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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1577


Chapter 1577

Chapter 1577: Great Emperor of the Universe

Inside the Palace of Tyranny, Lin Feng's voice spread far. Silhouettes rose up in the air and flew over to him.

Xi Yao was startled as she looked at Lin Feng. She hadn't thought Lin Feng would be so aggressive. He even hurt someone outside the palace and disturbed everyone else.

Lin Feng's robe fluttered in the wind as he started running forwards. The ground and the walls shook with each step he took, marks trailed him even.

’’You dared cause trouble in the Palace of Tyranny, how reckless!’’ said the guard who had been kicked away by Lin Feng. He landed far away, in the depths of the palace. He began moving back as he waited for some stronger cultivators to come.

’’Ridiculous!’’ Lin Feng continued running forwards as released more force at the guard. He groaned with pain after Lin Feng released a gigantic hand which grabbed him. Then, Lin Feng landed in front of him again and stopped.

That person's face turned deathly pale as he said, ’’I'm from the Palace of Tyranny, how dare you hurt me!’’

The gigantic hand assaulted him, causing him to cough up more blood, leaving his internal-organs severely damaged.

Finally, some people arrived and were glaring at Lin Feng.

’’Who are you? How dare you act recklessly in the Palace of Tyranny!’’ said one of them. It was a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

’’I'm Lin Feng, and I came to see your master. I didn't come to be humiliated by your stupid doorman. I just finished teaching him a lesson.’’ said Lin Feng loudly.

’’He's insane and disrespectful, brother, let's kill him!’’ shouted the guard, his face now red. Lin Feng glanced at him, his mouth twitching. Lin Feng's eyes turned pitch-black, and the guard's determination was suddenly lost.

’’How did he humiliate you?’’ asked the cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer. Nobody had ever dared act recklessly in the Palace of Tyranny. But now, a cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer had surprisingly dared. Besides, he said he wanted to see their teacher, even after he had injured their guard.

Xi Yao's face turned pale. That cultivator was very strong, he was a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer! Even if Lin Feng was strong, he probably couldn't deal with them.

’’Master, Lin Feng doesn't understand the rules of the Palace of Tyranny, the guard said he wanted him to kowtow three times, so it infuriated him. He didn't mean what he did.’’ explained Xi Yao. That person smiled coldly and said to Lin Feng, ’’Since it's that way, go out and kowtow three times, then you can piss off and we'll forget about all this.’’

Xi Yao again looked petrified. She knew that Lin Feng wasn't going to kowtow, which meant that things were going to get worse. She suddenly regretted bringing Lin Feng there.

Lin Feng glanced at him in a cold way before he jumped forwards. Two gigantic hands appeared this time, they also contained terrifying demon lights and force.

That cultivator was the third disciple from the the Palace of Tyranny, but even with his status, he looked horrified. He could tell how strong that attack was, he was worried that he was going to be crushed like a pancake.

’’Eighth Zun Qi layer, but how can he be so strong!’’ thought the third disciple. He released as much energy and force as he could, and then put his hands in front of him to block.

The people around them noticed that the third disciple couldn't block Lin Feng, so lunged towards Lin Feng as well.

The ground shook as Lin Feng's gigantic hands squished him. The third disciple's face was turned red, his organs felt like they had exploded, and he softly fell to the ground.

’’Piss off!’’ shouted Lin Feng as he continued moving forwards. Everybody sensed death strength fill air around them, forcing them to stop.

’’How strong! No wonder he despises the disciples from the Palace of Tyranny!’’ thought Xi Yao looking at Lin Feng, blinking her beautiful eyes with astonishment.

Lin Feng descended from the sky and landed next to the third disciple. He said indifferently, ’’I'm going to ask you something, and if you talk anymore shit, I'll kill you!’’

Lin Feng released death energy which instantly surrounded the third disciple.

’’Where is the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace in which the Everlasting Celestial Emperor lived?’’ asked Lin Feng. His eyes were pitch-black now, affecting the disciple's determination.

’’The Everlasting Celestial Emperor, the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace!’’ that third disciple was confused. He had never heard of such an emperor in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

’’I don't know, I've never heard of him!’’ said the third disciple, terrified. He didn't dare lie, he could die at any time, and Lin Feng had damaged his determination to boot.

’’Who's the strongest cultivator in this continent, and who can cast the most powerful deployment spells?’’ asked Lin Feng. Emperor Dong controlled the Qi Clan and the Qi Empire in Ba Huang and Jiu You. Maybe the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had another name in that small world.

’’The Great Emperor of the Universe!’’ said that third disciple. ’’Indeed, it's the Great Emperor of the Universe. He has the best deployment spells and cultivation in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, but he rarely shows himself in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.’’

’’Everlasting Celestial Emperor, Great Emperor of the Universe!’’ whispered Lin Feng. Was that the same person?

’’Where is the Great Emperor of the Universe's palace?’’ asked Lin Feng.

’’Inside the City of the Universe, there is a Palace of the Universe, which must be where the Great Emperor of the Universe lives. I don't know if that's what you're looking for though.’’ said the third disciple.

At that moment, some strength suddenly appeared behind Lin Feng.

’’Brothers!’’ everybody looked at the arriving cultivators respectfully. They were both cultivators at the very top of the Zun Qi layer. They probably didn't have any enemies at the Zun level or below, especially one of them whose force was already multiplied by a thousand.

’’Boom!’’ the second disciple ran forwards, his abstruse energy revealed itself to be Earth abstruse energy which was at the maximum at the maximum level. It was only a step away from becoming cosmic energy.

Lin Feng rose up in the air and pushed Xi Yao behind him.

’’Piss off!’’ said Lin Feng.

The second disciple continued releasing Earth abstruse energy, seemingly throwing mountains at him.

’’Those who try to block me will die!’’ yelled Lin Feng. Suddenly, he released force which was multiplied by a thousand. The second disciple suddenly looked petrified but tried to control himself.

’’He has no enemies at the Zun Qi level as well!’’ thought the second disciple.

Lin Feng took another step forward, causing the second disciple's mouth to twitch. Suddenly, he moved aside and let Lin Feng pass. Who was insane enough to stop him?

Lin Feng didn't even glance at him. Now there was someone else in front of him, the first disciple. He was the strongest one besides the emperor from that place.

’’You think you will leave alive?’’ said that person.

Lin Feng continued moving forwards as a gigantic hand appeared above them, then he turned into an illusion.

’’Die!’’ the first disciple punched the air with not only a force multiplied by a thousand, but abstruse energy which was at its highest level.

’’Great Earth Destruction!’’ said Lin Feng. He moved like the wind and punched the first disciple. Immediately after, the atmosphere became calm.

Everybody was nervously staring at the fighters.

’’Woosh!’’ Then, Lin Feng continued moving like the wind as he dragged Xi Yao with him, disappearing in the distance. The first disciple's body slowly crackled, following some rumbling sounds, he exploded.


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