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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1537


Chapter 1537

Chapter 1537:

Qi Yu Chen glanced at Mu Yun in a cold way . He had the feeling he had been fooled .

’’Capture them!’’ shouted Qi Yu Chen . Mu Yun wouldn't have thought that Rong Qing would do something like that to her .

’’Let's go . ’’ shouted Mu Yun to Lin Feng and emperor Yu . Then their silhouettes flickered as they ran away .

’’Jin Chen Jun!’’ shouted Qi Yu Chen . His voice traveled very far away in the distance .

The buffer zone was the center of the nine great celestial castles, so the guards from all the surrounding castles heard that .

Qi Yu Chen didn't leave . He chased Mu Yun while asking, ’’Why betray me?’’

Mu Yun looked furiously . Qi Yu Chen was shouting so loud, loud enough that more people would come . ’’Qi Yu Chen, I don't even know you, so I couldn't possibly betray you! You're just a nobody to me!’’

’’Alright, alright!’’ Qi Yu Chen was furious . He tried to remain calm though, ’’Mu Yun, you're a Priestess, so you'll have to be punished for protecting those people who are wanted by the Celestial Qi Castle . ’’

’’No problem!’’ said Mu Yun . As Rong Qing heard them talk, he felt guilty . He was too impulsive . Maybe now Mu Yun would die .

’’If Lin Feng hadn't attacked a moment ago, you'd be dead! And surprisingly you betrayed him!’’ said Mu Yun . She looked really crushed, ’’Rong Qing, you're the worst kind of person!’’

Mu Yun's words stabbed Rong Qing's heart . Lin Feng had helped him?

’’How? How could it be him?’’ Rong Qing kept shaking his head . He didn't believe it .

’’I saw it with my own eyes . Who else could have helped you!’’ said Mu Yun .

Lin Feng and Emperor Yu kept running while people were chasing them . Even though they weren't emperors, they were cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer, so the two leaders of the group were especially strong .

’’The 'space' of the small world and the great world are different . It seems like even emperors can't go into empty spaces here . Escaping will be very difficult . Lin Feng, you go, go, you might have a chance to escape if I stay back . ’’

Why was his teacher doing that again?

’’He might die if he does that . ’’ thought Lin Feng .

’’Some emperors are chasing us . Lin Feng, you have to leave!’’ said Emperor Yu . However, Lin Feng suddenly stopped, he didn't continue running away .

’’Teacher, they don't want to kill me . Besides, I want to see how many people they've already captured . You go instead!’’ said Lin Feng to his teacher using telepathy . Emperor Yu was incredulous as Lin Feng flew away . The Celestial Qi Castle, who controlled the Imperial Assassin Union, didn't want to kill the geniuses, they wanted to use them rather . Emperor Yu was different, he was an injured emperor, so he was useless to them . If they captured him, they'd kill him .

’’Teacher, you go!’’ shouted Lin Feng to Emperor Yu . Emperor Yu then continued running . He didn't know what to think at that moment .

What could he do though? Lin Feng had already made himself a sacrifice, so Emperor Yu could only run away run away .

Jin Chen Jun caught up and looked at Lin Feng . Emperor Yu was already gone .

’’Did you really think they could capture me?’’ shouted Lin Feng while releasing demonic energies, as well as sword energies .

’’Die!’’ sword lights streaked across the sky . The one who was chasing Lin Feng was horrified as he watched Lin Feng's sword lights cut him in two . The ones behind him suddenly stopped . They looked scared .

Jin Chen Jun wanted to chase Emperor Yu, but he heard Lin Feng's voice and turned around . After watching one of them die instantly, he had to agree that those people couldn't capture him, only he could .

Lin Feng looked at Jin Chen Jun and said, ’’I'm not weak and my teacher is injured, so even if you caught up with him, it would be pointless!’’

Jin Chen Jun looked at Lin Feng, he looked rather excited as he said, ’’Stomping out the source of trouble is always the best thing to do in case of a threat . I will let him off for now because you're quite strong, and I don't want other people to other people to recruit you . ’’

Lin Feng was relieved . Even though Jin Chen Jun only let his teacher off temporarily, at least, he'd have the chance to escape .

’’Where are we going?’’ asked Lin Feng .

’’To the Celestial Qi Castle of course . Don't worry, I won't harm you . If you stick with me, you'll have a bright future . ’’ said Jin Chen Jun smiling . Lin Feng didn't trust him though, he was sure Jin Chen Jun wasn't going to kill him, but during the banquet in the Qi Empire, those from Ba Huang had gone back and killed their teachers . What could have made them do that?

’’Can I have some time to solve an issue?’’ asked Lin Feng to Jin Chen Jun .

’’No problem, just stay in my field of vision . ’’ said Jin Chen Jun nodding . He seemed quite friendly .

’’Thank you . ’’ said Lin Feng politely . Then, he turned around, and those who had chased him before let him pass . They looked at him in a cold way, but they couldn't do anything to him .


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