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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1526


Chapter 1526

Chapter 1526: Mu Chen

Lin Feng and Emperor Yu were bombarded by energies, but they were protected by a mountain .

Meteorites fell from the sky . The gigantic stone hand and the terrifying lights falling down made things look apocalyptic .

’’Lin Feng, run away!’’ Emperor Yu pushed Lin Feng away .

’’Teacher!’’ shouted Lin Feng, he was dumbstruck . His teacher couldn't die...!

The stones didn't care about Lin Feng's thoughts . The one who was fighting against Emperor Yu was an Earth cultivator like him, but he was stronger than Emperor Yu .

A gigantic hand softly appeared in front of Emperor Yu .

’’Brother...’’ shouted Lin Feng hoarsely . That was Mu Chen . Maybe that that strength was going to kill Lin Feng's teacher and Mu Chen . He wasn't an emperor, so he couldn't deal with that strength . Even if he were an emperor, he still couldn't deal with that strength .

’’You must want to die!’’ shouted Mu Chen, his eyes were bloodshot . Suddenly, Mu Chen released energies which turned into millions of hands and moved towards the oppressive energies . Mu Chen himself also turned into a light .

Energies rolled in waves, the enemy was wearing a beautiful Earthen armor, and it was extremely thick . Mu Chen's hands assaulted him, making him shake down to his soul .

’’Die!’’ said Mu Chen coldly . He continued assaulting the enemy . Lin Feng saw the emperor's armor crackle .

’’How's that possible?’’ thought Lin Feng . His heart was pounding . Lin Feng was amazed, astonished, dumbstruck! That emperor from the great world could oppress Emperor Yu, but Mu Chen was crushing him .

Lin Feng wasn't the only one who was astonished . Many other emperors who were fighting were just as amazed . The first emperor had died, an emperor from the Holy City!

’’Buddy, are you okay?’’ Mu Chen looked at Emperor Yu, he felt guilty . Lin Feng was completely astonished, buddy?

’’Emperor Shi!’’ thought Lin Feng immediately . That mysterious disciple wasn't a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer! It was Emperor Shi, he had never left Tiantai, he was there the entire time!

’’Buddy!’’ whispered Lin Feng . Then he smiled in a resplendent way . The two cultivators looked like great friends . No wonder Emperor Shi had reacted like that, Emperor Yu had already been injured before .

’’He controls soul strength, that's why he can hide himself so well . He could turn into a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer and hide amongst us . He was protecting us without telling us!’’ thought Lin Feng . Tiantai's disciples had gone through a lot, but someone had been secretly protecting them the entire time .

’’Little bastard, hurry up!’’ said Lin Feng to Yan Di in the distance .

’’Little bastard! Don't you think I'm already trying?’’ said Yan Di loudly . The sealed area was proving difficult to destroy .

’’Lin Feng, Qing Lin, get next to me . ’’ said Mu Chen . Then, everybody surrounded Emperor Yu .

A metallic ringing sounded as three silhouettes appeared in front of Mu Chen . One of them had a spear which contained terrifying ghostly Qi . On his left, there was someone with an iron tower, then the one on the right was right was skinny and controlled terrifying wind energies .

A medium-level emperor and two low-level emperors . Lin Feng felt like they were suffocating from those pressures .

Lin Feng looked at his fellow disciples and smiled, ’’We must all live, for Tiantai, for our teachers . ’’

’’For Tiantai!’’ shouted Hou Qing Lin .

’’Slash...’’ the terrifying spear slashed ahead . It was as if wailing ghosts were throwing themselves at Mu Chen .

Mu Chen shivered, but then turned into a million shadows, which immediately moved towards the enemy .

’’Slash, slash...’’ the long spear turned into a black shadow itself . Quickly, it turned into a hundred spears and attacked the different shadows Mu Chen had created .

The one with the iron tower also jumped, the ground exploding under his feet . He turned into a gigantic stone and created countless stones which surrounded Lin Feng and the other disciples .

The wind cultivator flew towards Emperor Yu . At the same, he released wind cosmic energies which oppressed the disciples form Tiantai . He wanted to capture Tiantai's disciples while killing Emperor Yu .

’’I'll block />

’’I'll block him, you go and kill the others!’’ shouted Mu Chen . Then, an old man in a golden robe jumped forwards and threw himself at the strong cultivator with the spear .

’’Slash!’’ the long spear slashed ahead and pierced the old emperor's body . Then the attacker smiled evilly .

’’Take him!’’ shouted the old emperor . Mu Chen threw himself at that cultivator .

’’Be careful!’’ shouted the cultivator with the spear . The old emperor had surprisingly grabbed the spear which was stuck in his body .

’’Die!’’ shouted that cultivator . Qi emerged from the spear, but the old man still held onto the spear .

’’Immortal blood!’’ that cultivator recognized what was happening .

Mu Chen then landed in front of the wind cultivator, and that person's soul started shaking violently . After that, Mu Chen crushed his body just like he had done just before .

’’He's my teacher and the Watchers' Father!’’ whispered Lin Feng . The others looked amazed as well . As many people had already said, anyone could wear a plaited bamboo hat and become a Watcher!


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