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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1565


Chapter 1565

Chapter 1565: Great Emperor's Palace Map

’’He's become so strong already . ’’ thought Emperor Qi . He possessed force which was multiplied by one-thousand, which meant that when Emperor Qi attacked him with his own force, it had no effect .

Emperor Qi looked at Lin Feng's disdainful expression and groaned coldly . On the inside though, he was shivering . He lowered his head, looking at his bleeding hand . Lin Feng could already injure emperors!

Lin Feng was far from being able to defeat an emperor when they used their full strength, but then again, had Lin Feng used his full strength before? Emperor Qi didn't know how strong Lin Feng was any longer .

Those who surrounded them didn't know it either, but they had watched as Lin Feng had injured an emperor . Emperor Qi was a weak emperor, but no matter, he was an emperor and controlled cosmic energies .

’’No wonder he dares to act that aggressively and arrogantly . He's right, Zhou Tian Ruo can't compete with him at all . ’’ thought the crowd . Lin Feng moved away from Emperor Qi and looked at the battles around him .

People continued fighting all around . Lin Feng quickly found out that there wasn't only two bronze plates, as another palace had appeared . The three palaces were connected before they turned into a castle . There was a golden map forming below that castle .

Many people stopped fighting as the map appeared . When the castles condensed into one, they already knew what was going on .

’’The Map of the Everlasting Great Emperor's Palace!’’ they thought . That that map might tell them where the great empire was, so everybody was fixedly staring at it with greed . Even the fighting with Celestial Qi Castle had stopped .

’’That's a surprise!’’ thought Lin Feng . Those who had the bronze plates hadn't thought they'd connect and create a palace . The third one had taken out his bronze plate only because he had seen that the first two were connected .

Besides, the map wasn't complete . A part of the map was missing, indicating that two bronze plates were still missing .

’’Everybody, who has the fourth and fifth bronze plates? Please take them out . ’’ said someone . Without the other ones, it was impossible to know where to go .

’’I wouldn't have thought that the bronze plate really had something to do with the palace . ’’ thought Lin Lin Feng . The old man probably didn't know that either, otherwise he wouldn't have sold it that easily .

Lin Feng was wondering whether he should take it out or not .

’’I have the fourth one . ’’ said someone at that moment, it was Qi Yun Xiao .

’’Since you have the fourth one, take it out . ’’ said someone .

’’Indeed, maybe then the whole thing will appear . ’’

Qi Yun Xiao looked at them in a cold way and said indifferently, ’’People attacked Celestial Qi Castle, my fellow members, and myself . Besides, some people plotted against Lin Feng . If I take out the fourth bronze plate, how can I be sure that nothing will happen to us?’’

’’What do you want?’’ asked someone .

’’Everybody move back ten thousand meters . Only members from Celestial Qi Castle can stay here . If someone moves when I take it out, I'll take it back . ’’ said Qi Yun Xiao .

’’Qi Yun Xiao, you just want to take the map for yourself!’’

’’What if you take the plate back after having seen and memorized the map?’’ said some people . They were not satisfied because they weren't convinced that they could see the map from that far away .

’’Since .

’’Since you don't trust me, there is a second option . The other owners of the bronze plates can take them back and we can agree on a place to meet . That way, nobody will cause any more trouble for Celestial Qi Castle . ’’ said Qi Yun Xiao, gazing over the crowd .

’’No . ’’

’’If Celestial Qi Castle doesn't take out the bronze plate, then...!’’ said some people around him . Nobody was ready to give up .

’’Bzzz!’’ However, at that moment, a strong wind started blowing as someone pulled away their bronze plate .

’’How dare you!’’ said the crowd . They all followed the bronze plate . They instantly forgot about the map as they chased that person .

Qi Yun Xiao smiled coldly . That person had understood what he meant . The owners could take their bronze plates back and they could agree on another date to look at the map . What it meant was: the owners and him alone without everyone else! Not many people had reacted when he had said that though .

At that moment, some Qi suddenly emerged around Lin Feng, making turned around to see some silhouettes surrounding him .

’’Eh?’’ Lin Feng looked at those people . Those . Those people who had been trying to attack him in the dark were all there now .

Those people were all from the nine great celestial castles .

’’Everybody stop, you can take the bronze plates . ’’ said an emperor from the Celestial Wen Castle . Everybody stopped when he said that . There were already many corpses lying on the ground around him, so they knew they couldn't compete with him .

’’Take out the bronze plate again and show the map to everyone . ’’ said a strong cultivator from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness . Two bronze plates had already been returned, so now all they needed was one more .

Three bronze plates connected again . Then those people looked at Qi Yun Xiao and said, ’’Brother Qi, take out your bronze plate . ’’

’’Since everybody is here, why not?’’’’ said Qi Yun Xiao smiling . He walked forwards and threw his bronze plate . The fourth light appeared, and the four bronze plates connected . Although the map appeared again, it still wasn't complete .

The crowd looked at the map, the part which was missing in the center seemed to be an important part .

’’Impossible!’’ suddenly, the white-bearded emperor's face turned pale . How?


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