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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 170


Yu Jiao was staring at Lin Feng. Her bewitching look had disappeared. Now she only looked like a scared little girl.

A moment before, the Qi which Lin Feng had released was only at the fifth Ling Qi layer, but he knew how to control sword force to perfection. He had killed Ke Cheng because Ke Cheng had underestimated him. He hadn't really paid attention to his opponent;however, it was undeniable that Lin Feng was very strong even without this fact. Indeed, his strength was enough to threaten some cultivators at the sixth Ling Qi layer.

Yu Jiao frowned. She had never seen Lin Feng either, which is why she had despised Lin Feng for removing her name, but because of her carelessness, Ke Cheng had lost his life.

Yu Jiao giggled and said: ’’Zu Ning, Ke Cheng was so useless. He underestimated his opponent. Even though that guy knows how to control forces, a cultivator at the sixth Ling Qi layer is definitely able to defeat him.’’ said Yu Jiao with a gentle smile on her face.

She had first told him that Ke Cheng was useless and that he had underestimated the opponent, but then she told him that a cultivator at the sixth Ling Qi layer could definitely defeat Lin Feng. Since one had already been killed, this was weird logic.

Zu Ning frowned. Even though he knew that Yu Jiao was trying to incite him to fight, he also thought that what she said was true. Could a cultivator at the fifth Ling Qi layer defeat him because he knew how to control forces?

Zu Ning looked irresolute for a few seconds and then the fear disappeared from his heart. He blinked and instantly became ready to battle once again.

’’Zu Ning, could it be that you're scared because Ke Cheng died?’’ Yu Jiao's voice sounded strange.

Zu Nin was stupefied. He gnashed his teeth and while looking at Lin Feng, he said: ’’How could I be scared? He's just a brat at the fifth Ling Qi layer, that's all.’’

Lin Feng smiled coldly and said jokingly: ’’Why are you still standing there then?’’

Zu Ning was stupefied by Lin Feng's confidence and coldness. An ugly expression appeared on his face.

His heart started beating faster. At that moment, a pair of eyes appeared behind Zu Ning. They were hovering mid air and looked like the eyes of an eagle. They looked extremely sharp and fierce. From the moment that the pair of eyes appeared, Zu Ning's expression also became strange and evil.

’’It's his spirit!’’ Lin Feng was astonished. What was floating behind Zu Ning was obviously a spirit! However, what shocked Lin Feng was that he had never seen such a spirit.

Lin Feng was surprised, but he knew that the Continent of the Nine Clouds was vast;Lin Feng just didn't know exactly to what extent. The Xue Yue Country was just one of the countries in the continent. There were, in total, four empires and nine countries. This was only the Xue Yue Country, an ordinary country. The number of spirits he had never seen were almost infinite.

’’Roaring Thunder!’’ Lin Feng's sword slightly vibrated and he thrust forwards. Thunderous roars were spreading through the atmosphere with his attack.

Zu Ning's two strange eyes were staring at Lin Feng. Surprisingly, he remained motionless and was waiting for Lin Feng to make the first move. He just slightly turned and avoided Lin Feng's attack with extreme precision.

At the same time, Zu Ning raised his hand. He thrust his hand forward, which gave a similar feeling to the spirit. It was emitting a sharp resplendence as it moved straight towards Lin Feng's eyes. This was a truly diabolic attack.

Lin Feng's long sword made a buzzing sound as it rotated in the air to block the attack. Zu Ning's body simply moved to another angle with his hand still rushing towards Lin Feng's eyes.

Lin Feng slightly crouched and jumped backwards using his Moonlight Feather Agility. Then, without hesitation, he started his next attack. His sword started to glow as it moved as swiftly as thunder towards Zu Ning.

’’Your sword probably wishes it had met another opponent and not me.’’ said Zu Ning in a cold tone. His body slightly moved, and he avoided Lin Feng's attack again;however, this time, it was very extremely close. An iota closer and Zu Ning would have been struck by Lin Feng's sword.

’’Those two eyes can predict my actions from my movements and help him dodge my attacks. My Celestial Spirit gives me a similar ability to see things as if they were in slow motion.’’

Lin Feng sheathed his sword and started to think. His energy gradually became colder. He looked expressionless. His eyes suddenly became pitch black.

When he noticed the changes to Lin Feng's body, Zu Ning frowned. Lin Feng's Qi had suddenly changed. Lin Feng looked completely void of emotion. This change made Zu Ning's heart beat faster.

If Zu Ning's eyes were strange and evil, Lin Feng's eyes, at that moment, were those of nightmares. They were cold, expressionless and didn't even look like something that should belong to a human being.

’’You say my sword wishes it met another opponent?’’ said Lin Feng with a deep tone. An extreme coldness suddenly moved towards Zu Ning's body. The sword force was growing sharper and sharper. It also contained a deadly Qi.

’’Deadly Sword.’’ said Lin Feng while unsheathing his sword, which looked like an illusion, as he threw himself towards Zu Ning.

Zu Ning groaned and then a swift and fierce Qi emerged from his strange and evil eyes. His body slightly flickered and dodged the sword attack.

’’Fatal Sword.’’

Lin Feng still looked expressionless. His sword moved through the air again. He was now releasing a fatal Qi. A fatal Qi surrounded Zu Ning's body as well, which made him feel like he had been frozen. Even though he was of the sixth Ling Qi layer, he didn't dare approach Lin Feng's sword. Sword masters who knew how to use sword force were much too powerful.

His body transformed into an illusion. Lin Feng's fatal sword moved even faster, forming an arch-shaped trajectory in the air. He could still see it very clearly and avoid it with precision.

At that moment, Lin Feng was fixedly staring at Zu Ning. Through his eyes, Zu Ning was moving extremely slowly, so Lin Feng could see everything very clearly and distinctly.

Lin Feng could see Zu Ning, just like Zu Ning could see Lin Feng's sword.

Lin Feng's sword kept moving in the air. His sword was unceasingly moving to where Zu Ning was. He was continuously changing the trajectory of his sword, making Zu Ning retreat backwards.

While looking at the sword, Zu Ning kept moving backwards. A cold expression appeared on Lin Feng's face. He then said in a low voice: ’’It's the end.’’

He sounded very calm and emotionless. His words were also filled with confidence. All of this made Zu Ning's heart race. Immediately after, he had the impression that the sword force had completely vanished and nothingness had replaced everything around him.

It wasn't cold anymore and there was no sharpness either. There was only one sword, an incredibly ordinary sword moving towards him.

Zu Ning was staring at that sword, and he didn't feel convinced. He was curious to see how that attack could end the battle.

Zu Ning slightly moved leftwards and then his pupils shrank.

The sword was still aiming at his chest.

His evil and strange eyes emitted a sharp light. Zu Ning's body flickered again. He was staring at that simple sword. What shocked him was that Lin Feng's sword looked like a snake that followed him wherever he moved. There was absolutely no deviation and it continued to move towards his heart. Besides, what terrified Zu Ning was that the sword was getting closer and closer.

’’How's this possible? I couldn't have missed his movements... I have an eagle eye spirit!’’

Zu Ning's heart was pounding. He suddenly realized that that simple looking sword was actually the same deadly and fatal sword as before.

The closer the sword was getting, the more Zu Ning wanted to escape. He then realized that his spirit was willing to escape, but his flesh was unable to.

Since he wasn't able to dodge, he raised his two hands to block. A swift and fierce energy emerged in the atmosphere, making Zu Ning's heart drop. His face revealed that he had finally given up all hope. That energy was much more powerful than the endless force Lin Feng had released earlier.

That ordinary sword was actually an energy attack.

Lin Feng was also looking at his sword as it consumed the energy around it. It looked like force, but it was all the energy within the atmosphere which enhanced the attack power.

Energy attacks were a mixture of all the Qi and Force present. It was delicate and subtle. This attack contained a perfect combination of all sword energy. Every time, the attack looked simple but was extremely powerful. That was the magic of a real energy attack.

Lin Feng's eyes returned to normal, and he didn't look expressionless anymore. Instead, there was a smile on his face.

Energy fusion required for energy attacks was similar to using force. It was just the next level above forces. Depending how much a cultivator practiced, it was only possible to control energy attacks after having mastered a force to perfection. Besides, just like for forces, there were different levels of mastery. At that moment, Lin Feng had only reached the first level of mastery with his fusion of energy.

At that moment, Lin Feng's sword didn't penetrate into Zu Ning's body in an extraordinary way. It softly pierced into his chest, and in the blink of an eye, all of his internal organs were destroyed.

Zu Ning's eyes were blankly staring at Lin Feng. The evil and strange expression in his eyes disappeared. He then said his last words: ’’I... regret... so.... much!’’

He only managed to say that before he died.

Lin Feng looked expressionless. Zu Ning's body collapsed lifelessly on the floor with blood flowing from his chest. Lin Feng then turned his attention towards Yu Jiao, sending shivers down her spine.


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