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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1623


Chapter 1623

Chapter 1623: Working in Team

Mu Lin Xue changed clothes and came back. She now looked clean and beautiful. She smiled at Lin Feng and said, ’’Let's go and see.’’

Then, they both rose up in the air and looked at the sword.

’’Come!’’ said Mu Lin Xue to the sword. In a flash, it flew to her hand, whistling as it went.

Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz! The sword kept shaking, then it left Mu Lin Xue's hand and moved to Lin Feng. It turned around him and whistled even louder. Lin Feng looked surprised, noticing that the sword possessed a soul. Lin Xue and Lin Feng had made it together, so they could easily modify it if they wanted to.

’’Lin Xue, you became even better at making weapons.’’ said a middle-aged man who walking to Mu Lin Xue while smiling.

’’Uncle!’’ said Mu Lin Xue, nodding at the middle-aged man. She didn't say too much.

’’If you continue improving like this, you'll soon be able to make level two imperial weapons. But right now, you're still not stronger than Yan Feng, especially comparing your fires. Besides, he also has someone to help him with deployment spells. He can make level three imperial weapons, so if you can, I hope you'll participate in the tournament in a team with him. You'd be a perfect match.’’ said the middle-aged man.

However, Mu Lin Xue frowned and said, ’’I'm a member of the Mu Clan. Why would I join with Yan Feng?’’

’’He's a good boy for you, Lin Xue.’’

’’You want me to join the Yan Clan and help him? You only want him to be my master!’’ said Mu Lin Xue in a cold way. ’’Why don't you make your daughter leave the clan instead!’’

The middle-aged man groaned coldly and said, ’’When the tournament finishes, if you lose, you'll have to marry him no matter what!’’

’’After I leave, your daughter will get the best education. Am I right?’’ said Mu Lin Xue.

’’That's enough!’’ said an old man. He glanced at them firmly, then he said to Mu Lin Xue, ’’Lin Xue, you know about Sword Mountain and the Yan Clan, they fabricate weapons exclusively for Sword Mountain, so they can very easily oppress our clan. Yan Feng likes you, so there's a lot of pressure on our shoulders to wed you.’’

’’I know, grandpa, but you know how evil that guy is.’’ replied Mu Lin Xue.

’’But if I don't give the Yan Clan face, they will oppress us even more, because they will have an excuse. Of course, the clan is trying to help you, which is why we've determined some rules: if you win, you can do whatever you want, and the clan will make great efforts to make you become even stronger. There are only a few months left before the tournament, so we need to try and find someone who can help you with deployment spells.’’

’’I understand, thank you for showing your willingness to help.’’ replied Mu Lin Xue bowing. ’’But you don't need to find a deployment spell caster to help me, I'm good on my own.’’

’’You're so stubborn.’’ said the old man smiling wryly. ’’Since that's what you want, I won't insist.’’

The old man thought that Mu Lin Xue was going to lose this time, the genius from the Yan Clan was too good. Even on his own, he could make great weapons. It was was rumored that he was already a Level Two Professor.

Mu Lin Xue didn't mention Lin Feng because she didn't know if Lin Feng could help her win against Yan Feng yet. She still needed to see how good Lin Feng could really be.

’’Lin Xue, if you make great efforts, you'll win.’’ said Mu Qing Ying smiling.

’’Thanks.’’ said Mu Lin Xue nodding. Mu Qing Ying glanced at Lin Feng and asked, ’’Lin Xue, did he offend you?’’

’’Don't worry.’’ said Mu Lin Xue shaking her head. She took the sword and gave it to Lin Feng. Then she smiled and said, ’’Take the sword.’’

’’No need, it's not useful for me.’’ said Lin Feng, shaking his head. There were many types of holy weapons and imperial weapons. Lin Feng already had an empty space robe and the scepter. Those weapons were very difficult to make and even harder to replace.

An ordinary imperial weapon like this wasn't any better than Lin Feng's talismans.

’’Alright. I'll ask someone to clean the laboratory, so you can have a rest.’’ said Mu Lin Xue, smiling at Lin Feng. ’’You can walk around, just don't go to other people's courtyards.’’

Mu Lin Xue then rose up in the air and left. Lin Feng had nothing to do, so he just walked in circles in Mu Lin Xue's courtyard.

’’Uncle Muyi, I'll do my best to help Lin Xue defeat Yan Feng. I hope this is what you wanted me to do.’’ said Lin Feng, looking at the sky.

Mu Lin Xue eventually came back and walked over to Lin Feng, whispering, ’’I wouldn't have thought that you would be so good at deployment spells. Why would you want to be an ordinary guard ordinary guard in the Mu Clan?’’

Lin Feng looked at her, infatuated in her beauty. He smiled and said, ’’If I told you I came here because of you, would you believe me?’’

Mu Lin Xue looked surprised, but smiled and said, ’’Mu Qing Ying was right, you're a bad boy.’’

’’It doesn't matter, she thinks I joined the Mu Clan for her, but actually, she means nothing to me.’’ said Lin Feng. Then he asked, ’’By the way, how far is Sword Mountain from Gold-Fire City?’’

’’It's not that far. It's in a mountain range away from the city. The Yan Clan makes swords exclusively for their cultivators.’’

’’I see.’’ Lin Feng nodded, ’’I know some people in Sword Mountain. One of them is a girl, and she has the same name as you, but her family name isn't Mu, it's Lin. Her name is Lin Xue.’’

’’What a coincidence.’’ Mu Lin Xue was surprised and asked, ’’How did you meet her?’’

’’I have another friend who's a cultivator in Sword Mountain, and he's Lin Xue's fellow disciple. I saw them together before.’’ said Lin Feng, referring to Ruo Xie.

’’Maybe you can introduce them to me at some point. By the way, here is a hammering technique. It's good that you know Earth strength, it can be especially useful for you. That hammer technique can be help me out a lot. Since you came here for me, I guess you can ask me any questions you have.’’ said Mu Lin Xue, handing a book over to Lin Feng. Then she smiled in a gentle way.

’’Of course.’’ said Lin Feng smiling. He was willing to help her.

Lin Feng practiced the hammer technique for three days before he started helping he started helping Mu Lin Xue refine her weapons again.

A month later, inside the lab, deployment mark strength filled the room. Each time Lin Feng hammered down, loud banging sounds resounded, fires jumping in every direction. Lin Feng was finally getting used to it.

Mu Lin Xue controlled the fire and the materials which were burnt. In that month, Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue's weapons were becoming better and better. They didn't even need to talk to each other anymore, their teamwork was perfectly coordinated.

’’Fire rise!’’ said Mu Lin Xue. Fire moved in every direction, magma gushing out of the cauldron.

Lin Feng continued hammering the weapon into something flat and extremely heavy.

Finally, once they finished, an incandescent sword appeared in front of them.

’’Peerless holy weapon, almost an imperial weapon. It's just because we used ordinary materials!’’ Mu Lin Xue said, smiling happily. Then she looked at Lin Feng. They worked well together, they could even make peerless holy weapons as they wished, as well as imperial weapons if they used better materials.

’’Thank you, Lin Feng.’’ Mu Lin Xue said to Lin Feng. He was covered in sweat, so she stretched out her hand and wiped his sweat away with her sleeve. Lin Feng was embarrassed.

’’I told you, I came to the Mu Clan for you.’’ said Lin Feng smiling.

’’I'll continue using you as my slave then.’’ said Mu Lin Xue, smiling teasingly. They were getting closer every day, they were joking all the time now.

’’As you wish.’’ said Lin Feng shrugging.

’’Let's go get some better materials, we need to use our full strength next time.’’ said Mu Lin Xue smiling. She wanted to see if they could make level two imperial weapons now.


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