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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1605


Chapter 1605

Chapter 1605: Plot

Emperor Dong saw that Emperor Qi looked strange, so he asked, ’’What are you thinking about?’’

Emperor Qi's heart was racing, but he was sure he was right. Had Lin Feng already become a terrifying deployment spell caster?

’’Father, I think that Mu En might be someone we know.’’ said Emperor Qi.

’’Who?’’ Qi Yun Xiao immediately stood in front of Emperor Qi.

’’Lin Feng.’’ said Emperor Qi. The atmosphere suddenly became quiet. Of course, he remembered Lin Feng, that obstinate and unruly guy Emperor Shen Yu had taken away. He had reappeared almost two years later with the Yao Ye Amulet and was even more arrogant than before.

’’Lin Feng.’’ The white-bearded emperor looked furious.

Zhou Tian Xiao released golden holy Qi unintentionally after he remembered kneeling down to him.

’’Why do you think it's Lin Feng?’’ Qi Yun Xiao and the others were getting upset just thinking about it.

’’Lin Feng has some techniques which allow him to change his face and Qi. Besides, he doesn't like Celestial Qi Castle, the Palace of Medicinal Kings and the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness. Lin Feng made those people from the Palace of Medicinal Kings kneel down to him before.’’

Emperor Qi glanced at the white-bearded emperor. The white-bearded emperor nodded as he remembered that.

’’Besides, back then, Lin Feng had only broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer and during the past three years, he hasn't progressed. That would make sense since if he'd been studying deployment spells the entire time. In the end, when he saw us and Master Mi, he immediately understood what was going on and used a deployment spell to escape. He recognized Master Mi because he is Lin Feng, he knows who Master Mi and what he does.’’ explained Emperor Qi.

’’Lin Feng managed to learn so much about deployment spells in just three years?’’ asked Qi Yun Xiao.

’’Master, I remember something that happened some years ago. Back then Lin Feng had only broken through to the Tian Qi layer.’’ said Emperor Qi. He then continued, ’’Back then, in the small world, in Fortune Shrine, the diviner told Lin Feng his future would certainly be incredible and that he had very rare abilities.’’

’’I see, if that's the case then we have to kill him, no matter the cost.’’ said Qi Yun Xiao.

’’Since it's Lin Feng, do you know what we should do against him?’’ asked Qi Yun Xiao to Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi. They knew Lin Feng the best since they had lived in the small small world.

’’Unless he shows up willingly, I'm not sure there's anything we can do.’’ said Emperor Qi.

’’Willingly?’’ asked Qi Yun Xiao frowning. ’’He's not stupid, he won't come out to commit suicide.’’

’’We can try something else then.’’ said Emperor Qi. ’’You control some of Lin Feng's disciples and friends. Threaten them and maybe then Lin Feng will show up.’’

’’I don't think he'd take such risks for a few friends.’’ said Qi Yun Xiao. Cultivators cherished their own lives, not others'.

’’Master, we can try. We can give him a few days and if he doesn't show up, we'll kill his friends. We can kill one person each day. After we kill two people, if he still hasn't show up, then that means he won't show up at all. We should only kill the weakest ones, so that we still have the strongest ones under our control.’’ said Qi Qian Xing.

Qi Yun Xiao nodded, ’’Alright, let's try that. Let's disperse and in three days, if Lin Feng still hasn't shown up, we can kill his friends.’’

’’Roger, Master. We'll spread the news.’’ said Emperor Qi and the others. Would Lin Feng show up though?

’’Lin Feng, if you show up, we'll bury you alive.’’ thought Zhou Tian Xiao.

At that moment, Lin Feng was Feng was resting in a guest house while making talismans. He had to prepare himself for the worst. He didn't know about Emperor Qi's evil plot just yet.

Muyi stayed in a room next to Lin Feng's, but he wasn't in his room. Instead, he walked around and listened to people's conversations. With his strength, he could easily leave. Besides, Celestial Qi Castle wanted Lin Feng, not him. However, he had become good friends with Lin Feng since they left the small world together.

A few hours later, Muyi came back to the guest house with some bad news. People were plotting against Lin Feng. He didn't know that Lin Feng's friends were imprisoned in Celestial Qi Castle. Now it made sense that Lin Feng hated them.

Muyi walked to Lin Feng's courtyard to tell him about it. Lin Feng would have to make his own decision about what they'd do.

Muyi knocked at Lin Feng's door.

’’Come in.’’ said Lin Feng. He stopped making talismans as Muyi came in. Once he recognized Muyi, Lin Feng smiled and said, ’’Master Muyi, what are you doing here?’’

Muyi and Lin Feng had agreed that they had to stay alone to reduce any suspicions about them.

’’Lin Feng, do you have any friends imprisoned in Celestial Qi Castle?’’ asked Qi Castle?’’ asked Muyi. Lin Feng nodded, ’’Master Muyi, how do you know?’’

’’Celestial Qi Castle is plotting against you. They said that in three days, if you don't go to Celestial Qi Castle, they'll kill your friends, one each day.’’

Lin Feng visibly shuddered in anger after heard Muyi. His eyes turned pitch-black and some Qi emerged from his body involuntarily.

’’Celestial Qi Castle!’’ Lin Feng clenched his fists.

’’Emperor Dong or Emperor Qi.’’ said Lin Feng while grinding his teeth. They were the only ones who knew him well enough.

Muyi saw Lin Feng's reaction, so he understood what he was thinking. He asked, ’’What do you intend to do, Lin Feng?’’

Lin Feng hesitated.

If he showed up, he wouldn't be able to escape, but if he didn't go, his friends would die.

Lin Feng smiled and asked, ’’Master Muyi, what would you do if you were me?’’

’’I don't know.’’ said Muyi shaking his head.

’’Master Muyi, you go back. I'll continue making these talismans.’’ said Lin Feng. Muyi nodded and left the room, ’’Lin Feng, relax, don't let the outside world influence you. You're very talented, and someday you'll reach the clouds. When that day comes, you'll be able to get your revenge.’’

Then, Muyi closed the door and left Lin Feng alone.


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