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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1540


Chapter 1540

Chapter 1540: Control

In a small forest, there was a great celestial Qi which made people feel extremely comfortable .

Master Mi was sitting there when someone wearing purple clothes arrived . Master Mi was startled by them, although they looked at that Master Mi respectfully, they actually despised him .

After a long time, Master Mi opened his eyes again, but he still couldn't see properly .

’’Is it good now?’’ asked Master Mi .

’’It's good now . I also asked the great master to go and check . ’’ said the person in purple clothes respectfully .

’’Alright . ’’ said Master Mi nodding . He glanced at Lin Feng who was lying next to him . Lin Feng opened his eyes, he had been awake for a while, but he could sense that Master Mi was looking at him .

He stood up and bowed before Master Mi and that person in purple clothes . Then, he shouted respectfully, ’’Master!’’

Master Mi looked at Lin Feng expressionlessly . Controlling a cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer was easy for him, so he didn't feel proud . He had practiced that technique for a thousand years already, and he had never failed . He could even control low-level emperors .

’’Alright!’’ Master Mi finally stood up and said to Lin Feng, ’’Follow me . ’’

’’Roger, Master . ’’ said Lin Feng respectfully . The strong cultivator in purple clothes glanced at Lin Feng and followed them .

But the cultivator in purple clothes waited for Lin Feng to walk next to him and whispered, ’’This is the Master's small world, I know you still have your old memories, but here you must listen to your Master and honor the Celestial Qi Castle . ’’

’’I understand . ’’ said Lin Feng nodding, and then he didn't say anything else .

After a short time, they left the forest and some people appeared in their field of vision . Lin Feng calmly glanced at them .

He recognized some of the people he knew .

Ban Ruo, Li Hen, Xing Zhan . They were captured before him .

Apart from them, there was also Yuan Fei and Wu Tian from the Abyss of Sufferings .

Mu Chen had used his transformation spell to help people escape, but he couldn't help them all . Strength was one thing, luck was another .

But it seemed that more people had escaped than he had first guessed .

Those people also saw Lin Feng . Although they were surprised, especially Yuan Fei and Tiantai's disciples, it was only a strange feeling . For them, the Celestial Qi Castle was everything to them now . They were just surprised to see Lin Feng, so they nodded at him .

Lin Feng Feng was furious . He wanted to kill Master Mi, but he had to control himself . Nobody seemed to know that he wasn't being controlled . He was safe in the Celestial Qi Castle for now . Later, he would have opportunities to escape .

’’Come!’’ said Master Mi to one of the people . It was a person from Ba Huang . He was tall and looked aggressive .

’’Kill him . ’’ said Master Mi pointing at Lin Feng . Lin Feng was startled, Master Mi wanted to check his strength .

’’Argh!’’ That person shouted and ran towards Lin Feng .

Lin Feng sensed the oppressive energies, but Lin Feng didn't flinch . He couldn't have Master Mi doubting him .

A gigantic hand got closer, but Lin Feng raised his hands and released demonic Qi in return . The two fists collided, and the ground beneath Lin Feng's feet exploded .

’’Argh...’’ that cultivator raised his head and suddenly he became gigantic, he had turned into an ape .

His voice made stones explode, it also made Lin Feng's brain shake violently . He was stronger than Yuan Fei, he already had the strength of the very top of the Zun Qi layer .

’’Break!’’ shouted Lin Feng furiously . He released force and threw it ahead .

The sky shook as the gigantic ape shouted again . . Lin Feng's godly awareness shook violently, it felt as if his head was going to explode . After all, that ape had probably been there for a hundred years . Even though he hadn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he was still very strong .

’’If he had fate seeds, do you think he'd become an emperor?’’ whispered Master Mi to the person in purple clothes . If it was certain that someone was going to get stuck at the top of the Zun Qi layer, it was useless to waste fate seeds on them .

’’Master, he needs a force multiplied by one-thousand first . If he can't learn that, then we don't need to give him any . ’’ said the person in purple clothes . Master Mi didn't reply and continued watching the battle . The ape was on the ground now, and Lin Feng was bombarding him furiously .

’’That person can already defeat the ape . This year, people are a lot stronger than a hundred years ago . Too bad those pieces of trash only managed to capture a few of them . ’’ said Master Mi, ’’Ask him his name, then take him to the purple army . ’’

’’Roger, Master . ’’ said the person in purple clothes . Master Mi thought Lin Feng was extremely strong . People who joined the purple army had the potential to break through to the Huang Qi layer Huang Qi layer solely relying on their own abilities .

’’Alright . ’’ said Master Mi . The ape was going insane, but Master Mi stopped the battle . The ape then calmed down .

’’Pay attention to him during the first few days . ’’ said Master Mi . Then, he left .

’’What's your name?’’ asked the one in purple clothes .

’’Lin Feng!’’ replied Lin Feng calmly . Lin Feng couldn't lie;Yuan Fei and the others were there after all . He couldn't hide his strength either . Yuan Fei and the others were controlled by Master Mi, so they'd report anything abnormal .

’’Put those clothes on . ’’ said the person in purple, handing purple clothes to Lin Feng . Lin Feng said nothing and put them on .

’’Disperse now, but you follow me . ’’ said the one in purple clothes . Everybody dispersed and the one in purple clothes took Lin Feng to a celestial place .

Lin Feng followed without saying anything . He was safe, that was enough .

A short time after, the one in purple clothes and Lin Feng arrived in a celestial forest where there were many other people already seated . They were practicing cultivation and their eyes were closed . They were also wearing purple clothes . Lin Feng couldn't sense their Qi, so they were probably extremely strong .


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