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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1555


Chapter 1555

Chapter 1555: Leaving

The crowd was astonished, who was that arrogant? Who dared say that?

They turned around and were shocked, ’’It's him, it's Emperor Shen Yu!’’ thought the crowd . Qing Di Mountain, blind?

’’Who's Emperor Shen Yu?’’ thought many people . Emperor Ni Chen was a high-level emperor with a high social status . He had refused Lin Feng and against all expectations, Emperor Shen Yu had intervened .

Without a doubt, Emperor Shen Yu wasn't a member of Qing Di Mountain, otherwise, he wouldn't have asked Emperor Ni Chen if he was blind .

’’I've never heard of Emperor Shen Yu . He's not from Qing Di Mountain, and he's not a strong cultivator from the nine castles either, but he is standing next to Emperor Ni Chen . Who could he be?’’

Emperor Ni Chen was surprised when he heard Emperor Shen Yu, but then he smiled and said, ’’You really think highly of that boy?’’

’’He proved how strong he is . You rejected him, but I can't miss this opportunity . I'm taking him away . ’’ said Emperor Shen Yu .

Ni Chen looked at him in a deep and meaningful way, as if he had sensed that something was amiss .

Emperor Shen Yu and he weren't very close, they were emperors from two different groups, however, he had encountered Emperor Shen Yu on the way and had invited him to come with him . On the way, Emperor Shen Yu had remained cold and silent, that is until today where he had started smiling more and more . Besides, he had disappeared the past few days .

He glanced at Lin Feng and suddenly, he had the impression that Emperor Shen Yu had come for him .

’’There are many outstanding disciples in the nine great celestial castles, but you thought highly of none of them . ’’ said Emperor Ni Chen smiling indifferently . He was trying to make sense of it all .

’’I like talented and outstanding young people . ’’ said Shen Yu indifferently . It was like a normal dialogue, but the crowd had the sensation that it was a kind of implicit implicit conflict .

’’Brother Yu Shen, do you think he's more talented than all the others?’’ asked Emperor Ni Chen .

’’Of course!’’ said Emperor Shen Yu .

’’Since it's that way, after you leave, I will bring those people back to the Qing Di Mountain and on some other day, we'll compare their strength again . Then we'll see who was right . ’’ said Emperor Ni Chen calmly and serenely .

’’I already know the outcome, but if you insist, I don't mind . Some other day, we can have a small competition . ’’ said Emperor Shen Yu smiling indifferently . He looked enigmatic and unfathomable . Nobody knew what he was thinking .

’’Master, Lin Feng violated the rules of my castle, and he caused us many troubles . ’’ said Qi Yun Sheng standing up and looking at Emperor Shen Yu in a cold way .

Emperor Shen Yu turned around and looked at Qi Yun Sheng calmly and indifferently, ’’Tell the leader of your castle to come and talk to me!’’

Qi Yun Sheng was petrified and petrified and felt humiliated . He regretted talking just now .

’’Lin Feng, are you done here?’’ asked Emperor Shen Yu .

Lin Feng wasn't done . Yuan Fei and the others were still there in Master Mi's control, but he couldn't say it . Emperor Shen Yu was taking him away, that was already a big deal . Besides, he had offended many people already . Emperor Ni Chen, the Celestial Qi Castle, the Palace of Medicinal Kings and so on . Now, everybody would push their hatred from him to Emperor Shen Yu . If he asked Emperor Shen Yu to ask for his friends, the situation might become chaotic .

He had to rely on his own abilities to solve the issue .

Lin Feng looked at the members of the Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of Medicinal Kings in a cold way, thinking that someday, they'd meet again .

Lin Feng went to Emperor Shen Yu and said, ’’Master, I'm taking Mu Yun as well . ’’

Mu Yun wasn't strong, so if Lin Feng left, she'd be left, she'd be in danger .

’’You can do whatever you want, that has nothing to do with me . ’’ said Emperor Shen Yu smiling . Mu Yun was smiling in a resplendent way as well . Finally, she was going to have the life of a normal person . She had never thought that hosting Emperor Yu and Lin Feng would change her life!

’’Let's go . ’’ said Emperor Shen Yu . He had only come to the nine great celestial castles to take Lin Feng away, and now that he had accomplished that, there was no point in staying .

The three people left . Lin Feng looked at the ground from the sky, looking at all his friends . His teacher was healed now, so Lin Feng would come back someday and save them .

’’They're gone . ’’ thought the crowd . That mysterious emperor had taken him away .

Emperor Ni Chen watched as he left and said, ’’Amongst the twenty best cultivators today, if you want to join Qing Di Mountain, you're welcome to!’’


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