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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1536


Chapter 1536

Chapter 1536: Exposed!

Lin Feng's celestial book spirit reacted in a strange way when he looked at that tablet . Besides, Lin Feng had now broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer, and his abstruse energies were at a high level, so he couldn't use abstruse tablets anymore to improve his abstruse energies . Therefore, five abstruse tablets weren't that much for him .

’’It's seems like that thing must be good for my spirit . What a strange treasure . ’’ thought Lin Feng smiling indifferently . Then Mu Yun asked Lin Feng, ’’Why did you want that?’’

’’Didn't you say that thing was different? I also sensed something, so I bought it . ’’ said Lin Feng . At the same time, he glanced around to see if there were other nice treasures .

Mu Yun stopped and walked to another vendor's booth . It was an old man in ragged clothes . He had some medicinal herbs to sell . His stand was messy, so people didn't seem interested . However, Mu Yun seemed interested . She was looking at some red rhizome .

She bent down and said: ’’Mister, what is the price?’’

The old man replied, ’’Twenty abstruse tablets . ’’

’’Twenty!’’ Mu Yun didn't find that too expensive, the old man didn't even seem to know what that herb was . Maybe a fate seed wasn't even enough for that normally . The problem was Mu Yun hadn't sold the animal's body, so she had no abstruse tablets to bargain with yet .

’’I have some . Take them . ’’ Lin Feng gave Mu Yun some abstruse tablets . Mu Yun took them and gave them to the old man, ’’I want it . ’’

’’Alright, take it . ’’ said the old man .

’’Eh?’’ However, at that moment, Lin Feng frowned and released cold energies . Immediately after, he recalled his Qi after he remembered he was in the Celestial Qi Castle . He walked back as a gigantic hand was moving towards Mu Yun .

’’What are you doing?’’ shouted Mu Yun . That hand turned into a terrifying fire and crashed onto Mu Yun's hand . Then someone stole her rhizome .

’’Boom!’’ a brutal Qi filled the sky as Rong Qing and the others started running .

’’Wait!’’ shouted Mu Yun . Rong Qing and the two others stopped .

’’Linda, what's that supposed to mean?’’ said Mu Yun .

’’I want it . ’’ said Linda to the old man . ’’Thirty abstruse tablets, what do you think?’’

’’Alright!’’ said the old man nodding . Linda took out thirty abstruse tablets and gave them to the old man . Rong Qing and the others looked at them in a cold way . The old man said to Mu Yun, ’’Take your twenty tablets back . ’’

’’I already bought it! Who do you think you are to cancel the transaction?’’ asked Mu Yun . What a greedy old bastard!

’’I'm not getting involved anymore . Just handle your things yourself then . ’’ said the old man . He put his things away and left .

Mu Yun looked at Linda coldly and said, ’’Give me the dragon heart grass back . ’’

’’I bought it . Why would I give it back to you? Go and find the old man if you want some more . ’’ said Linda . How could she give up? That thing was worth at least a fate seed .

’’You're shameless!’’ shouted Mu Yun furiously . But the two people who were with Linda were too strong . She wouldn't be able to take it back .

’’Are you a man or not!’’ shouted Rong Qing to Lin Feng . He knew that Lin Feng was strong, and that Mu Yun had done so much for him .

’’Rong Qing!’’ said Mu Yun in a cold way to Rong Qing, ’’Let's go . ’’

Then, she turned around and left . She didn't even glance at Lin Feng, making him feel guiltier . It was true that she had done so much for him .

’’Boom!’’ An arrow flew, arrow flew, causing the sky to shake . Immediately after that, the two people who were next to Rong Qing were enveloped, and they gave horrible shrieks as they gradually died .

Mu Yun's face turned deathly pale . She turned around looking upset . She ran towards her servants, stretching out her hands, and two celestial lights appeared . But it was useless, they were dead already .

’’People from your tribe attacked my people first . ’’ said Linda smiling coldly . Then, a powerful fire abstruse energy moved towards Rong Qing .

’’Let him off!’’ shouted Mu Yun loudly .

’’He wanted to kill me, so how could I let him off?’’ said Linda smiling indifferently . The strong fire cultivator continued running towards Rong Qing with fire in his hands .

’’Die!’’ said that cultivator who was laughing mockingly . However, at that moment, the fire turned black, pitch-black like death and it disappeared . Then he slowly collapsed .

Mu Yun turned around and saw Lin Feng . What was that Qi? Cursing energy? She hadn't seen Lin Feng chanting any mantras just before .

Rong Qing was amazed too, but Mu Yun just put her hand on his arm and said, ’’Let's go . ’’

She knew that Lin Feng and Emperor Yu didn't want to draw people's attention . They had already drawn too many people's attention by people's attention by now . Soon there would be a crowd, and then they might be found out .

Then, Mu Yun left . Rong Qing was furious as he shouted at Lin Feng, ’’Any of the beasts in the desert have more compassion than you . ’’

Lin Feng ignored Rong Qing . He didn't know Lin Feng had saved his life . He didn't know what had happened exactly .

Many people rushed over . Emperor Yu said, ’’Lin Feng!’’

’’Yes!’’ said Lin Feng nodding . He knew what Emperor Yu meant . They changed their faces again .

’’Yun, after we leave, let's disperse . Please take care . ’’ said Lin Feng to Mu Yun .

’’Alright, you take care as well . ’’ said Mu Yun . She knew what Lin Feng needed to do .

’’Yun!’’ said someone in the distance, it was Qi Yu Chen and some young men .

’’Uncles!’’ said Qi Yu Chen to Lin Feng and Emperor Yu .

’’What a coincidence . But we unfortunately have some things to do, so we must be going . ’’ said Mu Yun while dragging Emperor Yu and Lin Feng with her . Rong Qing looked furious, ’’Those people are foreigners, they can easily change their faces!’’ shouted Rong Qing . In a flash, it was as if time had stopped .


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