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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1589


Chapter 1589

Chapter 1589: Chaos

Lin Feng walked back calmly. Muyi was still trying his illusion deployment spells when he made it back. He took Lin Feng inside aside and said, ’’Lin Feng, is there anything you'd improve here?’’

Lin Feng glanced around at the mist, and then he released his godly awareness and inspected the illusion. He couldn't find any exits.

’’Bzzz!’’ Lin Feng suddenly jumped and moved around quickly. He realized that he really was stuck inside. He kept moving about but he always ended up in the same place.

Muyi smiled and said, ’’My illusion isn't big, but it works. I can't wait to learn how to make larger ones someday!’’

’’You will.’’ said Lin Feng smiling.

’’Master Muyi, I'm going to practice my shattering deployment spell in the courtyard, and I don't want to be disturbed.’’ said Lin Feng smiling. Muyi nodded, ’’Alright, I won't be far.’’

Lin Feng put his hand on the ground and started carving marks, each stroke being clear and distinct.

’’How strong!’’ thought Muyi. Lin Feng's deployment spells were far better than his, especially when it came to carving marks. His strokes were so precise and clear!

’’Really strong deployment spell casters don't even need to use their hands, they can simply use their feet! I need to sense the ground better with my hands. I wish I was at the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's level though, he only used his mind to carve marks. That's the highest level.’’ said Lin Feng smiling. Muyi nodded back in agreeance.

Four hours later, Lin Feng managed to cast a powerful shattering deployment spell. Muyi was astounded by his work. At that moment, he realized just how far he was from Lin Feng when it came to deployment spells. It seemed like following Lin Feng was the right choice.

After casting the shattering deployment spell, Lin Feng went back to his room to make great talismans with the materials he had purchased. Meanwhile, Muyi continued improving his illusion deployment spell.

At that moment, some people arrived outside of Lin Feng's house and surrounded it. The leader of the group was an old man who looked very strong. Zhou Tian Mu was standing next to him.

They had brought many cultivators of the eighth and ninth Zun Qi layer with them.

’’Young Master!’’ shouted some people outside. They moved aside to let Zhou Tian Mu pass. Zhou Tian Mu looked furious as he said, ’’Where is he?’’

’’In his room, but we can't see clearly because there's an illusion in the way.’’ explained someone as he pointed at Lin Feng's house. Zhou Tian Mu nodded. The old man next to him was a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer, but he wasn't talented enough to break break through to the Huang Qi layer without fate seeds. The Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness didn't care about him too much because of that. Zhou Tian Mu wasn't that talented either, so he couldn't ask for help from their emperors, but this guy was at the top of the Zun Qi layer and had a force which was multiplied by a thousand. That should be enough to kill Lin Feng.

’’Let's go.’’ said Zhou Tian Mu. They arrived in front of the illusion, but the old man raised his hand and said, ’’Tian Mu, you said he knew that you were from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness but still dared attack you. Let's see who he is first.’’

’’I'm Di Xiu from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, I came to greet you, Your Excellency!’’ said the cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer extremely loudly. Muyi frowned, who?

Lin Feng came out of his room after he heard that guy. Lin Feng and Muyi could clearly see outside from inside the illusion with their godly awareness.

So many people came to greet them?

’’Piss off!’’ said Lin Feng extremely loudly, leaving Di Xiu, Zhou Tian Mu and the others upset. Just how arrogant could you get?!

’’Di Xiu, that person is extremely arrogant, so don't be polite to him. Just go in and kill him!’’ said Zhou Tian Zhou Tian Mu to Di Xiu.

’’Your Excellency, if you don't come out, don't blame me for coming in.’’ said Di Xiu loudly. Nobody replied this time, making him feel even more humiliated.

He groaned coldly and entered the illusion while releasing golden holy Qi. But as soon as he entered the mist, he was moved somewhere else.

’’Deployment spell?’’ Di Xiu said, distressed. Suddenly, he rose up in the air, trying to escape the spell.

Zhou Tian Mu and the others followed him, but their godly awareness were blocked.

’’A deployment talisman and now this. Is he a deployment spell caster?’’ asked Di Xiu. Zhou Tian Mu had said that that sick looking young man probably hadn't made the talisman himself because they had never heard of such a strong deployment spell caster in the region.

’’If you're not a coward, come out and fight!’’ said Zhou Tian Mu, he was getting impatient.

’’You're acting recklessly!’’ said a voice. Then suddenly, the ground shook and marks appeared under his feet. A terrifying strength emanated from those marks.

’’Be careful!’’ Di Xiu sensed something was coming. Zhou Tian Mu released more golden holy Qi, but a light rose up in the air and enveloped his foot. The light took his leg, but if he hadn't moved so quickly, his entire body would have been enveloped by that light.

’’Deployment spells again!’’ Di spells again!’’ Di Xiu was getting concerned, especially now that Zhou Tian Mu was trapped. He had only lost his leg, but it would still be extremely difficult for him to heal. Barring that, they still had to get out first.

’’Let's get out!’’ said Zhou Tian Mu furiously. He started running, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get out.

Di Xiu was petrified as he shouted, ’’Your Excellency! Forgive us, please let us leave, I beg you!’’

’’I told you to piss off but you came in, now you're not going anywhere!’’ said Lin Feng calmly. There was a subtle sound, like someone closing a door. Di Xiu's face turned deathly pale.

’’You must want to die!’’ shouted Zhou Tian Mu furiously. Then, he took out a talisman and broke it. He could only use that talisman if he was in imminent danger. After breaking it, some strong emperors would come and save him.

Outside the deployment spell, more people were gathering, ’’Let's go and inform Jin Chen Jun.’’ Then they disappeared.

At the same time, some other people started running away to inform their respective groups that a powerful deployment spell master was in their territory.

Not long after, some golden holy Qi rose to the skies and a silhouette in a golden robe appeared, ’’Someone dared threaten young people from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness?!’’


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