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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 165


’’It's him.’’

The heart of the man in gray robes was unceasingly pounding. He finally understood that he had forgotten about someone. He had surprisingly forgotten his initial target, Lin Feng. It was the friendly looking and handsome young man he had just encountered at the bottom of stairs.

At that moment, blade force filled the atmosphere once again. It seemed like the blade force was lacerating the entire atmosphere. The man in the gray robes was still floating mid air. He did not know what to do, no matter if it was Ba Dao's extreme strength or the young man with the expressionless eyes, he had the feeling that both were extremely dangerous.

He suddenly had an idea and finally came to a decision. Ba Dao who had broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer was the one who scared him the most. If Ba Dao was behind him then it would be way too dangerous. Eighty one people of the sixth Ling Qi Layer had died by Ba Dao's hands. He used to be a slave at the Prisoner Arena, where his life was at stake during each battle. He was not someone who could be taken lightly.


The man in the gray robes was strongly shaking. His robes were fluttering in the air. His rigid body suddenly released a violent and deadly Qi.

The extremely strong attack of the man in the gray robes moved through the air straight towards Ba Dao.

’’Rumble Rumble Rumble!’’

The entire restaurant was shaking. The force that was released by the two fighters was ripping the ornaments in the restaurant and the furniture was being crushed. People were moving farther away from the fight. The tables and chairs where they were sitting were breaking apart and some even exploded under the pressure. The blade force was extremely cold.

Under the pressure of Ba Dao's dagger, the man in the gray robes progressively moved back down the stairs. He glanced towards Lin Feng and saw that Lin Feng was moving towards him as well. He looked as cold and expressionless which sent shivers down the man's spine.

’’Heavy Mountain Fist!’’ shouted the man in the gray robes. He surprisingly still had the ability to attack Lin Feng from such a dangerous position. His fist attack was extremely powerful.

At that moment, he had a strange and evil expression within his eyes.

’’Psssshh!’’ At that moment, a clear and distinct sound spread through the atmosphere. It was as if something was being cut apart. The man in the gray robes wanted to move but couldn't.

The forearm of the man in the gray robes was firmly being held by Lin Feng and his other hand was holding a mysterious dagger. The glow that it was diffusing couldn't be seen because the blade of that dagger had already penetrated into the throat of the man in the gray robes. Only the handle of the mysterious dagger could be seen.

The eyes of the man in the gray robes were still looking at Lin Feng's incomplete shadow. That attack had been so quick. How could he possibly be that quick? Besides, how could he dodge his fist attack so easily?

’’In your next life, you should serve a righteous person.’’ said Lin Feng coldly while pulling his mysterious dagger out of the man's throat. Blood poured onto the ground. The man's throat immediately collapsed and blood gushed forth. Even though he was dead, both his eyes were still open as if he was unable to close his eyes in death and pass on peacefully.

Lin Feng wiped the blood from his dagger and put it away. His facial expression became cold and indifferent once again. He was calmly looking at the man's corpse.

That man was of the seventh Qi layer. He was extremely powerful. If Ba Dao hadn't been there to distract him then Lin Feng would have never been able to defeat him so easily.

At that moment, Ba Dao and Yi Xue moved down the stairs. They looked at Lin Feng's handsome face and were deeply moved.

What a genius. Lin Feng was only about seventeen years old but his strength was monstrous. He had killed the man with a single deadly strike. He had immediately gone for the man's vitals.

Ba Dao knew he had become powerful over time. He had evolved in an environment full of blood and fighting. That's how he had become so powerful. But Lin Feng, his Qi and blade force were very dense and his fighting abilities were extremely high. His attacks were almost masterful.

A light also flashed in Yi Xue's eyes. A moment before, she thought that Lin Feng was weak because he had only broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer but at that moment, she didn't have the same impression any longer. She also hadn't thought that such a handsome face was hiding under the silver mask, which made her unable to break her gaze from Lin Feng, she couldn't look anywhere else.

’’Let's go.’’ said Lin Feng. After saying that, he started walking and left the restaurant.

Ba Dao and Yi Xue followed behind him like before. They were closely following Lin Feng. Behind them there was only a corpse lying on the ground in the restaurant.

In the blink of an eye, a strong cultivator of the seventh Ling Qi layer had been slaughtered by two people who were weaker than him, in the presence of the entire restaurant.

No matter if it was the slave with the name 'Ba Dao' marked on his face or the handsome and delicate looking young man, the crowd just had the impression that they had just dreamt what had happened.

Suddenly, a black silhouette appeared and moved inside the restaurant. The crowd was surprised again.

That black silhouette hadn't emitted any noise, just like a ghost or a spirit. It had just appeared in front of them. Such a thing was terrifying.

’’He died!’’ Said the mysterious silhouette.

When the black silhouette saw the corpse on the floor, it looked irresolute.

The hand of the black silhouette moved and a strong energy was released. It enveloped the dead body and immediately the body disappeared.

The entire crowd was incredibly surprised. A mixture of veneration and dread filled thoughts rushed through the minds of the onlookers.

’’Xuan Qi layer!’’

That black silhouette was of the Xuan Qi layer and seemed to have been following the people from a moment before.

The black silhouette flickered and disappeared from the crowd's vision. A short instant later, it appeared outside of the restaurant. It was looking into the distance then the silhouette flickered again and it disappeared from that location.

Suddenly, the black silhouette was surprised and stopped moving.

Because at that moment, there was a calm looking person who had blocked the path of the black silhouette.

That person was whiter than snow and it was floating in the air like a celestial being.

It was a woman and the black silhouette could only see her back. Even if one wanted to pass, it seemed impossible. She looked like a glacier separating him from his desired location.

’’How monstrous.’’

The black silhouette could determine that that holy and pure silhouette was an extremely strong cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer. She was very dangerous.

’’You followed us for such a long time. Now you have finally stopped.’’

That holy and pure silhouette slowly turned around. Her face was covered by a fine veil. People could only guess what was underneath and would be very eager to gaze under the veil.

The black silhouette hadn't been so anxious for a very long time but at that moment his heart was pounding inside his chest.

Breathtaking, stunning!

At that moment, a stunning body was slowly moving towards the black silhouette.

The atmosphere was becoming colder and colder. Following every single movement, a freezing coldness invaded the atmosphere. The atmosphere around that person was covered with frost. That was a very strange coldness. Even strong cultivators who were far away were looking in that direction gasping in astonishment.

The expression of the black silhouette seemed to have solidified and a shiver ran down his spine. The silhouette transformed and shot away like an arrow being released from a bow. He released a violent energy from his hand as he retreated.

’’Ice Heart!’’

The white silhouette just said these two words. At that moment, the body of the black silhouette started shaking from head to toe. These two words seemed to have encircled his heart with a layer of ice as if it was trapped by the ice.

An ice-cold Qi was released in the atmosphere. The black silhouette resisted the extreme coldness. The energy that had been released from his hand had turned white and had frozen inside the atmosphere. This scene looked like a dream.

’’Kacha, kacha.’’

The ice in the atmosphere was growing thicker and thicker. It seemed like the entire atmosphere was covered with a layer of ice. The energy emerging from the hand of the black silhouette were bombarding against the white ice.

But that freezing white ice seemed to be endless, as if the entire world belonged to this ice.

’’Ice reigns over the World.’’

A cold and detached voice came from that stunning silhouette. The entire atmosphere suddenly froze solid and there was not a movement to be seen.

The black silhouette suddenly sensed an extreme coldness invade his body. He quickly thrust his palm forward. A pure energy started pouring out from the black silhouette's palm. But in that world of ice, everything seemed to belong to the ice. The ice was becoming thicker and thicker. It seemed like the entire world was turning into a single block of ice, oppressing the body of the black silhouette. Finally, his body and heart were completely frozen.

What did they see?

That world of ice was actually a gigantic block of ice as big as a house. Such a thing seemed like a dream.

After a long time, that block of ice finally started to crack and rapidly started melting under the hot sun. Ice cold water started to flow down onto the ground.

In the middle, there was a black silhouette which had been frozen in the moment of its death. This person was already long dead but had been frozen in the scene of their own death.

That black silhouette had once been an extremely strong cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer but at that moment, it was only a frozen corpse. It was silent and breathless, it was completely lifeless!


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