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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1691


Chapter 1691

Chapter 1691: Goddess

’’Moon Imperial Palace.’’ whispered Lang Ye. His heart was racing, he hadn't thought that he'd get involved. Was he the only one? Could those women use other methods to make young people from other Holy Clans fall in love with them?

’’Back then, the Great Netherworld Demon Emperor fell because of love, so maybe something like this had happened to him. Though, it was more tragic for the Great Netherworld Demon Emperor because he had fallen in love with Empress Xi.’’ whispered Lang Ye.

At that moment, a silhouette flickered. Lang Ye said, ’’Who?’’

’’Me.’’ said Lin Feng, appearing at the window. He didn't know what Lang Ye was looking at, it looked like he was just gazing into the distance. He didn't look like someone blessed with a king body, but someone who was depressed.

’’You came back. Do you know how many people are looking for you in Vast Celestial Ancient City?’’ asked Lang Ye to Lin Feng.

’’I've been staying in a hotel nearby, I haven't been anywhere else.’’ whispered Lin Feng. ’’Lang Ye, did you see my wife?’’

Qiu Yue Xin had disappeared and Lin Feng didn't know where she was.

’’You don't know where she is either?’’ Lang Ye said.

Lin Feng's heart started accelerating, ’’When did she leave?’’

’’When you left, and I didn't see her again. I thought you knew where she went.’’ said Lang Ye.

’’Yue Xin wouldn't leave without telling me unless mercilessness invaded her heart.’’ thought Lin Feng.

But even so, where was she?

Lin Feng turned around and gazed into the distance, then he whispered, ’’Empress Xi, did you appear?’’

’’Empress Xi?’’ Lang Ye was confused. Did Lin Feng know about Empress Xi?

’’You know Empress Xi?’’ Lin Feng asked Lang Ye.

’’Of course, thousands of years ago, Empress Xi appeared in the Moon Imperial Palace. She was extremely cold, beautiful, perfect. After seeing her, people wouldn't want to have se* because she supposedly looked as pure as jade and as clean as ice. Everybody who knew her talked highly of her. Amongst the people from Vast Celestial Ancient City, the Great Netherworld Demon Emperor doted her the most.’’ said Lang Ye.

’’Some people say that the Moon Imperial Palace disappeared thousands of years ago and that it has something to do with Empress Xi obtaining some Ancient scriptures. There are also some links between the Holy Clans and the Moon Imperial Palace, the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan was one of them.’’ continued Lang Ye.

’’Someone wanted to kill me, an imitator, and it seemed like he knew some of the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. Could it be someone from the moonlight palace? At the same time, Yue Sin...’’

’’Indeed, the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures.’’ thought Lin Feng. The Moon Imperial Palace had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, so Yi Ren Lei and the other women probably learned them after they joined Moon Imperial Palace. That would explain how they had managed to break the deployment spell.

’’The Moon Imperial Palace has the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures.’’ Lin Feng suddenly said. Lang Ye's eyes flashed. Lang Ye nodded and said, ’’Possibly, and not just the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures.’’

’’The Moon Imperial Palace doesn't fear other Holy Clans, so they don't mind if other people know that they have them either.’’ said Lin Feng.

’’Seems like it.’’ it.’’ said Lang Ye nodding.

’’A thousand years ago, the Moon Imperial Palace disappeared, but what exactly happened? Did a battle happen? And today, they reappeared, but the other Holy Clans won't attack them, even if they know about the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures.’’ said Lin Feng. Lang Ye looked pensive, he hadn't thought about all those things.

’’If the three lives great emperor really destroyed the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, we can be sure that there's a relation between the three lives great emperor and Empress Xi. Maybe that back then, the Holy Clans had attacked the Moon Imperial Palace, but then the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had been destroyed, so maybe they had stopped because of that. And now the Moon Imperial Palace reappeared only because Empress Xi came back to life.’’

Lin Feng turned around and left.

Goddess, Empress Xi's Grave! He remembered that, it was written on Empress Xi's grave.

Empress Xi was the three lives great emperor's daughter, it had to be, that was why the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had been destroyed and the Moon Imperial Palace had disappeared.

Empress Xi had come back to life, so Lin Feng didn't need to ask himself where Yue Xin was anymore. She had probably gone to the Moon Imperial Palace!

Lin Feng left quickly, leaving Lang Ye with a lot of thoughts. Lin Feng had told him about the mysteries from a thousand years before, that Empress Xi and the three lives great emperor were related, and that Empress Xi had come back to life now? How did Lin Feng know that she had come back to life?

After Empress Xi's rebirth, the moon palace moon palace had reappeared and caused friction inside Vast Celestial Ancient City. In Lin Feng's eyes, she was amazing, but she was also insane. She would do anything for ancient scriptures as all she cared about was cultivation.

Lin Feng didn't hurry to go and find Qiu Yue Xin. Even if he found her and Empress Xi was with her, Lin Feng wouldn't be able to leave with her. What he needed to do now was to break through to the Huang Qi layer.

Lin Feng would soon know everything about the Moon Imperial Palace, the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, and Celestial Evolution Holy Clan.

Many people were talking about the Moon Imperial Palace, everyone thought that they had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures given that they didn't seem afraid of the other Holy Clans.

Nobody attacked them, and nobody went to ask for an exchange.

Even though the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures were powerful, powerful Holy Clans didn't study ancient scriptures that much. They usually transmitted their most precious knowledge to a few core disciples. Stealing ancient scriptures from others would be too risky since other clans might attack them to steal them, and they'd lose countless people.

But all of that had nothing to do with Lin Feng. He was in the secret room practicing cultivation, not leaving his hotel.

After some time, some incredible things happened in Vast Celestial Ancient City. The Heaven Clan had apparently found the stinky Taoist priest who had obtained treasures, and they had tried to kill him, but in the end, he had killed a dozen of their emperors, including three medium-level emperors. They had dispatched more strong cultivators, but they cultivators, but they had lost him by then.

Besides that, many more young people from from ancient clans came to Vast Celestial Ancient City to gain experience. The geniuses from the larger Holy Clans fought against them to practice. Dugu the Winner was the first one to break through to the Huang Qi layer.

A month later, Cang Xiao was fighting against Qin Shang in the Moonlight Palace. The battle was insane, and, in the end, he broke through to the Huang Qi layer and defeated Qin Shang.

After that battle, one day later, Lang Ye and Chu Chun Qiu who had seemingly disappeared for a while, appeared again, but this time they were emperors. Rumor had it that they had fought like madmen to break through to the Huang Qi layer together.

Within just three months, four geniuses had broken through to the Huang Qi layer!

During a calm and peaceful night, the moon was high above in the sky, and by the Ice-Moon Lake where the Moon Imperial Palace was, many young people were together on a boat.

By the lake, a young man walked slowly to the lakeside and stopped. He looked at the pavilions and boats on the lakes calmly.

’’That's the one who possesses a body which allows him to understand ten different types of abstruse energies.’’ said some people when they noticed Lin Feng.

Many people looked at him and said, ’’It's Lin Feng!’’

’’Lin Feng.’’ A strong wind started blowing as Cang Xiao crossed the lake, flying.

’’Long time no see.’’ said Cang Xiao, smiling at Lin Feng. However, he didn't look friendly, he looked strange. He had broken through to the Huang Qi layer!


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