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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1546


Chapter 1546

Chapter 1546: Part of the Audience

Qi Yu Chen looked furious and released Qi, but then he heard Qi Yun Sheng say, ’’That's enough! Yu Chen, do what you have to do . ’’

Qi Yu Chen looked upset, but he nodded and recalled his Qi . He was still looking at Lin Feng in a cold way as he said, ’’Lin Feng, I will show you just who I am!’’

Lin Feng ignored him . Then Qi Yun Xiao said, ’’That girl is Lin Feng's so give her to him . Then make the others go . Yu Chen, get ready to enter the battle stage . ’’


’’Thank you, Master!’’ said Qi Yu Chen and Lin Feng at the same time . Mu Yun smiled indifferently . Lin Feng had saved her .

Mu Yun and the other Priestesses moved away . Qi Yu Chen was furious though, and he didn't plan on to let them off that easily .

’’Next time, you better not cause trouble . ’’ said the emperor in purple clothes . That was the competition for the small worlds, there were millions of people watching them . Some extraordinary cultivators were there and Lin Feng surprisingly dared cause trouble . Luckily, Lin Feng was strong, for if he had been weak, he would have died on spot .

Qi Yun Xiao only gave Mu Yun to Lin Feng to give Master Mi face . He had had no choice but give her to Lin Feng because she wasn't a virgin, otherwise Qi Yun Sheng could have her if he wanted .

That confrontation had drawn many people's attention, but it didn't last not for long . .

At that moment, a strong cultivator from the Celestial Wen Castle, who oversaw the event, stood up and waved at the crowd . Everybody remained silent and waited for him to talk .

Many people were upset with him . The Celestial Wen Castle had asked Emperor Ni Chen to sit with them . How arrogant was that?!

’’Everybody, I don't need to say much because you already know the rules, they're always the same each time around . ’’ The strong cultivator from the Celestial Wen Castle turned to Emperor Ni Chen and smiled, ’’Emperor Ni Chen, shall we start?’’

’’Don't worry about me . Just do as you wish . ’’ said Emperor Ni Chen smiling indifferently . The strong cultivator from the Celestial Wen Castle nodded and said, ’’The nine great celestial castles will each choose nine people, then a total of eighty-one people will get on the stage . ’’

Instantly, some young people walked towards the battling stages . On the side of the Celestial Qi Castle, Qi Yu Chen and the others ran towards the battle stage . For them, that day was extremely important, it would determine who'd control the small worlds and they might attract Qing Di Mountain's attention, possibly recruiting them .

’’Emperor Ni Chen, would you like to preside over the event?’’ asked asked the cultivator from Celestial Wen Castle to Emperor Ni Chen . The competition was fair, each person had to fight against every fighter from the eight other celestial castles . From there, the first eighteen cultivators would be selected and the ranking would be made made: the first cultivator had eighteen points, the second one seventeen, ..., the eighteenth would have one point . In the end, the three groups which had the most points gained control over the small worlds for the next ten thousand years .

They only took eighteen people because they wanted to consider the strongest cultivators only .

At that moment, everybody was thinking that Emperor Ni Chen's disciple, Wen Ao Feng, would get the eighteen points and finish first . But the others could also get ranked .

’’You go . ’’ said Emperor Ni Chen to someone next to him . He didn't want to preside over the event . That person nodded and flew to the center .

It didn't matter who did it, those battles were going to be very fair and the ranking would be straightforward .

’’Many of those strong young people had been practicing cultivation a little bit everywhere . Some of them even went to the small worlds . I wonder how strong they've become . ’’ thought the crowd .

Lin Feng looked at them . Back then, in the small world, he had participated in a few competitions . This time Lin Feng could only watch .

It was a good opportunity for him to see how strong the cultivators were . Most of them were cultivators of the eighth or ninth Zun Qi layer . Cultivators of the seventh Zun Qi layer were common .

After a short time, the battle started . The first battle was between the Celestial Wen Castle and the Celestial Qi Castle . Even though they could surrender as they wished, none of them were willing to .

Finally, the one from the Celestial Wen Castle won the battle, but he was injured .

’’They're both cultivators of the eighth Zun Qi layer, but they can easily defeat cultivators of the ninth Zun Qi layer . ’’ thought Lin Feng . The nine young people who had been chosen by their respective celestial castles were amazingly strong .

Of course, if those two cultivators wanted to finish in the top eighteen, it'd be difficult . Those Lin Feng had seen in the small world, such as Zhou Tian Ruo, Gu Li, and Qiao Chi Feng were much stronger than those two .

The second battle was Zhou Tian Ruo against a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer . Zhou Tian Ruo released golden holy Qi which lacerated the sky . As expected, Zhou Tian Ruo had become stronger since the last time Lin Feng had seen him .

As the battles went on, the crowd grew more and more surprised .

Each one had to fight against all the cultivators from all cultivators from all the other groups, which meant that if they didn't die, each person had to fight seventy-three times . Therefore, the battles were going to last a while .

Lin Feng observed the battles very seriously . Many of the people who were fighting weren't as strong as the geniuses from Ba Huang . After all, the strongest geniuses of Ba Huang Province were rare birds . If the strong geniuses from the Ba Huang Province fought on the battle stage, they would have probably amazed a lot of people .

Of course, amongst those fighters, there were also people who were talented, such as Wen Ao Feng . He had fought against a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer, and when their fists collided, his enemy had been crushed to death . That cultivator was from the Celestial Si Kong Castle . Although it upset them to lose their fighter, they couldn't do much about it .

More than a hundred battles took place and it then grew dark outside . The strong cultivator from the Celestial Wen Castle looked at Emperor Ni Chen and said, ’’Master, should we have a rest? The battles can continue tomorrow . ’’

’’Alright . ’’ said Emperor Ni Chen nodding . Even though darkness didn't affect cultivators, having a rest was a good opportunity for the young cultivators from Qing Di Mountain and the nine great celestial castles to make friends .

Then the strong cultivator from the Celestial Wen Castle nodded and interrupted the battles .


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