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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1545


Chapter 1545

Chapter 1545: Insane and Arrogant

The atmosphere eventually calmed down . Then Qi Yun Xiao said, ’’It's about time . Let's perform the sacrifice to our ancestors . ’’

’’Roger, Master . ’’ said the one next to him nodding . Then, he went to the Celestial Qi Castle's cauldron and a sound resonated . The women who walked out had incredible figures, especially the ones who were wearing traditional qipao .

On the side of the Celestial Qi Castle, it was a beautiful Priestess, she was very white and looked stunning .

’’All the Priestesses of the different castles appeared . ’’ thought the crowd . The Priestess from the Celestial Qi Castle looked stunning, she looked even more attractive because she had a mask on her face .

Lin Feng looked indifferently at that Priestess dancing in front of the cauldron . The fact that she was wearing a mask made her even more desirable .

’’She's beautiful, right?’’ said a voice in Lin Feng's head . It was Qi Yu Chen using telepathy . Lin Feng frowned and remembered what Qi Yu Chen had said, he would show him her beauty later . Did that mean that... Lin Feng was suddenly furious . He looked at all the Priestesses and then looked at the Priestess from the Celestial Qi Castle again: beautiful body, beautiful long white legs...

’’It's Yun!’’ thought Lin Feng . She had been chosen to be the ancestors' Priestess .

Finally, three sounds resonated and the members from the Qi Clan stood up . All the Priestesses moved back and stood in front of the bleachers .

’’Take off your masks . ’’ said Qi Yu Chen . The girls took off their masks one after the other . The leader of the group was Mu Yun .

Mu Yun looked at Lin Feng . She thought Lin Feng was like her, that he had lost his freedom .

’’Uncle, Masters, I chose those girls myself . Do you like them?’’ asked Qi Yu Chen calmly . se* wasn't something common in the world of cultivation . People usually spent time practicing cultivation, however, once in a while, cultivators enjoyed some carnal pleasures .

Qi Yun Sheng thought those girls weren't bad, indeed . The strong cultivators next to him looked satisfied too . Qi Yun Sheng looked at Mu Yun and asked, ’’What's your name?’’

’’Uncle, that girl's name is Mu Yun . ’’

’’Alright, I like her . ’’ said Qi Yun Sheng .

Mu Yun grinded her teeth, her face was deathly pale . Then Qi Yu Chen smiled at Mu Yun in a cold way . She couldn't refuse after he had chosen her . She would be his toy now, only existing to make him happy .

However, Lin Feng turned around and said to Qi Yun Sheng, ’’Master, I'd like to say something . ’’

’’Oh?’’ Qi Yun Sheng looked at Lin Feng . He was from the Celestial Qi Castle, Castle, and he was wearing purple clothes, which meant that he was a talented cultivator from a small world .

’’Lin Feng!’’ said the emperor in purple clothes . What was going on with Lin Feng?

’’Master, I'd like to say something for the Master from the Qing Di Mountain so that he won't get angry . ’’ said Lin Feng to the emperor in purple clothes . Then, he looked at Qi Yun Sheng and said, ’’Master, before serving the Celestial Qi Castle, I used to hide in a small tribe in the desert . She protected me from the Celestial Qi Castle . I lived in her tribe for some time and actually had se* with her . Back then, Qi Yu Chen liked her, so he got upset after learning about her betrayal, and forced her to attend . ’’

Qi Yun Sheng frowned, he looked furious . If that was true, it meant that Mu Yun wasn't a virgin and that Qi Yun Sheng was fooling him .

Qi Yu Chen was suddenly covered with a cold sweat . His eyes were filled with cold lights . He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng and Mu Yun, ’’Did you really have se*?’’

’’I lived with her for a while, so of course we did . ’’ said Lin Feng calmly . Mu Yun looked at Lin Feng with surprise . Lin Feng wasn't being controlled!

’’Indeed, I wouldn't want to lie to you . ’’ said Mu Yun bowing before Qi Yun Sheng .

’’Uncle, />

’’Uncle, I didn't know she was a slut who dared violate Celestial Qi Castle's rules!’’ pleaded Qi Yu Chen .

’’It's alright, it's alright, just let her go . ’’ said Qi Yun Sheng . He didn't mind such a small thing .

’’Mu Yun, you just wait to see what will happen to you!’’ said Qi Yu Chen coldly . Lin Feng talked again, ’’Master!’’

The emperor in purple clothes frowned . Lin Feng was acting strange .

’’Master, since she's my woman, please give her to me . ’’ said Lin Feng to the emperor in purple clothes . The emperor in purple clothes frowned, he was speechless . He didn't know what to do . Lin Feng was in their control, and Master Mi also thought highly of him . Qi Yu Chen had the blood of the Qi Clan, but his social status wasn't as high as the purple-clothed emperor's .

’’Dream on! She'll be punished! She violated rules after all!’’ yelled Qi Yu Chen . After saying that, he sensed a terrifying death Qi surround his body .

’’Tap...’’ Lin Feng slowly walked towards Qi Yu Chen . The ground started shaking and Qi Yu Chen's heart started racing .

’’Lin Feng!’’ shouted the emperor in purple clothes . What was going on with Lin Feng? He had been sleeping the whole time and now he wanted to attack Qi Yu Chen .

’’Master, I listened to Master Mi's orders, but he never told me to listen to Qi listen to Qi Yu Chen . I respect him, but this time he humiliated him and humiliated my woman, what else should I do?’’ said Lin Feng as he continued to walk towards Qi Yu Chen while releasing energies . Qi Yu Chen frowned, he didn't understand what was wrong with Lin Feng?

Even though he was furious, Lin Feng was extremely strong, he felt like he was suffocating .

Qi Yun Sheng seemed excited . Lin Feng had only broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer and his force was multiplied by seven-hundred already, not bad .

’’Boom boom!’’ the bleachers shook violently as gigantic waves of energies crashed onto Qi Yu Chen . Lin Feng was releasing death energies which were draining out his life . He took a few steps back and looked distraught .

’’That's enough! Don't ridicule the Celestial Qi Castle in front of everyone . ’’ said Qi Yun Sheng indifferently . Lin Feng recalled his Qi, but he was still looking at him in a cold way as he said, ’’Who the f*k do you think you are? In the future, you better respect me . If you're unhappy, go and see Master Mi to complain!’’

He didn't give him any face and even humiliated him . He served the Celestial Qi Castle and Master Mi, so he had to find any excuse to get angry, for example, a woman .

’’Who the f*k do you think you are?’’ Lin Feng's voice and swear words echoed in his head .


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