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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1569


Chapter 1569

Chapter 1569: Fighting Against the Bestial Emperor Again

The news that the Everlasting Emperor's palace was in Si Xiang City spread everywhere. Now everybody now knew about it, however, many people doubted that it was actually there.

Some people even said it was ridiculous. Back then, the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace was one of the most terrifying groups of influence in Si Xiang City. Then, the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had died, and his people had looked for his palace everywhere, but they hadn't found anything. Now, the Everlasting Bronze Plates were pointing to Si Xiang City, exactly where the Everlasting Celestial Emperor used to be.

Lin Feng and Emperor Shen Yu went back to Yao Ye Island. Emperor Shen Yu explained some things to Lin Feng to help him better understand everything which was going on.

The most interesting part was that Emperor Shen Yu had told Lin Feng something else, he had told Lin Feng the real location of the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace.

Back then, in Si Xiang City, the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace wasn't far from a celestial mountain in a forbidden area where people would die if they dared trespass. Lin Feng was speechless, was the Everlasting Emperor's palace really in such a forbidden area? That would explain why the palace hadn't been found.

But even then, Lin Feng still wanted to go to Si Xiang City. He wanted to explore the world. If the place was really dangerous, he wouldn't risk his life in the end. However, he was determined that he had to take some risks.

Of course, Lin Feng wasn't in a rush. He had to become stronger first.

On Yao Ye Island, in a forest, before a hut, there was a beautiful girl concocting a potion. Lin Feng was reminded of Mister Xiao. Back then, Mister Xiao was also an amazing doctor, and his medicine could save people's lives. He and his friend couldn't stop performing research, it was their passion.

Even though Yun wasn't a doctor, she loved helping and healing people.

’’Lin Feng!’’ said Mu Yun, smiling in a resplendent way after she saw Lin Feng. There was an old man next to the thatched hut. He was curved but it was as if he had always been like that. He was a fire beast, so his eyes were red like fire.

’’Master Huo Jing!’’ said Lin Feng to the ape.

’’Hey.’’ said the ape nodding at Lin Feng. He liked it quiet, so he just stared back at them.

’’Yun, I won't be able to come and see you for a while. I need to study for some time. Then, I'll leave again.’’ said Lin Feng. At some point, Yun would look for Lin Feng when he practiced cultivation, she usually brought fruits fruits and medicine to help him.

’’Alright, be careful.’’ said Yun smiling in a resplendent way.

’’This world is the beasts' world, but it is simpler than the world of humans.’’ said Lin Feng, smiling to Yun in a gentle way. Then, he sat down.

’’I think so too. It's perfect for me.’’ said Yun. Lin Feng lied down nonchalantly. Even though that place was good place to practice cultivation, he couldn't stay there. He had to practice in the outside world sometimes and experience to surpass bottlenecks.

Lin Feng remained silent for four hours and rested. Then, he stood up and left. He started practicing cultivation and studying abstruse energies. Cultivation layers were now useless to Lin Feng, even if he broke through to the ninth Zun Qi layer, it wouldn't help him at all. He would have to do that at some point to break through to the Huang Qi layer, but before that, he had to improve his abstruse energies to level nine.

One month later, a mountain exploded.

’’Roar!’’ the Great Earth Demon Ape roared furiously and released demonic Qi. He violently jumped forwards with incredible speed, the ground collapsing under his feet.

’’Boom boom!’’ a gigantic demonic hand blotted out the sky. In the sky above Lin Feng, an infinite amount of demonic shadows fell like meteorites.

’’Wind Chant!’’ Lin Feng moved like the wind using wind using wind and empty space energies, practically disappearing from site.

’’Where are you going!’’ shouted the Great Earth Demon Ape as he slapped the sky with his almighty palm. His cosmic energies turned into a gigantic Earthen hand and a cage made from Earth appeared.

’’Great Earth Destruction!’’ the cosmic energies turned into a cage, causing the wind to disperse. Lin Feng didn't stop though.

’’Boom boom boom!’’ the hand crashed onto the ground, leaving a gigantic crater. Demonic Qi rose to the skies as another punch appeared. At the same time, another hand appeared, this one contained aggressive demonic strength which blocked Lin Feng's path.

’’Slash!’’ sword lights shot out. Then, Lin Feng moved like the wind and dodged the attack again.

’’Boom!’’ The Great Earth Demon Ape trampled the ground, leaving a gigantic footprint crater. He finally stopped and looked at Lin Feng furiously.

’’Lin Feng, you're so fast!’’ said the Great Earth Demon Ape. Force multiplied by a thousand already had no effect on Lin Feng anymore. Because the Great Earth Demon Ape was an adept at close combat, Lin Feng could counter all his attacks.

With such speed, the Great Earth Demon Ape could only get upset with Lin Feng.

Of course, emperors, even if they were slow, were usually faster than cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. But because the Great Earth Demon Ape was Demon Ape was a beast and had better attack than speed, and because Lin Feng was terrifyingly fast, the Great Earth Demon Ape couldn't catch up with Lin Feng in terms of speed.

’’It's alright. Now, you can't bully me anymore.’’ said Lin Feng laughing. When he had just arrived on Yao Ye Island, the Great Earth Demon Ape always bullied him, but now he could finally end that!

’’I'm done.’’ said the Great Earth Demon Ape taking a breath.

’’Hey, buddy, let me try too!’’ said Lin Feng.

’’Boom!’’ Lin Feng punched the Great Earth Demon Ape's chest, causing lights to spread out in every direction. A terrifying strength almost stunned the Great Earth Demon Ape. He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng's tiny body.

’’Boom boom!’’ The Great Earth Demon Ape kicked Lin Feng, causing him to fly away. The sky shook, and the great ape was pushed back a few steps. Lin Feng's punch was powerful!

The Great Earth Demon Ape raised his head, he couldn't believe it. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, ’’Little boy, you can go and travel now.’’

’’That's exactly what I intend to do, see you soon, buddy!’’ Lin Feng's silhouette flickered. He waved at the Great Earth Demon Ape while leaving. The Great Earth Demon Ape had a big smile on his face after thought about how scary Lin Feng was becoming.


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