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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1525


Chapter 1525

Chapter 1525: The First Battle in the Great World

Lin Feng couldn't believe his eyes . What kind of world would the Holy City be?

Lin Feng turned around and glanced at the palace one last time . He didn't know when he would come back because nobody could know what would happen in the great world .

’’Go!’’ said Emperor Wu Tian Jian smiling at Lin Feng in a gentle way . Then Lin Feng nodded .

’’Let's go together . ’’ those people gradually crossed the gate .

People crossed the gate, one after the other . Lin Feng then followed the crowd ahead . Very quickly, nobody was left in the castle apart from Emperor Wu Tian Jian, Emperor Dong and the Messenger .

After they left, Emperor Wu Tian Jian didn't leave . He looked at the Messenger in a cold way and put his sword on his throat, ’’You're just the doorman here, so do your job . If you violate the rules again, I guarantee you that I won't let you off . ’’

The Messenger was petrified . His mouth twitched .

After crossing the door, Lin Feng and the others had an incredible sensation . They turned around and they only saw a normal door . That door didn't have incredible empty space energies or anything, but it was probably still significant .

One step and they were in a new world .

They arrived in an ancient castle with a long corridor .

’’Are we already in the great world?’’ thought the crowd . They walked ahead in the corridor rather slowly, as if they were scared to to see something happen . Suddenly, everybody stopped .

’’Get ready to fight . They don't care about young people here, so they could kill you . ’’ said Emperor Yu . Everybody nodded and continued walking . They left the corridor and took their first steps outside .

It was very windy, making the crowd feel cold . There was a vast desert at the end of the corridor .

There were two people waiting there, their eyes were closed . After the crowd stepped out, those people's eyes suddenly opened .

’’Those must be the people who determined the thirty-day rule . ’’ thought the crowd .

The Imperial Assassin Union's rulers didn't intend to let them off .

’’Us emperors can fight while everyone else should escape as far as you can!’’

’’Boom, />

’’Boom, boom!’’ the ground shook and dust rose up in the air . A terrifying cosmic strength cage trapped them and a dragon inside .

The emperors didn't have time to protect the weaker cultivators . Those people didn't want to kill them, they only wanted to capture them alive .

In the desert, a terrifying sun pattern appeared . The dragon looked fierce, like it wanted to break the cage .

’’Boom!’’ a silhouette suddenly shot out . He didn't want to fight, he wanted to run away instead .

’’Emperor Deva-Mara!’’ Lin Feng recognized him .

Wasn't he as determined as the other emperors? The Imperial Assassin Union's targets weren't those emperors, they only wanted the young people . Emperor Deva-Mara wanted Xiao Yu to choose his own path, so nobody blamed him, but some people felt uncomfortable people felt uncomfortable .

’’It's an empty space seal!’’ shouted Emperor Deva-Mara as he ran back .

’’Yan Di, you'll have to break the seal!’’ shouted the Great Ape Emperor . Yan Di's attacks were terrifying . When he had just broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he had already managed to break Emperor Peng's defense .

’’Alright!’’ Yan Di nodded and hurried over while releasing black fire energies .

Then, a gigantic Earth-hand grabbed Lin Feng suddenly .

’’Piss off!’’ shouted Emperor Yu as he landed before Lin Feng . Suddenly, the earth hand faded . Then, Lin Feng and Emperor Yu frowned . The Earth-hand turned into a large stone and bombarded Emperor Yu .

Emperor Yu was bleeding after taking that hit .

’’Teacher!’’ Emperor Yu's body crashed onto Lin Feng .


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