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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1549


Chapter 1549

Chapter 1549: On the Battle Stage

Lin Feng remembered back to when Emperor Ni Chen and Emperor Shen Yu had shown up, Emperor Shen Yu had looked at him particularly . The problem was that he didn't know Emperor Shen Yu, why had he paid him so much attention? He also knew everything that had happened to him so far, which meant he had been following him .

Besides, Emperor Shen Yu had given his teacher a pill, of which the price was probably terrifying, He even gave it to Emperor Yu without hesitation . Lin Feng was skeptical about it all .

’’The Celestial Qi Castle doesn't control you?’’ asked Emperor Shen Yu . He was curious .

Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds, but he finally nodded, ’’Indeed, they didn't manage to control me . ’’

’’Haha, not bad . Master Mi didn't manage to control you, that's rare . ’’ said Emperor Shen Yu laughing before adding, ’’Things will be easier that way . ’’

’’Lin Feng, you've been sleeping for a few days . The battles between the nine great celestial castles are almost over . Let's go back and watch . ’’ said Emperor Shen Yu positively . Lin Feng didn't understand, Emperor Shen Yu had saved him and now he wanted him to go back?

’’Master, I'm now away from the Celestial Qi Castle, if I went back, wouldn't I have to give myself back to them? That seems very stupid . ’’ replied Lin Feng straightforwardly .

Emperor Shen Yu laughed and said, ’’It's normal that you want to leave, but don't you want to try and fight on the battle stage?’’

’’Fight on the battle stage!?’’ Lin Feng repeated back in shock .

’’We don't have much time, so let's go . ’’ said Emperor Shen Yu smiling . Then, he took Lin Feng and left .

It was nearing the end of the battles . The young people from Celestial Wen Castle were turning out to be the strongest ones . Wen Ao Feng was probably going to rank first . Apart from him, his two friends were also going to rank in the top eighteen . The Celestial Wen Castle was probably going to rule over the small worlds in the following ten thousand years .

Apart from the Celestial Wen Castle, the Palace of Medicinal Kings also did well . Most of their cultivators were cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer . Therefore, the Palace of Medicinal Kings had four cultivators in the top eighteen so far .

Concerning the third group, it would probably be the Celestial Palace of Punishing Thunders or the Celestial Qi Castle . The remaining battles would determine that .

On Celestial Qi Castle's side, a person walked to the bleachers: It was Lin Feng .

The emperor in purple clothes sensed something amiss and looked at Lin Feng . He was surprised, but it was a pleasant surprise . ’’Lin Feng, where did you go?’’

’’Master, someone wanted to kill me, after that, someone attacked him . I was injured so I needed to hide and heal . ’’ replied Lin Feng . The emperor in purple clothes nodded, he believed Lin Feng . He had sensed two emperors' Qi in Lin Feng's room that night .

’’Good to see you're alright!’’ said the emperor in purple clothes . Lin Feng was safe and sound, so he was obviously happy . He didn't think about it too much .

After that, Lin Feng turned towards the battle stage . Initially, there were eighty-one battle battle stages, but now only fifty were left . Many people had died or were injured .

Lin Feng saw that a cultivator from the Palace of Medicinal Kings was fighting . He had seen him before in Ba Huang, when he had provoked Zhou Tian Ruo . He was very strong . He had just defeated a cultivator from the Ancient Celestial Castle .

But because of what had happened to Emperor Yu, Lin Feng was looking at the people from the Palace of Medicinal Kings in a cold way, especially the old man in the middle of the crowd . That was the one he had seen in Emperor Shen Yu's memories, the one who had taken Emperor Yu's ring and told him to piss off .

Lin Feng looked furious . That old man sensed that Lin Feng was glaring at him, so he turned his head . He was surprised . That young man was unconscious when he had seen him last time, and an emperor had asked him to heal him . Now, he was cured . Surprisingly, that someone was from the Celestial Qi Castle .

Afterwards, Lin Feng looked back at the battle stages again . The strong cultivators from the great world were extremely strong . Xia Tian Fan had broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer, while Qiao Chi Feng and Zhou Tian Ruo had also become stronger since he had last seen them .

Lin Feng looked at Wen Ao Feng again . He was fast and cruel, his attacks were explosive, causing his opponents to either die or leaving them heavily injured .

Emperor Ni Chen, who was on the side of the Celestial Wen Castle, walked out and smiled, ’’Brother Shen Yu, how come I didn't see you the last few days?’’

’’I had some things to do . It was a crucial moment for me, luckily, I didn't miss it . ’’ said Emperor Shen Yu, seemingly in a good mood . What was going on with him? Emperor Ni Chen hadn't seen him in such a good mood since they had arrived .

’’Brother Shen Yu, what do you think of these young men? I want to take some to Qing Di Mountain . Only one or two of them can go with you . ’’ said Emperor Ni Chen smiling .

’’There's no need, none of them can go to the Qing Di Mountain . ’’ said Emperor Shen Yu indifferently . Then he continued watching the battles .

’’After that battle, Ao Feng will become the champion . ’’ thought Emperor Ni Chen . The last battle was Wen Ao Feng against a strong cultivator from the Celestial Palace of Punishing Thunders . That strong cultivator hadn't won a single fight while Wen Ao Feng had won every one of his fights, so Wen Ao Feng was expected to win .

Wen Ao Feng and that strong cultivator from the Celestial Palace of Punishing Thunders fought . Thunder and empty space energies collided causing an explosion in the sky . Abstruse energies assaulted the battle stage, making it shake violently .

’’Abstruse energies of the highest levels . ’’ the crowd was incredulous . Wen Ao Feng's force was multiplied by seven-hundred and his abstruse energies were at the highest level . It wouldn't be long before he become an emperor .

Finally, Wen Ao Feng won the battle . He was the champion!

’’Not bad!’’ Emperor Ni Chen stood up and smiled . He was proud . Although he hadn't taught Wen Ao Feng for that long, he was still proud was still proud of his disciple . Not one of the disciples from the nine great celestial castles could compete with him anymore .

The cultivators of the Celestial Wen Castle also stood up and applauded him . Emperor Ni Chen was satisfied, and Celestial Wen Castle was as well .

’’Alright, we can start the rankings . ’’ said Emperor Ni Chen . At that moment, the referees started counting the points . Wen Ao Feng ranked first, the second one was from the Palace of Medicinal Kings: He was a humble young man . The third one was one of the cultivators who had lost against Wen Ao Feng, the fourth one was Gu Li, the fifth one Qi Yu Chen, the sixth one was someone from the Celestial Wen Castle, then Qiao Chi Feng, Zhou Tian Ruo and Xia Tian Fan .

’’Not bad, amongst you eighteen geniuses, does anyone want to join Qing Di Mountain?’’ asked Emperor Ni Chen joyfully . Many of them looked extremely happy . Emperor Ni Chen was inviting them personally . Apart from Wen Ao Feng, the others weren't already members of Qing Di Mountain .

’’I do, Master!’’ said many of them, bowing before Emperor Ni Chen . How could they miss such an opportunity?

’’Wait . ’’ said someone at that moment .

The crowd turned around and saw Lin Feng walking towards the battle stage .

’’Lin Feng!’’ shouted the emperor in purple clothes . Was Lin Feng insane? Was he going to cause trouble again? Had he forgotten that he couldn't show how strong he was?

’’Lin Feng, come back here!’’ shouted the emperor in purple clothes furiously .

He slowly turned around and smiled, ’’Master, Qi Yu Chen got to represent us on the battle stage, so why can't I?’’


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