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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 166


Lin Feng had no idea what had happened after he had left the restaurant. Even though he had a little bit of a sixth sense, he had never sensed that a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer was following him.

Lin Feng hadn't realized that Meng Qing was also following him the whole time. She had been following him since the moment when he left the Celestial Academy. She had never once left his side.

Lin Feng had put on his silver mask again, which gave him a majestic and cold appearance. He wasn't the only one for whom that was the case;it was the same for Ba Dao, who was on his side, who was now wearing a bronze mask. Ba Dao looked ferocious and savage, especially when wearing the bronze mask.

’’Ba Dao, except for auctions and fights to the death, are there other places where cultivation slaves of the Prisoner Arena end up?’’ asked Lin Feng while walking down the street.

’’Yes.’’ muttered Ba Dao irresolutely. He then immediately nodded and said: ’’No need to talk about those who have already died in the arena. The ones who are docile and obedient enough are allowed to stay inside their cages to be sold. Those who aren't sold at an auction will eventually be sent to the black market. Many of them are sold on the black market to people who need cultivation slaves.’’

Lin Feng looked at Ba Dao. It was clear that he was very stubborn and hardly the docile type.

’’Where can we buy slaves?’’ asked Lin Feng.

’’I don't know.’’ replied Ba Dao while shaking his head. He then added: ’’I have never been a witness to slaves being bought before. I am just familiar with what happened to me.’’

Lin Feng looked pensive. Then, Yi Xue, who was standing on his side, said: ’’There is a slave exchange where you can purchase slaves, it's widely known in this district. The wealthy and noble cultivators go to the slave exchange when they need slaves. They can exchange purity stones or other items and receive slaves.’’

’’Exchange?’’ Lin Feng was surprised. Surprisingly, there were places called slave exchanges.

’’Yi Xue, take me to the slave exchange.’’ said Lin Feng indifferently.

Yi Xue was surprised. She looked at Lin Feng and immediately nodded: ’’Alright.’’

They immediately started walking. Soon, they had arrived at the slave exchange.

Lin Feng could already see the slave exchange from a distance, as the roads of the city were vast and wide. When he saw the slave exchange, his pupils shrank.

On both sides of the road, there was a large number of cages with slaves inside. Their powerful masters were sitting there looking indifferent, waiting for people to come and buy their slaves.

In that place, slaves were like animals. There was nothing humane about the slave exchange.

These slaves were war prisoners, prisoners sentenced to death, or people who had offended an influential clan. For example, those who had survived the massacre of the Yun Hai Sect had been turned into slaves by Duan Tian Lang. These survivors were humiliated and maltreated to the extent that they wished that they could die. Many of them did.

Besides, the exchange marketplace was very busy. People were unceasingly walking on the central road and buying slaves. There were some very strong slaves and they belonged to the noble families that had purchased them.

Lin Feng and the two others entered the slave exchange. They glanced at all the cages on both sides. There were all sorts of slaves, skinny ones as well as robust ones. There were also extremely attractive male and female slaves. The nobles of the city who were fond of beauties could buy them in order to enjoy various pleasures.

’’Master Feng, this area is for slaves who are mainly at the Qi layer. Slaves of the Ling Qi layer are very expensive. The large clans of the Imperial City have the monopoly over them. Don't even give them a look.’’

At that moment, Yi Xue explained these things to Lin Feng. She didn't know why Lin Feng would want to come to that place. However, if Lin Feng was going to buy slaves, then it was no use to look at slaves of the Qi Layer.

’’Alright, let's go and see the slaves of the Ling Qi Layer.’’ replied Lin Feng. He started walking again, but he didn't feel comfortable, and he actually felt very uneasy seeing the scenes around him. Each and every slave was staring at their group. It was clear that these slaves had been mistreated, and the master looked truly disgusting. This was the impurity of the world.

Shortly after, they arrived at the middle of the slave exchange. It didn't look like the outside area at all. While the rest of the exchange was like a market, the area here was a small ancient castle.

’’Master, this is the biggest place to exchange slaves. Eighty percent of them are slaves of the Ling Qi layer.’’

Yi Xue whispered these words into Lin Feng's ears. Outside of the ancient castle, a silhouette was intensely staring at Lin Feng and the others. When a slave merchant heard Yi Xue call Lin Feng ’’Master Feng’’, he quickly interrupted: ’’Master, did you come here to purchase slaves? I can guarantee you that you will find very high quality slaves here.’’

’’Show me.’’ said Lin Feng indifferently. His eyes under his silver mask were fearless.

’’As you wish, master. Please follow me.’’ said the slave merchant sounding extremely polite while smiling. Lin Feng and the two others entered the building, which looked like a small fortress.

The interior was huge. Only half of the cages were locked while others had been left open. The interior was full of slaves. They were all sitting on the floor looking sluggish. When they saw Lin Feng enter, a deadly Qi started invading the entire atmosphere.

’’Master, you can choose one from here. The number of chains that they have on their body represents their strength. If they have one chain, it means that they have broken through to the first Ling Qi layer, or if they have five chains, it means that they have broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer.’’ said the slave merchant to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng could look at the slaves and determine their strength depending on the number of chains on their body without them having to move.

’’There are two hundred slaves of the Ling Qi layer here. The strongest ones are at the sixth Ling Qi layer. Their masters must be from the influential clans.’’ thought Lin Feng as he roughly glanced at the slaves.

There were about two hundred slaves, and they had all broken through to the Ling Qi layer. Besides, they were all quite young. If they had all been outside slavery, they would have definitely been an influential power. They could have even composed a small sect.

’’Master, don't worry. All of them have come from the Prisoner Arena. Amongst them, some were disciples of the Yun Hai Sect, which was destroyed by Duan Tian Lang. Many of them used to be Elite Disciples or even Core Disciples. There is absolutely no chance for you to be disappointed.’’

The slave merchant was talking attentively. Lin Feng was greatly astonished. Disciples of the Yun Hai Sect? He had finally found some of them!

Last time, Lin Feng had heard that many people of Yun Hai Sect had ended up at the Prisoner Arena. He was hoping to find some of the former disciples of the Yun Hai Sect, which is why he had come to this place.

’’I plan to go hunt some extremely strong ferocious beasts in the forest, and for that, I need slaves to open the way. It seems like I ended up in the perfect place.’’

Lin Feng was smiling. All these slaves looked at him with a cold glare. He wanted them to open the way for a strong ferocious beast;this meant that they were all going to be sacrificed. What a bastard!

’’Hehe. Master, you really came at the right moment.’’ said the slave merchant while smiling. In his heart, the slave merchant was cursing Lin Feng. He didn't know which noble clan he was from, but he was stupid enough to tell the slaves his plans for them.

’’What is the price for the slaves in here?’’ asked Lin Feng.

’’Slaves of the first Ling Qi layer are ten purity stones of medium quality, those of the second Ling Qi layer are thirty, those of the third Ling Qi layer are eighty, those of the fourth Ling Qi layer are two hundred, those of the fifth Ling Qi layer are five hundred, and those of the sixth Ling Qi layer are one thousand.’’

Lin Feng slightly nodded. He looked at all the slaves and said: ’’Those who were the former disciples of the Yun Hai Sect can serve my purpose. Who will be coming with me?’’

When the slave merchant heard him, he cursed him again. What an idiot!

Even the slaves were looking at Lin Feng indifferently. There was no solution. Who would be willing to go with him? It wasn't written on any of their faces that they had once been disciples of the Yun Hai Sect. If they didn't want to leave, they didn't need to. If they didn't say that they belonged to the Yun Hai Sect, who would even know?

Even Ba Dao and Yi Xue didn't understand Lin Feng's actions.

But Lin Feng looked as calm and indifferent as before. He took out a ring and placed it onto his finger.

Lin Feng had taken out a ring which looked ordinary, but when the slaves saw it, they were stupefied.

That ring looked ordinary, but amongst these slaves, many of them had already seen it. It had belonged to the Patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect, Nan Gong Ling. They had already seen it on his finger many times.


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