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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1612


Chapter 1612

Chapter 1612: Power and Influence

’’Lin Feng, who wanted to kill you?’’ asked the stone ape.

’’The nine great celestial castles, but the main perpetrators must be Qing Di Mountain.’’ said Lin Feng. If Qing Di Mountain hadn't gotten involved, he would have escaped already.

’’Qing Di Mountain.’’ Emperor Shen Yu looked furious as he said, ’’Lin Feng, tell us the details.’’

’’Alright.’’ Lin Feng nodded and explained the tensions between him and Celestial Qi Castle, and then what had happened after Emperor Ni Chen appeared.

’’Argh...’’ the stone ape roared furiously, causing several buildings around them to explode. As soon as Lin Feng finished his story, the stone ape started running towards Celestial Qi Castle.

The area became chaotic as people were running in all directions. Emperor Ni Chen finally sensed all those bestial energies at this time. Surprisingly, Yao Ye Island had come and this time, it wasn't only Emperor Shen Yu, but many strong cultivators.

People from Celestial Qi Castle frowned, fearing for their lives.

The ground started shaking under their feet, and then canyons and fissures started forming in the ground around them. The sounds were getting scarier and scarier. Finally, a gigantic black silhouette appeared before them, a gigantic ape.

’’They're here.’’ thought the crowd, their hearts were pounding. The gigantic ape suddenly rose up in the air, suffocating everyone there. Emperor Ni Chen was there but he remained motionless.

Some of them raised their heads to see how tall the ape was, but he was so tall that they couldn't figure it out. There was also a wind beast resting on his back. Then Emperor Shen Yu and a beautiful woman wearing red clothes appeared. Lin Feng was standing next to her.

’’Those who are not concerned can go piss off!’’ shouted the gigantic stone ape. Instantly, people started running away. Only Emperor Ni Chen and some of the strong cultivators from Qing Di Mountain stayed.

’’Brother Shen Yu, why did you come with so many friends from Yao Ye Island?’’ asked Emperor Ni Chen in a cold way.

’’You're asking me? Brother Shi, you tell him.’’ said Emperor Shen Yu, also in a cold way. The ape roared furiously and released cosmic energies which turned into a gigantic stone, crashing towards the ground like a gigantic meteorite.

The gigantic ape suddenly started charging.

’’Stop!’’ yelled yelled Emperor Ni Chen, his facial expression changed drastically. The ape ignored him, and the gigantic stone continued to fall from the sky, oppressing everything beneath it.

Emperor Ni Chen looked furious at this point. He jumped forwards and suddenly, a terrifying light shot out and countless golden lights appeared. The gigantic mountain broke apart and turned into a myriad of small stones.

’’Emperor Ni Chen controls two different types of cosmic energies.’’ thought Lin Feng, empty space and golden cosmic energies. He was thus stronger than an emperor who controlled only one type of cosmic energy.

’’Brother, if you want to say something, talk with words.’’ said Emperor Ni Chen to the stone ape coldly.

’’First, I'll slaughter someone from Qing Di Mountain and then we'll talk. Lin Feng, whom should I slaughter?’’ asked Emperor Shen Yu to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was surprised but since Emperor Shen Yu was asking him, Lin Feng wasn't going to refuse the offer.

Emperor Ni Chen looked furious as he said, ’’You're not scared about things getting out of control?’’

’’You're from Qing Di Mountain, but you gave one of my people the order to cripple his own his own cultivation. Weren't you afraid that things could get serious when you did that? Should Yao Ye Island be afraid?’’ asked Shen Yu. Then, he said to Lin Feng, ’’Did you choose someone?’’

Lin Feng glanced at the people from Celestial Qi Castle, there were so many people he wanted to kill...

’’Since I have to choose someone from Qing Di Mountain, I have to choose someone who's also from Celestial Qi Castle.’’ thought Lin Feng. Finally, he looked at someone and that person instantly filled with regret.

Qi Yun Sheng, he was an important member from Celestial Qi Castle and at the same time, he was also a cultivator from Qing Di Mountain.

’’Kill him.’’ said Lin Feng pointing at Qi Yun Sheng.

’’Emperor Ni Chen!’’ said Qi Yun Sheng to Emperor Ni Chen. He wanted Emperor Ni Chen to save him. The gigantic stone ape raised his hand and punched the air in Qi Yun Sheng's direction.

Emperor Ni Chen looked upset, but he performed some hand seals, and golden lights appeared. Then explosions sounded, and the golden lights disappeared. Emperor Ni Chen raised his hands again and a golden shield appeared, moving to appeared, moving to block the fist.

However, as they collided, the wind beast moved too. Because he controlled pure wind cosmic energy, few people could compete with him in terms of speed.

’’No...’’ the crowd only heard Qi Yun Sheng shout furiously. A strong wind brushed against his body, and he couldn't open his eyes anymore. When the crowd could see clearly again, Qi Yun Sheng was in the air, the wind beast was holding him in his claws.

’’Master Ni Chen, save me!’’ shouted Qi Yun Sheng, he looked terrified.

Ni Chen raised his head, he wanted to say something but suddenly, Qi Yun Sheng's body was torn to shreds.

’’He was an emperor, but he was so weak.’’ thought Lin Feng.

’’Shen Yu!’’ said Emperor Ni Chen. People from Yao Ye Island had killed a cultivator from Qing Di Mountain in front of him, thus they weren't giving him any face.

’’Are you angry? Who do you think you are to shout at me angrily?’’ shouted Emperor Shen Yu.

’’Now, we have to talk seriously. How many people got involved in chasing my disciple?’’ said Emperor Shen Yu, glancing at the people from Celestial Qi Castle.


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