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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1547


Chapter 1547

Chapter 1547: Rescue

’’Let's go back . ’’ said Qi Yun Sheng . They hadn't done that bad for the first day, but Qi Yun Sheng still wasn't happy . The Celestial Wen Castle had the best results during the first day . Wen Ao Feng wasn't the only strong cultivator from Celestial Wen Castle . They had two other cultivators who had the potential to earn the eighteen points .

Wen Ao Feng's ranking was already quite high, so if the three cultivators from Celestial Wen Castle continued doing so well, they'd rank at the top of the eighteen .

The group from Celestial Qi Castle left the bleachers and the others also dispersed . Many people couldn't wait to see the remaining battles .

All of that had nothing to do with Lin Feng though . He followed the group of people from Celestial Qi Castle and found Mu Yun waiting aside .

Qi Yu Chen looked at Mu Yun in a cold way and said, ’’What are you doing here?’’

’’Master already gave Yun to me . ’’ said Lin Feng, stopping in front of Qi Yu Chen .

Qi Yu Chen rolled up his sleeves and left ignoring them .

’’Yun, let's go . ’’ said Lin Feng . They didn't say anything after they left . They immediately went back to Celestial Qi Castle and Lin Feng brought her inside his room .

’’Lin Feng, you...’’ said Mu Yun looking at Lin Feng with her beautiful eyes while using telepathy . She wanted to be sure .

’’Indeed . ’’ replied Lin Feng nodding . Mu Yun smiled thinly . How had he done that?

’’Yun, you can sleep on my bed, and you can stay with me for a while . ’’ said Lin Feng . He was now enemies with Qi Yu Chen, and he wouldn't let Lin Feng and Mu Yun off that easily . Yun wasn't that strong, so if Qi Yu Chen wanted to do anything to her, she wouldn't stand a chance without Lin Feng .

Lin Feng thought of making Yun hide inside the Jade Emperor's palace, but his social status was special . He was supposed to be controlled . If Yun disappeared, they would think that he possessed a special item .

Mu Yun blushed . Even though Lin Feng said they had had se*, it was just to protect her . Now, they were in the same room and Lin Feng wanted her to to sleep on his bed . She felt very shy but she nodded and lied down .

Lin Feng sat down in front of the bed . Mu Yun was a nice and kindhearted girl, Lin Feng was wondering how he could save her .

Strength, strength, always more strength! Lin Feng decided to dream again and practice cultivation there . He had to become stronger .

The night was calm and peaceful . Sometime during that quiet night, a dark silhouette appeared, and nobody noticed them .

’’Not bad, but since they're controlled, I can't make those people talk . ’’ thought the dark silhouette . However, he was surprised to see some people in the courtyard .

’’Eh?’’ the dark shadow frowned . Qi Yu Chen and Jin Chen Jun were laughing and walking . They soon left the courtyard .

After they left, the silhouette entered silently and walked in the direction of Lin Feng's room .

Qi Yu Chen turned around and laughed . Lin Feng had dared humiliate him, so now he would make Lin Feng understand what it meant to have the blood of the Qi's . Mu Yun was going to regret it too .

The dark shadow crouched shadow crouched down, not far from Lin Feng's room . Then they saw someone stop outside Lin Feng's room and release some cosmic energy .

’’Dream cosmic energy?’’ the dark shadow looked amused . The person they saw was a dream cultivator .

’’Eh?’’ At that moment, the shadow was surprised . Something was crawling towards Lin Feng's room as well .

’’Interesting . ’’ thought the shadow laughing in a low voice . That night was going to be interesting .

’’Dream of Life!’’ said someone outside of Lin Feng's room . Dream cosmic energy penetrated Lin Feng's room, and it was both silent and invisible .

The one who was moving stealthily opened Lin Feng's door and saw Lin Feng, he was seated and looked relaxed . That person smiled coldly . They had sent him to deal with a cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer, but they had overestimated Lin Feng . Of course, Qi Yu Chen just wanted someone who could remain silent and invisible . The assassin he had sent could make Lin Feng fall asleep and then kill him effortlessly!

’’Sleep forever!’’ said the cultivator crawling . However, at that moment, he was surprised .

’’Kaboom!’’ a terrifying strength immediately pierced his immediately pierced his chest . Then a hand grabbed Lin Feng and pulled him to the ground .

The dream cultivator was stupefied, it was an emperor who knew Earth cosmic energy!

The Emperor using Earth energy quickly glanced at Mu Yun and then left . Such great things were happening, and very quickly, the Celestial Qi Castle's strong cultivators would rush over soon .

As expected, after he left, many strong cultivators appeared in Lin Feng's room to find him missing .

The emperor in purple clothes looked furious . Lin Feng had been kidnapped in their own territory . Who had the balls to do that?

Qi Yun Xiao frowned and shouted, ’’Qi Yu Chen, come here!’’

Qi Yun Sheng left, he didn't continue chasing the dream cultivator . Instead, he chased the Earth Qi . He followed them outside but frowned because the Qi stopped there .

At that moment, Emperor Yu and Lin Feng appeared in the distance . No matter what, he wanted to rescue Lin Feng . He didn't care whether Lin Feng was controlled or not, he'd figure out what to do afterwards .

Emperor Yu had managed to rescue Lin Feng;however, he didn't understand why Lin Feng was still sleeping .


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