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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1635


Chapter 1635

Chapter 1635: The Prizes

The crowd looked at the participants. Initially, there were dozens of thousands of people, now there were a hundred only. Maybe, in a few years later, they'd be incredible heroes.

The last part of the tournament would be an opportunity for them to rise.

At the same time, the seven professors in purple clothes walked forwards and said, ’’Before we start the finals, the professor in golden purple clothes has an announcement to make concerning the prizes.’’

The crowd grew excited, especially considering that Gold-Fire Tower was the richest group in Gold-Fire City. They probably had anything anyone could want.

The Level Nine Professor slowly walked forwards with the three professors in golden red robes following him. They looked at the young people and smiled in a gentle way.

’’Hello Masters!’’ the young people all bowed respectfully as a sign of respect. Those professors were already terrifyingly powerful. Those were probably already at the top of the Huang Qi layer.

’’You're too polite. You're all outstanding young people, and if you continue making great efforts, then you'll be like us in the future, perhaps even surpassing us.’’ said the Level Nine Professor smiling.

’’I'll be managing the finals.’’ said the Level Nine Professor smiling. ’’The winners of the tournament will obtain a special fire. Our group, Gold-Fire Tower, killed a nine-headed snake which can swallow animal's fire. As such, medium-level emperors or below can't possibly stand that fire, if they get attacked by it, they could only die. We took that fire and it will act as the first prize of this tournament.’’ said the Level Nine Nine Professor.

’’A nine-headed imperial snake, and a high-level emperor... If I could get it, I'd be able to make even better weapons. I could also easily kill most of my enemies.’’ thought everybody.

They calmed down again very quickly though. Very few of them thought that they could rank in the top ten, let alone first.

’’I must get that fire.’’ thought Yan Feng. His eyes were twinkling with greed. He smiled and thought, ’’This time, I'll go back with a beautiful girl and a wonderful prize.’’

’’Alright, that fire is for the first-place winner, the second-place winner will obtain an armor, a level seven imperial weapon. This armor can protect anyone from a medium-level emperor or below.’’ said the Level Nine Professor. That item was priceless!

’’The third prize is a level seven imperial seven imperial weapon, but it's an offensive weapon.’’

’’A level seven imperial weapon again, the prizes are even better than thirty years ago.’’ thought some older people who had watched the last tournament.

’’Those who rank fourth and fifth will obtain a level six imperial weapon, and those who will rank sixth to tenth will obtain level five imperial weapons. I don't need to tell you what they are, you will just have to wait and see.’’ said the Weapon Manufacturing Master in the golden-purple clothes smiling. ’’Apart from that, the first ten will be protected in Gold-Fire City. You must understand what that means, if you attack someone who ranks in the top ten, you will become an enemy of Gold-Fire Tower.’’

’’Besides that, I have some good news, the very best ones will have the opportunity to the opportunity to study with one of the three teachers wearing the golden-red clothes for a year. Of course, if your relationship evolves and you become their disciples, I will only be very happy to hear it.’’

’’Learning from Level Eight Teachers!’’ many people were overly excited at this point.

’’However, if one of them notices one of you, they can also choose you and if you agree, you can become their disciple. I don't need to explain that. No matter, you are free to do whatever you want.’’ said the Level Nine Professor smiling.

’’Finally, the top ten participants or those I choose will have the opportunity to directly become members of Gold-Fire Tower.’’ said the Level Nine Professor. Everybody smiled and nodded. Then, he moved back as it was time to start the finals.


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