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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1552


Chapter 1552

Chapter 1552: Shouting Furiously

’’Seventh Zun Qi layer and his force is multiplied by eight-hundred!’’ the crowd was awestruck . As a cultivator's force increased, their ability to control the Earth and sky increased . That young man had only broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer, but his force was already multiplied by eight hundred . If he broke through to the ninth Zun Qi layer and had a force multiplied by a thousand, he'd be half an emperor already!

Possess a force of one-thousand required talent . Lin Feng secretly thanked the emperor who had made him dream those previous days . Lin Feng's force had improved a lot in that dream .

The sky shook as Lin Feng released his aggressive demonic and immortal energies . Apart from his insane-looking demon, another shadow appeared behind Lin Feng which looked like an immortal demon .

The immortal and demonic energies prevented the empty space energies from moving forwards . As his territory weakened, Lin Feng's demonic territory condensed the empty space energies .

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and released demonic energies which turned into a gigantic, pitch-black axe . That axe contained Earth, death, and immortal energies .

’’Argh!’’ The demon shouted as Lin Feng raised his gigantic axe which then descended from the sky .

The axe cut apart everything in its path, including Qi Yu Chen's golden lights . Qi Yu Chen joined his hands together and condensed a sword made of empty space energy .

’’Boom!’’ The axe collided with the sword, causing lights to disperse in every direction . Qi Yu Chen's clothes were suddenly torn apart, but Lin Feng's clothes weren't looking much better .

Qi Yu Chen held his composure for a moment, but then he shook violently and coughed blood .

Lin Feng had taken their previous exchange better, so he ran towards Qi Yu Chen while condensing force which was multiplied by eight-hundred .

’’Slash!’’ Blood splashed out of Qi Yu Chen's mouth . He had lost a lot of strength, but he didn't feel like giving up just yet .

Lin Feng jumped forwards and released more demonic Qi, which turned into a gigantic hand . He grabbed Qi Yu Chen by his throat, draining the blood from his face . He condensed as much strength as he could but it seemed useless .

Many people people from Celestial Qi Castle suddenly stood up and looked at Lin Feng in a threatening way .

However, Lin Feng looked at Qi Yu Chen mockingly and said, ’’Will you have Yun come here?’’

’’She's in the Celestial Qi Castle, don't even think about seeing her again . ’’ said Qi Yu Chen .

’’Boom!’’ Lin Feng released demonic and fire Qi which started burning Qi Yu Chen's hand and flew throughout his arm . He couldn't release any energy to defend himself against the those energies, so all he could do was scream in pain .

’’Bring Yun here!’’ this time, Lin Feng wasn't talking to Qi Yu Chen, he was demanding the people from Celestial Qi Castle to bring her to him .

The face of the emperor in purple clothes turned deathly pale . Lin Feng wasn't being controlled anymore, and now he was now starting to exact his revenge .

Qi Yu Chen's body was covered in sweat, and his face was deathly pale . Lin Feng was cruel, on top of that, he was mocking him in front of everybody . Lin Feng had already crushed his arm .

’’I'm going to go get her now!’’ said now!’’ said the emperor in purple clothes as he disappeared . With his speed, he should come back quickly .

’’You better hurry up!’’ said Lin Feng to the emperor in purple clothes .

Then, Lin Feng put Qi Yu Chen in an empty space cage and turned around .

First Zhou Tian Ruo, and now Qi Yu Chen were in a cage .

’’Emperor Ni Chen!’’ shouted Qi Yun Sheng, standing up .

’’Sit down!’’ yelled Lin Feng suddenly . Qi Yun Sheng frowned, nobody had ever shouted at him like that!

The crowd also shivered from Lin Feng's shout . Qi Yun Sheng was an emperor and he was one of Qing Di Mountain's cultivators . And yet, Lin Feng still dared shout at him furiously .

Lin Feng didn't care about those things because those people from the Celestial Qi Castle were his enemies . He didn't need to be polite with Qi Yun Sheng any longer .

’’If you don't want him to die in front of you, you better stay quiet!’’ yelled Lin Feng at Qi Yun Sheng .

Qi Yun Sheng was fixedly staring at Lin Feng's pitch-black eyes, but it had no it had no impact on him .

After a few moments of glaring at each other, he finally sat down . He wanted to do something, but Qi Yun Sheng was already severely injured . As long as he didn't die, he'd have a chance to recover in the future . After all, Lin Feng wasn't an emperor, and Qi Yu Chen's injuries weren't that severe .

After Qi Yun Sheng sat down, Lin Feng smiled coldly and glanced at Qi Yun Xiao .

’’I told you that you had bad eyes . Qi Yu Chen is so weak can't you see what a disgrace he is?! If you had let me fight, you wouldn't have lost so much face . ’’ said Lin Feng mockingly . Then, he looked at Yuan Fei, Ban Ruo, and Li Hen . They were his friends, but at that moment, they were looking at him in a cold way .

’’You will regret that very quickly . ’’ thought Qi Yun Sheng . Did Lin Feng place all his hopes on Qing Di Mountain? Did he think that because he was a bit talented, Emperor Ni Chen would recruit him? Lin Feng was a bit too naive .


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