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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1674


Chapter 1674

Chapter 1674: Many Strong Cultivators Together

Outside of a room in the Heaven Clan, Lang Ye and Lin Feng were gazing into the distance. They watched some silhouettes land by a lake inside the Heaven Clan territory.

After a short time, Cang Xiao came to Lin Feng and Lang Ye, smiling at Lang Ye and saying, ’’The Moon Imperial Palace has appeared by Ice-Moon Lake.’’

’’Let's go.’’ Lang Ye nodded and followed. Lin Feng looked back at the room to Qiu Yue Xin.

Lin Feng nodded at Qiu Yue Xin, then he also left with the others. Qiu Yue Xin watched them disappear, looking sad.

’’The feeling is getting more intense, will she appear?’’ thought Qiu Yue Xin after she sensed the terrifying Mercilessness energy around her.

The Ice-Moon Lake was a gigantic lake in Vast Celestial Ancient City. The water resembled a moon, and it was ice-cold, hence the name.

In a pavilion near the lake, there were some beautiful women dancing, looking like illusions.

The crowd listened to the music and saw a silhouette approaching in the distance, that person was holding a zither.

’’Prince Qin Shang.’’ the crowd recognized the prince. Prince Qin Shang wasn't very strong, he hadn't even broken through to the Huang Qi layer yet, but he was famous in Vast Celestial Ancient City.

Qin Shang landed by the lake, he had his ten fingers resting on his instrument, ’’Celestial creatures dancing, I would like to enjoy the show from inside the pavilion.’’

Someone laughed, ’’Prince, don't be too impatient, the celestial beings need to dress up first. When a free boat comes by, you can have your fun then.’’

’’Alright, good. I can't wait.’’ said Qin Shang in a gentle way.

’’Bai Qi from the Bai Clan is here too.’’ thought the crowd, gazing towards some powerful energies in the distance.

The energies disappeared, but suddenly, it became extremely hot, like a sun was approaching them.

’’The Holy Sun Clan is here too.’’ Qin Shang looked at his ancient zither, not even glancing at the person who had landed.

’’Of course, the Moon Imperial Palace is here.’’ said the young man in the sky.

In the northern part, a silhouette in grey clothes flew forwards, not releasing any Qi at all.

’’The Ancient Witchcraft Clan is also interested in seeing the Moon Imperial Palace.’’ the young man from the Holy Sun Clan was looking at the person in the grey clothes.

The person in the grey clothes nodded at him before he put his hood down, showing his face. He was very young, very pale, and looked erudite.

’’The Heaven Clan is here too.’’ thought the the crowd. Cang Xiao was there, Lang Ye and Lin Feng were with him.

’’Who are those people next to Cang Xiao? They're not from the Heaven Clan.’’ thought some people. When the young man from the Chu Clan saw Lang Ye, he looked surprised. A king body type traveling.

’’Look over there.’’ There was a young man wearing a seven-colored robe, and there were dazzling vines around him which looked like imprints.

’’It's Dugu who never loses.’’ said someone in the crowd. It was said that Gudu the Winner possessed the imprint king body, which meant that after breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, 3,600 imprints would appear around him.

Apart from them, more and more geniuses appeared, but they weren't as heroic as those people.

Amongst those people, the most prestigious one was the guy from the Chu Clan. Cang Xiao, Prince Qin Shang and Bai Qi were still weaker than him. The young man from the Holy Sun Clan was not from Vast Celestial Ancient City, so nobody knew exactly how strong he was. The young man from the Ancient Witchcraft Clan was also quite mysterious. Nobody knew Lin Feng or Lang Ye either.

Lin Feng was standing next to Lang Ye, glancing around. He felt excited after seeing all those geniuses appearing. Being surrounded Being surrounded by so many strong cultivators was incredible, and helped Lin Feng better understand just how strong those clans really were.

Beautiful women were still dancing, but one of them broke the mold, she smiled and jumped onto an ancient boat. After traversing the waves, she arrived on the shore.

The beautiful woman smiled at the crowd and said, ’’There are many ancient groups here, but only nine people can get on the boats, so apart from me, only eight people can join. Who would like to join me?’’

’’If only eight people can get on the boat at a time, will it come back and forth a few times?’’ asked someone.

The woman smiled and shook her head, ’’There aren't so many girls in moon palace, so we can't receive too many people. Sorry for the inconvenience.’’

The crowd looked dejected, the moon palace was too cruel. On the first day, only eight people could join them? There were so many people from Holy Clans there, so how could normal people have a chance?

’’Holy Sun Clan, Yang Yan.’’ the young man of the Holy Sun Clan walked forwards and jumped onto the boat.

’’Chu Clan, Chu Chun Qiu.’’ the young man of the Chu Clan jumped onto the boat.

’’Dugu Clan, Dugu the Winner.’’ the young man with the man with the imprint body jumped onto the boat.

’’Ancient Witchcraft Clan, call me the Ancient Sorcerer.’’ said the young man from the Ancient Witchcraft Clan. Quickly, there were already four people on the boat.

’’Let's go.’’ whispered Lang Ye. Then, Lin Feng, Lang Ye, and Cang Xiao were above the boat.

Qin Shang and Bai Qi glanced at each other, there was only one spot left.

The two of them jumped onto the boat at the same time. They were now ten people on the boat with the girl from the Moon Imperial Palace.

’’Someone needs to leave the boat.’’ said the girl as she smiled thinly.

Many people were looking at Lang Ye and Lin Feng because they didn't know who they were. Many people were even angry, those two strangers dared get on the boat with those outstanding individuals from the Ancient Clans?

Yang Yan and the others looked at Lang Ye and Lin Feng. Cang Xiao had brought those people.

’’Heaven Clan, there's someone who needs to leave.’’ said Yang Yan to Lang Ye.

’’Ancient World Clan, Lang Ye!’’ said Lang Ye in a calm and serene way. People frowned, that guy was also from an Ancient Clan.

’’Lang Ye from the World Clan!’’ Yang Yan was surprised. Lang Ye had a king body, so nobody could argue with him.


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