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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1559


Chapter 1559

Chapter 1559: New Emperor

At that moment, a gigantic demon ape was practicing cultivation on the island with them . He was practicing a punching technique, which cause everything around him to quake incessantly and the mountains to explode .

’’Little Demon Ape!’’ shouted someone at that moment . The Great Earth Demon Ape raised his head and looked at the person, it was a woman in red clothes .

’’Sister Hu Yue!’’ shouted the Great Earth Demon Ape .

’’Little Demon Ape, fight against Lin Feng, but don't kill him . ’’ said Hu Yue giggling . The Great Earth Demon Ape turned around and saw a human flying towards him .

’’Just don't kill him . ’’ After Lin Feng heard that, he shivered . How gentle! Lin Feng was used to the way she acted by now .

The Great Earth Demon Ape looked at Lin Feng mockingly, smirking from the corner of his mouth . The girl had always annoyed him with menial tasks, but finally he was excited, he could do something he liked . However, the Great Earth Demon Ape was worried that Lin Feng was too weak!

The Great Earth Demon Ape released Earth cosmic energy towards Lin Feng .

’’Bzzz!’’ Lin Feng moved like the wind and disappeared from where he was a moment before . The Great Earth Demon Ape was surprised from his sudden speed . Now Lin Feng was getting closer, which caused the Great Earth Demon Ape to smile more .

’’Where are you going?’’ asked the ape, trying to catch Lin Feng . A force multiplied by one-thousand enveloped Lin Feng . The ape wanted to see how Lin Feng intended to dodge that .

A light appeared, and several clones of Lin Feng appeared while moving with incredible speed . With that, he finally made it to the Great Earth Demon Ape and punched the air in his direction . The sky trembled as the punch crashed onto the Great Earth Demon Ape who was again surprised . He lowered his head, surprised that he felt that punch .

’’What a terrifying physical body!’’ thought Lin Feng . His punches had done absolutely nothing to the Great Earth Demon Ape . Lin Feng understood what kind of beast he was though, he controlled both Earth and demonic energies, so his defense was bound to be astonishing .

The first time that Lin Feng met the Great Earth Demon Ape, she made them fight . How cruel!

Just like Lin Feng had thought, after training there for some time, she took him away and brought him to a floating island . But Lin Feng felt weak, he sensed a counterforce which could make him fly away .

Finally, when he couldn't endure it anymore, he left the floating island and went back to Yao Ye Island . He continued practicing cultivation there . Hu Yue often took him to some other places to help him practice . Even though each time was difficult, Lin Feng was becoming stronger . Each time Hu Yue appeared, she asked Lin Feng whether he'd fallen in love with her or not, and each time Lin Feng shivered . He wanted to live on so he didn't say anything which would upset her .

Time seemed to pass by fast on Yao Ye Island . A year and seven months had already passed since Emperor Shen Yu had taken him there, but Lin Feng had the impression that only a month had passed . During this time, not only were his energies and force improving, but his physical body was improving as well . He could even take a slap from the Great Earth Demon Ape

Back in Qing Di Mountain, things were also moving along .

Qing Di Mountain was a gigantic mountain inside Qing Di City and acted as a holy cultivation ground .

At that moment, a few silhouettes were standing at the top of a mountain, looking down at everyone from above .

’’More than a year and a half have passed . ’’ whispered someone . If Lin Feng had been there, he would have recognized Qi Yu Chen, who now looked even stronger than before .

’’Lin Feng!’’ he said clenching his fists while condensing terrifying energies . He could picture killing Lin Feng . His force was already multiplied by one-thousand now . After kill Lin Feng, he'd practice cultivation even harder and would quickly become an emperor .

’’So, you still want to kill him so bad?’’ said someone at that moment . Qi Yu Chen turned around and saw Zhou Tian Ruo .

’’Of course . ’’ said Qi Yu Chen in an ice-cold way .

’’I'll kill Lin Feng myself . ’’ said Zhou Tian Ruo as he released dazzling golden holy Qi . He hated Lin Feng as well .

’’We'll see who gets to kill him first . ’’ said Qi Yu Chen . Emperor Ni Chen had recruited twenty people only because people only because of the agreement between him and Emperor Shen Yu . Emperor Ni Chen had then appointed emperors to teach them personally .

During the time since, they had all become terrifying . Qi Yu Chen, Zhou Tian Ruo, and so on were all extremely confident in their abilities, and they were cultivator of the very top of the Zun Qi layer . Only one more step and they'd become emperors .

’’Of course, I don't think that Lin Feng has been wasting any time either . ’’ said Zhou Tian Ruo indifferently . He knew how talented Lin Feng was . With the strength of the seventh Zun Qi layer, he was already terrifying . Maybe that Lin Feng had already reached the ninth Zun Qi layer now .

’’Boom!’’ Suddenly, a terrifying strength fell from the sky . Everybody on Qing Di Mountain, including Zhou Tian Ruo, turned around and saw a beam of cosmic energy pierce the sky .

’’Someone has broken through to the Huang Qi layer!’’ many of the young men from Qing Di Mountain recognized what that light meant .

’’Cosmic strength, Wen Ao Feng must have broken through to the Huang Qi layer!’’ thought Zhou Tian Ruo and Qi Yu Chen .


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