The Past Life Scriptures, who caused the trouble back then? Yan Di?, thought Lin Feng. Someone had forced the insane cultivators of the Moon Palace to show up, as well as many other strong cultivators in order to provoke the ancient Clans... was it Yan Di?

While Lin Feng was in the Edict Palace, Ximu went back to Lin Feng's residence again, but still couldn't find him. He was furious! This new student was really pissing him off! If Lin Feng didn't come to the Star Group of Ji Chang's Club, then it would be best for him not to show up at Champion University at all!

However, University at all!

However, at the time of the deadline, Lin Feng was still in the Edict Palace, there were too many things to learn there. Lin Feng wasn't even done reading everything, but he had already learned a lot. At the very least, he had found almost everything he wanted. He spent a few days reading the news, but it didn't matter, a few days weren't that important.

’’Lin Feng.’’ Qin Wu had come back to the Edict Palace, Lin Feng was still there. He was surprised. How come Lin Feng was so interested in the news?

’’You're back?’’ asked Lin Feng, smiling at Qin Wu.

’’On the first day you came to the Edict Palace, Ximu came looking for you and the news spread that he wanted you to go to Ji Chang's Club, but you didn't go. On the second day, he went back to your residence, he said that you had to go there, otherwise, you'd be in trouble. Today is the third day, that's the deadline he gave you to go there,’’ said Qin Wu with a frown.

’’Ximu? I've seen that name before,’’ Lin Feng wondered aloud.

’’He's 18th on the ranking list. He's one of the generals of the Star Group of Ji Chang's Club. He's very strong,’’ Qin Wu told him ’’Ji Chang's Club is divided into three groups which are relatively autonomous, especially the Sun Group. They are stronger than any other group in Champion University. Ji Chang's Club is extremely strong. Now they're holding a grudge against you, what do you intend to do?’’

’’18th...’’ whispered Lin Feng: ’’Today is the deadline?’’

’’Indeed!’’ nodded Qin Wu.

’’Well then, I'll make him wait a little longer,’’ Lin Feng said carelessly. He didn't care, he just smiled and continued reading.


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