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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 172


One sword strike, a single thrust, and Gong Lun had been killed by Lin Feng. He wasn't able to fight anymore, as a sword had been lodged deep in his chest.

The crowd couldn't even understand what had happened;that sword had been too quick. Besides, no force or Qi had been released with the sword. That simple and ordinary sword had been enough to take Gong Lun's life.

’’What terrifying strength!’’

The crowd was looking at Lin Feng's sword, which was still inside Gong Lun's corpse, as it hit the ground. He had broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer and could easily defeat Ke Cheng and Zu Ning, so why was he now laying dead on the floor beside them?

They obviously didn't think that Lin Feng's sword attack was ordinary. That was a confrontation between two strong cultivators, and they knew that they couldn't understand the mysteries behind that sword strike.

The three other students who were next to Gong Lun started shaking. They were moving backwards as they stared dumbfounded at Lin Feng. A moment before, when Gong Lun was still there, they wanted to fight against Lin Feng, but he had killed Gong Lun in a single strike. Their hearts began to fill with dread. If that sword hadn't been used against Gong Lun but against them, would have they been able to dodge it?

The answer was that they would be lying dead on the floor. Gong Lun was the strongest of all of them so if he wasn't able to withstand a single attack, they were the same.

But at that moment, Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at the three students. Their hearts were beating even faster.

’’Are your rules the same as his?’’

Lin Feng's tone was cold. They were blankly staring at Lin Feng.

One of them smiled and said: ’’Friend, don't get angry, I mean you no harm. If you need a cultivation room, just feel free to choose one.’’

’’Friend?’’ questioned Lin Feng. He then said: ’’Don't think that I am blind and couldn't see you standing with him a moment ago ready to attack me. There is no need to be a coward now and embarrass yourself.’’

These students were stupefied. Indeed, the way they had behaved clearly indicated that they didn't differ from Gong Lun at all. They had replied to Yu Jiao's offer with killing intent towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng wasn't blind, so he saw it all. Retreating for them would be pointless, they were trapped.

’’Friend, if you need purity stones, just let me know... and you can use any of the rooms of the fourth floor.’’ said another of the three students. Since they couldn't run, they had to try and negotiate.

’’First, I have enough purity stones. Second, I will use all the rooms on the fourth floor as I wish. Is such nonsense necessary?’’ said Lin Feng indifferently, which made the three of them grow even more terrified. The last remaining one said: ’’Well, what do you want from us then?’’

’’Cripple your own cultivation.’’ said Lin Feng indifferently. The three students were astonished. A cold sweat ran down their backs. If they crippled their cultivation, they would become worthless, and they would be several times weaker than a normal person. They could be humiliated by anyone. A cultivator who had never provoked others didn't exist, and if their cultivation was crippled, that would be the end for them.

The crowd was also shocked. If they crippled their own cultivation, that would be a fate much worse than death. But if they were in Lin Feng's position, then they would do the same. They had wanted to kill Lin Feng a moment before, and Lin Feng wanted to teach them a lesson.

’’I can give you another opportunity though. If you cripple her cultivation first, then you will be exempted from crippling your own cultivation.’’ said Lin Feng indifferently while pointing at Yu Jiao.

Yu Jiao was stupefied. A moment ago, she wanted them to kill Lin Feng and had offered them her body;however, it was now Lin Feng who was asking them to cripple her cultivation.

When Lin Feng finished talking, the three students looked at Yu Jiao with murderous intentions. They were also vigilant to not get attacked while doing so.

’’I will only give you the time it takes for ten breaths. If you don't do it by then, I will cripple your cultivations.’’

Lin Feng just said this one sentence. At that moment, the three students instantly released their energy at the same time. They all quickly rushed towards Yu Jiao.

In front of them was their lamb for slaughter, Yu Jiao.

Yu Jiao was scared to death. Being attacked by the three of them, who were all much stronger than her, was terrifying. When Lin Feng had spoken, her fate was already sealed... Or maybe, it had already been sealed when she tried to humiliate and kill Lin Feng.

A horrible shriek filled the fourth floor. Lin Feng didn't even look in the direction of the shriek and calmly said: ’’Take her away and remove these corpses. After that, I don't want to see any of you on the fourth floor ever again.’’

These three students were shocked. Immediately, they took the corpses along with Yu Jiao, who did not even have the strength to stand by herself anymore, and then they left. While walking, they were still looking at Yu Jiao with a very cold look. That girl had almost cost them their cultivation. Fortunately, they hadn't rushed towards Lin Feng like Gong Lun;otherwise, they would be dead.

Her cultivation had been crippled... She was now crippled for life and could not even live a normal life anymore. This was no joke.

Lin Feng ignored them as they left. He walked towards a room with ’’forbidden’’ written on it. A smile appeared on his face.

’’Since these are the rules, I will also follow the rules.’’ Lin Feng said as his hand moved over the words and vigorously erased them.

Immediately after, Lin Feng stretched out a single finger and a light emerged from the tip. In the blink of an eye, the word ’’Lin’’ appeared.

Lin Feng then moved to the other seven rooms and did the same. The entire fourth floor had been seized by Lin Feng.

The crowd was blankly staring at Lin Feng and remained silent.

That guy was extremely powerful and incredibly daring.

Even if Lin Feng hadn't been there, none of these rooms would have belonged to them because only the strong could use these rooms, that was the rule.

The weak cultivators had nothing to say.

Lin Feng, relying on his strength of the fifth Ling Qi layer, had easily killed people at the sixth Ling Qi layer. Besides, he had made other people at the sixth Ling Qi layer obey him out of fear. How majestic!

’’Until I erase my name from these rooms, you are not able to enter any of these rooms. They are all mine, and if anyone enters them, then the consequences will be serious.’’ said Lin Feng sounding extremely powerful.

He then immediately went inside Gong Lun's room. A rumbling noise was heard while the door closed itself. The pure Qi was emitting a bright and resplendent light as the door slowly closed itself.

When they saw how bright and resplendent the light was inside, they understood that Gong Lun had put enough purity stones inside to cultivate for a long time. Lin Feng didn't need to spend anything.

At least, this would be enough to last until his fight against Hei Mo.

The pure Qi on the fourth floor was extremely thick and pure. Lin Feng had the feeling that all his pores were wide open and absorbing the Qi. He felt carefree and relaxed. He had the feeling that his body was hungry and thirsty for the Qi. He wanted to swallow all that pure Qi inside his dantian.

Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged, and he was using his celestial spirit as he entered in a state of mediation.

That pure Qi circulated around all of Lin Feng's limbs, bones, blood vessels and muscles. They were all becoming stronger as they absorbed the pure Qi. Besides, Lin Feng wasn't aware of it, but the pure Qi in his body was also becoming more and more refined.

While practicing cultivation, the notion of time didn't exist. Lin Feng had no idea that his name was becoming more and more popular in the Celestial Academy and that his battle against Hei Mo was getting nearer and nearer.


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