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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1538


Chapter 1538

Chapter 1538: Danger

Lin Feng went back to Mu Yun, but Jin Chen Jun was fixedly staring at him . He wouldn't let Lin Feng leave .

Mu Yun felt guilty, she understood what was going on, ’’Lin Feng, I'm sorry, it's all my fault . ’’

Mu Yun was thinking that if she hadn't brought Rong Qing with them, Lin Feng would be safe and could have escaped .

’’Yun, don't say that, I shouldn't have gotten you involved . ’’ said Lin Feng smiling in a gentle way . Mu Yun was a kindhearted Priestess . Everything was actually Rong Qing's fault .

Qi Yu Chen looked at them coldly while saying, ’’Jin Chen Jun, thank you!’’

’’I'm just fulfilling my duty . ’’ said Jin Chen Jun smiling . ’’The Priestess protected him, so what do you intend to do?’’

’’I'm taking her back to the Celestial Qi Castle . ’’ said Qi Yu Chen . Lin Feng wasn't hiding his face anymore, so Qi Yu Chen knew who he was .

’’Jin Chen Jun, that person's name is Lin Feng . He defeated Zhou Tian Ruo and Qiao Chi Feng . He knows many different things . Bring him back to the Celestial Qi Castle personally . ’’ said Qi Yu Chen . Zhou Tian Ruo was a cultivator from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness and controlled golden holy Qi . Qiao Chi Feng was a cultivator from the Celestial transformation Palace .

’’That's what I intended to do . ’’ said Jin Chen Jun .

Lin Feng walked to Rong Qing and looked at him in a cold way . Lin Feng had saved him and in exchange, Rong Qing had betrayed him .

’’Your mistake won't only get other people killed, it will get you killed as well . ’’ said Lin Feng .

Rong Qing didn't dare look at Lin Feng, he regretted everything . He hadn't thought his actions would have such repercussions . But what he thought wasn't important anymore . A death Qi surrounded his body and started slowly corroding his life .

’’No, don't kill me, I didn't know it was you!’’ said Rong Qing shaking his head . He didn't want to die, but Lin Feng's death Qi was terrifying .

’’Die!’’ said Lin Feng . Rong Qing's life was slowly being drained . He was petrified, and then he slowly collapsed, dead .

’’That's death abstruse energy as well as cursing energy . What a terrifying terrifying technique!’’ thought Jin Chen Jun . He didn't know what kind of skill or technique Lin Feng had used, but that was only natural because Lin Feng had created the attack himself .

’’Let's go . ’’ said Lin Feng to Jin Chen Jun naturally . He didn't know what the Celestial Qi Castle had planned for them .

’’Please . ’’ said Jin Chen Jun politely to Lin Feng . Lin Feng nodded at Mu Yun and they both rose up in the air . Even though they were in the buffer zone, they could clearly see Celestial Qi Castle in the distance .

All of the eight other castles were the same . They were extremely far, but because they were gigantic, every one of them were visible from the buffer zone .

Jin Chen Jun and Qi Yu Chen followed Lin Feng and Mu Yun . They didn't stay too far away, just in case Lin Feng tried something .

After a short time, they arrived at the castle .

’’Celestial Qi Castle!’’ Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the castle .

’’Go up!’’ said Jin Chen Jun . Lin Feng and Mu Yun climbed the flight of stairs . Finally, they arrived at a flat a flat area .

’’Jin Chen Jun, bring him to the main palace . I'm going to inform Master Mi . ’’ said Qi Yu Chen to Jin Chen Jun . Jin Chen Jun nodded back . Then Qi Yu Chen left and took Lin Feng and Mu Yun to another room .

’’What will they do to you, Yun?’’ asked Lin Feng to Mu Yun using telepathy .

’’I don't know . I'm a Priestess, so I don't have any freedom . In the past, Qi Yu Chen was polite to me, but now I infuriated him, so he will probably punish me . ’’ said Mu Yun sadly . Her life was in Qi Yu Chen's hands .

’’Lin Feng, don't worry about me . I've heard of Master Mi, he's a terrifying emperor . He knows some special skills which can leave imprints on people's souls, forcing them to obey Celestial Qi Castle . Qi Yu Chen said he was going to inform him so maybe they're planning to do that to you . ’’

Lin Feng frowned . He should have thought about that .

’’People who use such skills aren't easy to defeat, right? I mean, they're not from any small worlds . ’’ asked Lin Feng .

’’Lin Feng, don't underestimate the people who came out of your small world . Even though I don't know the details, people like you who come out are incredibly talented and outstanding . When people like you are born in the great world, great influential powers raise them, choosing skills or techniques which are best suited for them . They are at the very least, powerful . ’’ said Mu Yun .

’’People here always join a power after they become strong enough, like the Qing Di Mountain . If you're strong enough, you can become a cultivator of the Qing Di Mountain as well . You don't need to pay anything either . Those who study in the Qing Di Mountain are respected by everyone . If those people notice you, you'd be lucky . Besides, the Qing Di Mountain won't impose anything, you can choose the life you want . When you're strong enough, you can even stay there or choose other groups . Groups like the Celestial Qi Castle who choose to control their people aren't as powerful as the Qing Di Mountain . ’’

’’However, the Celestial Qi Castle won't let people they control get to know people from the Qing Di Mountain, otherwise they might lose them . ’’ said Mu Yun .


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