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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1737


Chapter 1737

Chapter 1737: Nine Swords Explosive Kalpa

’’Broken bones!’’ Lin Feng sensed that some of his bones were broken. If his physical body hadn't been that strong, he would have died. He could have crushed Lin Feng's arm.

’’Explode!’’ shouted that person furiously. His voice carried a terrifying strength towards Lin Feng's arm. Lin Feng had the sensation his arm was going to explode.

He's being careless now, Lin Feng saw that his enemy's eyes were bloodshot. He released Deva-Mara Rule strength using his arm, destructive energies invaded the atmosphere, and his opponent's arm exploded. His physical body wasn't as strong as Lin Feng's. He couldn't resist Lin Feng's Deva-Mara Kalpa double attack.

He moved back at full speed, but Lin Feng had already turned into a bloodthirsty predator, how could he let his enemy off? Terrifying energies invaded the atmosphere, earth cosmic energy rolled out in waves and pressed down on Lin Feng's opponent.

’’I'll give you my talisman!’’ exclaimed his opponent. His blood was boiling, he had the feeling that he was going to die, he had to use his full strength.

’’Die!’’ Lin Feng accelerated, he didn't let his enemy resist. He released even more Kalpa strength. Cosmic energy rose to the skies. He wanted to crush him!

How cruel!, thought some people in the distance when they saw that Lin Feng dared kill people. They ran away. Lin Feng took his opponent's ring and talisman and then Tantai and him continued flying. Lin Feng had a powerful physical body, he had overwhelmed his opponent.

Suddenly, Lin Feng realized that some energies were coming towards him from the left and right. Everybody was going to the castle, so people preferred focusing on the area of the castle and fighting there.

On the way, Lin Feng didn't try to steal talismans, finally arriving at the foot of the castle. It was gigantic,with an enormous gate. Some people tried to cross the gate, but since they didn't have talismans, the door wouldn't open.

’’We're too early,’’ Tantai smiled. The area was so vast, there was more than enough space for people to fight there. Most people who had already arrived didn't face the castle, they were watching newcomers. They all looked solemn and respectful, and their Qi was incredible.

’’You're here, too. Did you get enough talismans?’’ Tantai asked a young man. It was the young man who had used immortal strength.

’’I need one more,’’ the young man smiled back. He looked at Lin Feng and blinked.

’’Zun Qi layer?’’ he was stupefied. Zun cultivators were afraid to try the exam. Even though the Holy City had many geniuses, few Zun cultivators dared fight against emperors and on top of that, emperors who took the exams to go to university were already extraordinary. Therefore, with the strength of the Zun Qi layer, it would be difficult to rank well.

Some people knew skills that allowed them to hide their cultivation level. Maybe that Lin Feng had done that?

’’Don't steal his talisman, otherwise, even if you help me, I won't forgive you,’’ Tantaisaid to him.

That young man just smiled. In the distance, some people were coming at full speed, so there was no need to take talismans from Lin Feng. Besides, Tantai wasn't weak, so Lin Feng had to be strong.

’’Huang Fu Long!’’ Huang Fu Long came at full speed. The earth shook around him.

But at that moment, Huang Fu Long was struggling, two people were chasing him.

’’It's him!’’ Tantai swore. Behind those two people, there was someone else. Shang Yu was chasing Huang Fu Long.

’’Argh!’’ Long.

’’Argh!’’ Tantai was furious. He jumped, and the ground shook. He threw himself at that person. It was as if a thousand lions had thrown themselves at the young man. Tantai released heavy energies which moved towards him. When Huang Fu Long saw that Tantai was coming to save him, he suddenly turned around and threw himself at his enemies again. He looked like a gigantic dragon, powerful and majestic.

’’Not bad. It seems like Huang Fu Long has made great progress. He probably received great things in the tribe.’’ Ling Tian smiled at Huang Fu Long. Huang Fu Long's cultivation looked similar to Tantai's, their energies were heavy and aggressive. Tantai was a lion, Huang Fu Long was a dragon. What did Ling Tian's style look like?

Shang Yu didn't fight. He was standing there staring at Tantai coldly. Tantai was stronger than Huang Fu Long and more aggressive. He had lion Qi, so his attacks were explosive and wild.

A beautiful silhouette appeared, it was Yu Wen Jing, Princess Yu Wen. When Shang Yu saw Yu Wen Jing, he smiled and nodded in greeting, ’’Princess Yu Wen.’’

’’Shang Yu, you're not as talented as your brother Shang Jun. The exam must be difficult for you,’’ Yu Wen Jing said calmly. Shang Yu didn't look furious, as he couldn't offend her, since she had a very high social status. She was also very talented and very strong.

’’Princess Yu Wen, I will remember your piece of advice. But in the end, I will definitely manage to become a university student. If I fail this time, I'll try again.’’ said Shang Yu calmy.

Princess Yu Wen nodded and replied, ’’Good, I hope you'll become like your brother.’’

’’The princess is incredible. She's incredible, outstanding, and beautiful,’’ said the young the young man with the immortal strength. He was standing next to Lin Feng. It was impossible to know if he was joking or serious. At that moment, the princess was with some people, all of them were geniuses. They were protecting her.

’’We don't need to be polite for the exam,’’ said Shang Yu witha cold smile. After that he started running towards Huang Fu Long. He would first kill Huang Fu Long, and then Tantai.

Shang Yu accelerated. Suddenly, he raised his hands and a terrifying demon blade appeared and descended from the sky.

’’Piss off!’’ shouted Huang Fu Long. A dragon roared and rose up in the air towards the demon blade. It broke apart,but the dragon did too.

The blade had just been destroyed, yet Shang Yu already sensed a terrifying energy move towards him. He turned his head and saw Lin Feng. A gigantic blade appeared, the atmosphere shook and his body was bombarded.

’’Die!’’ The Kalpa sword immediately moved towards the man who was attacking Huang Fu Long. The sword was terrifying and whistled through the air. The very sky was shaking! The sword immediately pierced through that person's body and destroyed his soul!

Nine Kalpa swords were floating around Lin Feng as if they were dancing around their god.

’’You're attacking me by surprise?’’ protested Shang Yu, looking at Lin Feng. He looked furious. That guy had only broken through to the Zun Qi layer, and surprisingly he could use the strength of the Nine Kalpa Swords, his attacks were terrifying and sly.

’’I'm learning from you!’’ Lin Feng retorted coldly, and then he started running towards Shang Yu, shouting ’’Huang Fu Long, go and help Tantai, kill!’’

’’Alright!’’ Since they were being shameless, Huang Fu Long didn't hesitate. He was shocked to find Lin to find Lin Feng was extremely strong, it was a pleasant surprise. Lin Feng was a Zun cultivator, but his attacks were terrifying.

’’Since there are tensions, let's fight for real then!’’ Lin Feng said coldly, and released demon energies which dashed to the skies.

Shang Yu released a gigantic blade. He shouted back harshly, ’’Let's see if your Sword Kalpa can defeat my demon sword!’’

’’I'll show you,’’ Lin Feng sneered. Suddenly, Sword Kalpa strength dashed to the skies. Shang Yu also released energies which tore at the air. Another sword attack appeared and bombarded Shang Yu's blade.

By the time the third Kalpa Sword appeared, Shang Yu's arm was shaking violently. When Lin Feng used his fourth Kalpa Sword attack, Shang Yu pulled a long face.

The Kalpa Sword was surrounded by wind cosmic energy. Lin Feng was moving at full speed and his sword was screaming through the air.

Shang Yu wasn't weak;his demon blade was terrifying, and a curtain of black lights appeared in front of him.

However, when Lin Feng released all the wind cosmic energies in his Kalpa Sword attacks, Shang Yu turned around and started running away at full speed. Lin Feng was calmly standing there.

The crowd was shaking. That guy was very strong. He could suppress Shang Yu!

’’Ah...’’ a horrible shriek spread out. A Kalpa Sword crashed against Shang Yu's left arm and cut it off. Shang Yu was dumbstruck, he released his spirit and a gigantic ancient demon blade appeared at his back, but he still couldn't block the Nine Kalpa Sword attacks.

’’Enough,’’ Yu Wen Jing ordered coldly

Lin Feng turned to her and heard her say, ’’I told you to stop.’’

Lin Feng's pitch-black eyes twinkled. He looked at Yu Wen Jing calmly. She was used to being respected by everyone.


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