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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1657


Chapter 1657

Chapter 1657: Wu Tian Jian

’’Indeed, his sword technique really looks like his.’’ thought the elder. He wasn't the only one to recognize this. Many other old cultivators from Sword Mountain were surprised by Lin Feng's sword intent.

However, it had only lasted for a few seconds. With some effort, Lin Feng continued to hold-off his opponent. Eventually, the battle dragged on until the young man suddenly moved back. He knew he had lost.

’’You're like a sword, at least you think like one. I can't defeat you.’’ said the young man, smiling wryly. He had tried to use powerful and explosive attacks to earn himself an early victory, but when that didn't work out, he was quickly depleted.

’’My sword attacks aren't weak though.’’ said the young man. Lin Feng nodded, ’’Indeed, your sword techniques are perfect I think.’’

’’No matter what, I think that Zun cultivators can't defeat you, only emperors can threaten you.’’ said the young man calmly.

’’Lin Feng.’’ said the elder at that moment, making Lin Feng turn around.

’’Your sword techniques are incredible, so you must have had a teacher who taught you sword cultivation, right?’’ asked the old man.

’’Someday, a strong sword cultivator told me I had to understand swords myself, so I spent a few years studying them myself.’’ explained Lin Feng, not speaking the entire truth. A moment before, he had been careless and released some of Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword intent. Seeing how he still didn't know why Emperor Wu Tian Jian fought Sword Mountain's strongest cultivator all those years ago, he had to be careful with what he said.

’’Oh? Wonderful, if that's possible, we'd like to meet him.’’ said the old man smiling.

’’I met him in a small world by accident.’’ said Lin Feng. There were many small worlds in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, so the old man couldn't know which small world Lin Feng was talking about.

The elder nodded and looked at all the disciples, ’’Lin Feng's sword techniques are incredible, so if you want to learn something from him, hurry up and challenge him now.’’

Nobody replied, the first and second disciples of the contest had lost to him already, so they knew they couldn't defeat him.

’’I'm off then.’’ said Lin Feng, after he saw that nobody wanted to fight him. He flew back to Ruo Xie. A few other outsiders were there, but they didn't draw everyone's attention as Lin Feng had. After all, after Lin Feng's battles, could there be anything more interesting?

After the contest, Lin Feng and Ruo Xie went back to Sword Mountain, resting above some sheer sheer precipices and overhanging rocks. Ruo Xie smiled at Lin Feng, ’’The leader of Sword Mountain, Emperor Tie Jian, practiced here a lot back in the day. If you focus, you can sense his sword energies.’’

Lin Feng smiled at Ruo Xie, seemingly understanding each other. Lin Feng jumped in the air above the valley, sword energy rise with him. Although it was extremely old, it still hadn't dispersed.

’’Apart from Emperor Tie Jian's sword intent, there's also a monarchic sword intent.’’ thought Lin Feng, sensing the energies around him. Emperor Tie Jian's ancient scriptures were called the Sword King Scriptures for a reason.

After a short time, Lin Feng went back to the top of the precipice and smiled at Ruo Xie, ’’Are there other types of sword intent left by other strong cultivators?’’

’’This is Sword Mountain, so of course there are many things left by some ancestors.’’ said Ruo Xie. He took Lin Feng to another place where mountains surrounded them, each with a different type of energy. Even while standing afar, one could feel the oppressive might from millions of swords.

’’Many ancestors came here to practice sword cultivation and left their sword intents. Over time it became more and more chaotic.’’ said Ruo Xie who was laughing. Lin Feng understood what it meant, if a cultivator persevered and stayed there stayed there to practice sword cultivation, then it could have great consequences.

Lin Feng dived straight into the chaotic sword intent, being immediately feeling assaulted by millions of swords. Heavy sword intent, sharp sword intent, death sword intent, Lin Feng's sword intent chaotically moved around as well.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and calmly sensed the energies.

Ruo Xie looked at Lin Feng and smiled as he thought about how Lin Feng looked like a sword.

Ten days later, the two of them left. At the foot of Sword Mountain, Lin Feng turned around and smiled at Ruo Xie, ’’There's no need to see me off. If I have time, I'll come back to Sword Mountain to see you.’’

Ruo Xie shook his head and said, ’’The Continent of the Nine Clouds is full of strong cultivators, so we don't know what will happen. I will also leave soon and practice outside, for I need to face dangers to become stronger. If I stay in Sword Mountain all the time, I'll just rot here, and I'll never become a great emperor.’’

Lin Feng nodded, he completely understood.

’’When will we see each other again?’’ asked Lin Feng.

’’Unless we bump into each other, we'll meet again when Tiantai becomes famous.’’ said Ruo Xie smiling. Lin Feng nodded and left, looking confident and at confident and at ease as he did so.

’’Even if Tiantai rises in the great world, how can we protect it if we're not strong enough?’’ whispered Ruo Xie as Lin Feng left. ’’Tiantai's disciples are neither cowards nor weaklings. We each have our own ways of doing things.’’

Lin Feng suddenly started moving with incredible speed, a sonic boom sounding as he accelerated.

Lin Feng's sword intent kept changing as he moved along: An Earth sword, immortal sword, ice-cold death sword... ten different types of sword intent were flowing in the air. At the same time, he was followed by a cloud of demonic Qi as his sword and demon energies were intertwining.

Lin Feng's sword energies kept changing as he was trying to find the best ways to combine them.

Fire and demon, demon-fire sword, Earth and demon energies, a hard-and-heavy sword... he tried everything.

’’Kacha!’’ Finally, Lin Feng stopped. A gigantic canyon formed below him as terrifyingly sharp demon energies engulfed the area.

’’Argh...’’ Lin Feng shouted furiously as he turned into a demonic sword.

’’Sword and demon energies can destroy the sky;the world can't defeat me!’’ shouted Lin Feng as he raised his hands to the sky.

’’This sword is called Wu Tian!’’ said Lin Feng. A hurricane filled with demonic energies formed and rose to the sky.


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