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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1550


Chapter 1550

Chapter 1550: Zhou Tian Ruo Humiliated Three Times Over

When the emperor in purple clothes saw Lin Feng's smile, he was surprised .

Qi Yu Chen looked at Lin Feng in an ice-cold way . How dare Lin Feng enter the battle stage?

Qi Yu Chen wasn't the only one who was surprised . Qiao Chi Feng, Zhou Tian Ruo, Xia Tian Fan and the others were all staring at him . They had seen how aggressive Lin Feng was in Ba Huang . However, now that Lin Feng was controlled by Master Mi, he still seemed to show this arrogance .

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd and smiled indifferently . Emperor Shen Yu had told him that it'd be a pity if he didn't participate .

Lin Feng initially intended to hide in the Celestial Qi Castle and become stronger, but Emperor Shen Yu, who came with Emperor Ni Chen, had told him not to worry .

However, Lin Feng still didn't know who Emperor Shen Yu was . Even then, his social status couldn't be lower than Emperor Ni Chen's .

’’Lin Feng, get down!’’ said the emperor in purple clothes at that moment . Lin Feng had gone too far .

’’Master, don't be angry . I'm furious that the cultivators from Celestial Qi Castle, who represented us, are such trash! They humiliated us!’’ said Lin Feng to the emperor in purple clothes, smiling indifferently . He looked absolutely confident and arrogant .

The emperor in purple clothes looked even more upset, Qi Yun Sheng and the others were also upset . They knew about the rules governing cultivators who were controlled by them . How come Lin Feng was violating those rules? Was Master Mi's spell must not have been strong enough .

Lin Feng looked at Emperor Ni Chen .

’’Master, can you give me a few minutes to prove myself?’’ asked Lin Feng straightforwardly .

The crowd looked at Emperor Ni Chen . He was smart, everybody knew that Emperor Ni Chen couldn't refuse such a request .

’’No problem . ’’ said Emperor Ni Chen smiling . As the crowd had thought, he couldn't refuse . Besides, there was no reason for him to refuse either .

When the members of the Celestial Celestial Qi Castle heard that, they all looked depressed, especially the emperor in purple clothes .

He had lost face and now Qing Di Mountain might notice how strong Lin Feng was .

’’Thank you very much, Master . ’’ said Lin Feng bowing respectfully and smiling in a resplendent way .

Lin Feng look at the crowd before he turned his attention to the people from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness .

’’Zhou Tian Ruo!’’ said Lin Feng smiling mockingly .

’’Revenge was a dish best served cold . ’’ thought Lin Feng .

’’Is the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness so weak? Didn't you have stronger cultivators to send? That guy is just a piece of trash!’’ said Lin Feng indifferently . It was the cultivators from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness' turn to be upset .

When Zhou Tian Xiao saw that Lin Feng was walking towards him, so he instantly became fearful . He had been humiliated by Lin Feng twice already .

’’You have two options now . You either go back to the bleachers or I'll kick you so hard that you'll fly back to back to those bleachers . ’’ said Lin Feng .

When the crowd thought that Zhou Tian Ruo was going to attack Lin Feng with his golden holy Qi, but instead he remained calm while clenching his fists . His facial muscles twitched, and he looked furious, but he remained motionless .

’’Why are you not stepping forward?’’ asked Lin Feng mockingly . Finally, Zhou Tian Ruo released his dazzling golden holy Qi, and an armor of golden holy Qi surrounded his body . Even if Zhou Tian Ruo feared Lin Feng, he still had to fight .

Lin Feng suddenly jumped ahead and condensed both empty space and wind abstruse energies . He didn't use any skills or technique, it was just a simple punch .

’’Zhou Tian Ruo!’’ shouted Lin Feng . Zhou Tian Ruo looked into Lin Feng's demonic eyes, and cursing energies surrounded him, causing his life energies to be slowly drained . His godly awareness shook violently and so did his gold holy Qi .

’’Kaboom!’’ Lin Feng finished condensing his energies and a gigantic pitch-black sword appeared . Next, he condensed Earth and demonic abstruse energies into the sword . the sword . His force was also multiplied by seven-hundred . His gigantic sword started suffocating Zhou Tian Ruo .

Zhou Tian Ruo sensed the cursing and death energies overwhelm him, making him look desperate . He was covered in a cold sweat, but he continued releasing golden holy Qi towards Lin Feng .

A sound rang as their energies met, followed by Zhou Tian Ruo falling to his knees and coughing up blood .

’’You're still so weak!’’ said Lin Feng, kicking Zhou Tian Xiao towards the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness' bleachers .

Zhou Tian Xiao jumped forwards and caught Zhou Tian Ruo . Then he released ice-cold energies towards Lin Feng .

Lin Feng looked at Zhou Tian Xiao and said calmly, ’’Back then, I humiliated Zhou Tian Ruo, and even though you're an emperor, you still attacked me . If I don't deserve to be called a cultivator, then I ask who in the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness deserves to be called one?’’

Strength was the most important thing in the world of cultivation . Zhou Tian Xiao was an emperor, so of course he was stronger than Lin Feng!


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