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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1558


Chapter 1558

Chapter 1558: Practicing Hard

A silhouette was flickering back and forth above the island's mountains .

’’Bzzz!’’ Lin Feng continued traveling back and forth, attempting to fuse with the wind .

Lin Feng didn't stop either, he seemed determined to gain something .

’’Finally, I mastered the wind . Now the real wind won't affect me again . ’’ whispered Lin Feng, rising up in the air . It was as if the air didn't exist anymore, he could move freely in the sky .

Lin Feng had already spent a few months on Yao Ye Island, so he knew where he was now . They were in a bestial world, amongst animal clans . The island he was on was also the most important one .

The stone ape master would make him break stones to teach him Earth energy while the bird had him flying back and forth to understand wind and speed abstruse energy .

Apart from that, some other beasts came to teach him other energies . His abstruse energies were all improving as a result . He also created dreams to practice cultivation inside .

’’Brother Feng, I came to see you . ’’ said a woman in red clothes . She was in the air above him, so Lin Feng could see almost everything . It was obvious that she was trying to seduce him .

’’Sister Hu Yue!’’ Lin Feng was used to seeing her now .

’’Brother Feng, I'm taking you somewhere . ’’ said Hu Yue smiling . She turned into a light after she grabbed Lin Feng and streaked across the sky . Lin Feng was upside down and his hair was violently fluttering in the wind . But he hardly noticed that because he was in her arms, her skin was pressed up against his .

Hu Yue took Lin Feng out of Yao Ye Island and they flew over an ocean . They arrived very high up in the sky where everything was purple . It was terrifying like a storm .

’’Kaboom!’’ terrifying thunders descended from the sky . Lin Feng saw a mountain range explode on the ocean .

’’Those thunders are terrifying . ’’ thought Lin Feng . Hu Yue took him higher up in the sky to a purple castle . She shouted, ’’King of the Thunder Beasts, why don't you come out to see me?’’

More thunders descended from the sky after she screamed . Explosions sounded as a winged thunder beast appeared and said, ’’Hu Yue, I don't remember offending you recently . ’’

’’King of the Thunder Beasts, I brought my little brother . I want you to teach him some things for a while . Please help him raise his thunder abstruse energy to the maximum level . I'm off . ’’ said Hu Yue . Then she left as quick as she came . Lin Feng looked at King of the Thunder Beasts, almost angry at that bewitchingly beautiful woman for leaving him there . .

’’King of the Thunder Beasts, Master!’’ said Lin Feng, he was almost paralyzed in fear . Terrifying lightning descended from the sky and surrounded him . Then, the King of the Thunder Beasts turned into a light and streaked across the sky to grab him . He threw him at a mountain under the flying palace .

’’Sense these five different sorts of thunderous energies!’’ said a loud voice . Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the ancient purple palace, rolling his eyes for he knew what would come next .

’’Kaboom!’’ Five different types of lightning descended from the castle and assaulted Lin Feng . He knew that he would have to endure that agony for a long time, so he took out his Tian Ji Sword to train under these energies .

One month later, Hu Yue came back . Lin Feng looked sharp and charged . His skin was even purple .

’’You're getting even more handsome, Brother Feng!’’ said Hu Yue giggling . Lin Feng looked at her, he felt like crying and smiling at the same time . He had finally discovered what thunderous energies really were this time . Five types of lightning could bombard people, seven types of lightning could destroy bodies, and nine types of lightning could destroy souls . His body had been cleansed properly from the constant assault this last month .

’’I wanted to take you somewhere else, but since you look angry, just forget about it . ’’ said Hu Yue Hu Yue smiling mockingly .

’’Eh...’’ Lin Feng's eyes were twinkling . The he said, ’’How could I be angry at you, Sister Hu Yue, I don't even know how to thank you enough . I'm infinitely grateful . ’’

Even though that month had been horrifyingly painful, he had progressed quickly .

’’Not bad . ’’ said Hu Yue . She stretched her slender white hand and grabbed Lin Feng, ’’Come, I'll take you to my next friend . ’’

Lin Feng smiled wryly, grabbed her hand, and they disappeared in a flash .

Time passed, and different seasons rages, leaves and petals grew and fell unceasingly . The Yao Ye Island was always changing . Lin Feng was resting on a gigantic stone, dreaming .

In his dream, Qiu Yue Xin and Meng Qing were there talking to him .

’’Meng Qing, your cultivation is special, so you don't need my dreams . However, Yue Xin, what kind of dream do you need? I can create one for you . ’’ said Lin Feng to the girl . Initially, Lin Feng took out Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin who had been practicing in the Jade Emperor's palace and brought them into his dream . He had been practicing the Dream of Life Ancient Scriptures for a while, and now he could have people enter his dreams . If he was stronger than them, he could force them into a dream .

’’Lin Feng, help me study the four seasons and the birth of the birth of the ten thousand things of creation . ’’ replied Qiu Yue Xin .

’’Alright . ’’ A tree instantly appeared in the dream . He also decorated the dream so that the scenery appealed to Qiu Yue Xin .

Outside the dream, on the stone, there were two beautiful women . Hu Yue smiled and said, ’’He's sleeping!’’

’’Sister Yun, are those fruit for me or him?’’ asked Hu Yue smiling .

’’You can eat two, but I will keep two for Lin Feng . ’’ said Yun as she handed a green fruit over to Hu Yue .

’’It's okay . I don't need any . Let him have them all . He'll like that . ’’ said Hu Yue, smiling before asking, ’’How long have you been on Yao Ye Island?’’

’’One year and one month . ’’ replied Yun . One year had passed now . Even though she had spent all her time there, she felt happy and relaxed . Her teacher taught her many things and she didn't feel under pressure, like when she was working for the Celestial Qi Castle . She could do whatever she wanted now . Sometimes, she also went on small trips with her teacher .

’’One year already? Time passes so fast . It's time for Brother Feng to go and travel a bit . ’’ said Hu Yue smiling . It was the first time that beasts from Yao Ye Island were being so nice with humans .


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