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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1677


Chapter 1677

Chapter 1677: Clash of the Kings

’’It's time.’’

Yi Ren Lei's robe fluttered as she ran towards the lake. The other celestial women did the same and appeared above the water. They were all wearing white robes, resembling white lotuses.

The young men in the pavilions were captivated by them.

’’Can they really be mortal beings?’’ thought some young men. They had seen many, many beautiful women in their lives, but these women were top existences.

Lin Feng looked at them, Yi Ren Lei would look at him from time to time. Lin Feng had to hold himself back from hugging her and never letting her go.

A palace appeared in the air above them, the Moon Palace. The nine celestial women flew into the air and entered the palace, and after a short time, the palace disappeared with them. Now the crowd could only remember them.

’’Beautiful.’’ said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. When the crowd realized that the women were gone, they also realized they couldn't follow them.

’’You also knew her name.’’ whispered Lang Ye, smiling wryly. That woman was so beautiful, but she looked cold at times.

’’Usually nobody knows the celestial women's names, not even I can know their names.’’ whispered Qin Shang. After having seen those women, the young men felt strange, even Qin Shang couldn't stop thinking about them.

’’Gentlemen, the women are gone. If you want to see them again, you'll have to wait.’’ said a beautiful woman outside the pavilion.

’’Yi Ren.’’ whispered Lin Feng. He smiled wryly and stood up. Yi Ren Lei was special and had a place in Lin Feng's heart. She was one of the four most beautiful women of Ba Huang. Lin Feng couldn't forget about her, especially those days he had spent with her. Those days with her were incredible, making love all day and chatting about various things. Those memories were amongst the most beautiful in his life.

The crowd left Moon Imperial Palace feeling like they had just dreamed it all. Outside the pavilions, many people were waiting to hear what had happened.

’’I wouldn't have thought that a cultivator with the World King Body and another one with the Godly Imprint King Body would be here today. Unfortunately, I was too late, so I hadn't managed to to participate.’’ said someone on the edge of the lake. That friendly-looking young man was wearing a nine-colored robe.

’’Prince of Sadness.’’ Everybody looked at him in a friendly way.

’’Prince of Sadness, you're here! The celestial women have waited a long time.’’ said the woman, walking to the Prince of Sadness. She smiled and said, ’’I wouldn't want to make any of them sad. I'll go immediately go back to the Moon Palace.’’

’’Please.’’ the Prince of Sadness said politely.

’’We'll meet again.’’ said the Prince of Sadness, smiling at the young men. Then, he looked at Lin Feng and said, ’’It's an honor for me to see someone who understands ten different types of abstruse energies. Brother Lin Feng, Gu can also control ten types of abstruse energies. To me, you're all heroes.’’

’’Thank you very much.’’ said Lin Feng, nodding and smiling at the Prince of Sadness. He was a strange guy.

’’Please, everyone.’’ said the woman to the crowd. Then, she left with the Prince of Sadness. The crowd was surprised, the Prince of Sadness could freely go to the moon palace?

After the woman left, Lang Ye Lang Ye looked at Lin Feng, ’’The person he's talking about, Gu, was an insane cultivator who lived thousands of years ago. Many people admired him for his talents and for his love for battling, just like you. But at some point, he disappeared, and nobody knows where he is nowadays.’’

’’Ten types of abstruse energies.’’ whispered Lin Feng and then he smiled. Vast Celestial Ancient City had a history of prodigies. As an example, there were two people in the crowd right now who had special bodies, a World King Body and a Godly Imprint King Body, but nobody dared underestimate the others. For example, Chu Chun Qiu, he could absorb other's determination.

At that moment, energies suddenly crashed onto Lang Ye's body. Dugu the Winner, who had a Godly Imprint King Body, was challenging Lang Ye.

’’Let's fight.’’ said Dugu the Winner, moving towards a pavilion on Ice-Moon Lake. Three-hundred-and-sixty ancient imprints rotated around his body, each one containing a terrifying strength.

Lang Ye had a World King Body, so he didn't fear him. He jumped forwards and ran towards Dugu the Winner at full speed.

’’A battle between king type body cultivators.’’ type body cultivators.’’ the crowd frowned. This would certainly be a clash of titans.

Chu Chun Qiu jumped forwards as well, wanting to watch.

’’Interesting.’’ Yang Yan smiled and rose up in the air. He didn't want to miss the battle either.

Lin Feng rose up in the air too and moved like the wind.

At that moment, 360 ancient imprints were rotating around the Godly Imprint King Body like dazzling stars. Lang Ye's black robe was fluttering as world lights shined around him.

’’Go!’’ shouted Dugu the Winner, shaking his hand. In a flash, the godly imprints were intertwining and turned into a golden hand which was directed in Lang Ye's direction.

Lang Ye jumped forwards as world lights flashed ahead. The golden hand crashed into the world lights and disappeared.

Boom! Dugu the Winner jumped forwards, causing waves to thrash about on the lake. He suddenly closed the gap between him and Lang Ye, then his 360 ancient imprint lights began intertwining again.

’’Godly Imprint King Body, 360 imprint lights. Once he breaks through to the Huang Qi layer, he'll be even more terrifying with 3,600 ancient imprints.’’ thought Lin Feng.


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