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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1524


Chapter 1524

Chapter 1524: Emperor Wu Tian Jian's Intervention

’’That guy is very young and is already a low-level emperor . He's even stronger than me . ’’ said the Six Desires empress indifferently .

’’No need to compare yourself . We are in a small world, so we don't have access to the most powerful skills . We can only rely on ourselves in this world or cosmic energies . It's only natural that he is stronger than us . ’’ said Emperor Yu indifferently .

’’Indeed, leaving this place will benefit us!’’ said the Great Ape Emperor as placed his wooden stick on his shoulder .

He gazed into the distance and continued watching those terrifying battles .

At that moment, the Messenger slowly walked forwards while releasing more punishing thunders . The area slowly turned into a type of thunderous world . Then the Messenger said, ’’This place is my world, I am the punisher here . Fighting against me means fighting against the sky!’’

Thunderous lights appeared in his eyes . Those eyes could pierce through the Watchers Father's body .

’’That's an illusion?’’ thought the Watchers' Father . His facial expression suddenly changed .

’’Slash...’’ terrifying sword lights lacerated the thunder world . The Messenger suddenly looked astonished . He sensed how terrifying those sword energies were above his head, and they were becoming even more powerful . He was even suffocating!

’’Who's that!’’ the Messenger's face turned pale . He saw an old man in the sky, there was no sword, that person was a sword . The thunderous ocean turned into a sword ocean .

The Messenger's facial expression changed drastically . He raised his hands and thunders rolled in waves, but the old man continued walking ahead . The Messenger felt like he was being strangled, that feeling worsened the closer the old man got .

The Messenger wanted to run away, but he couldn't . If he turned around, maybe then that sword would stab him in the back . So, he had to face the old man .

The old man was Emperor Wu Tian Jian . His wrinkles had almost disappeared though . He looked as sharp sharp as a sword, instead of his usual sickly old self .

’’You don't rule this world, you're just a doorman!’’ said Emperor Wu Tian Jian in a sharp way . The Messenger didn't dare look at Emperor Wu Tian Jian's eyes, he feared that they would stab him if he did .

The Messenger looked distraught . You don't rule this world, you're just a doorman?

In the distance, Emperor Dong and the old emperor from the Si Kong Clan saw that someone was oppressing the Messenger . Why? How come there was such a strong cultivator in that small world? What would happen if such a strong cultivator used his full strength? Could he even pierce through the sky?

’’Emperor Dong!’’ said Emperor Wu Tian Jian in a sharp way . Sharp energies surrounded Emperor Dong and imprisoned him .

’’You're too greedy . From now on, the Imperial Assassin Union will disappear from Ba Huang . ’’ said Emperor Wu Tian Jian in a calm and serene way, as if he were the leader of that world .

’’Besides, give me the item which allows you to you to track people . I'll decide whether your successor will be eligible to receive it or not!’’ said Emperor Wu Tian Jian . Emperor Dong was even more furious .

’’What? Do you want me to take the initiative and take it?’’ said Emperor Wu Tian Jian aggressively . Sword energies were whistling as they surrounded Emperor Dong . Even the Messenger looked weak in front of him . If Emperor Wu Tian Jian wanted to kill them, he could .

’’I'll report that to the elders!’’ said Emperor Dong shaking . Then he took out the ancient mirror and threw it at Emperor Wu Tian Jian .

Emperor Wu Tian Jian looked at the mirror and put it away . The emperors took in a deep breath of relief .

’’Alright . This place needs some peace and tranquility for the next hundred years . We should go!’’ said Emperor Wu Tian Jian to the Messenger . Then, some people appeared behind Emperor Wu Tian Jian . The emperors were gathering behind him with their disciples . They all wanted to leave that place leave that place together .

The Messenger's life was in Emperor Wu Tian Jian's hands, so he had to obey . He slowly turned around and walked forwards . Emperor Dong was still oppressed by sword energies, he was suffocating from them even .

Some time passed and they all left Sword City .

’’Was that Emperor Wu Tian Jian?’’ many people had observed the battle and were wondering . They would never forget that battle . Emperor Wu Tian Jian and the Messenger, they had never seen such strong cultivators in their lives .

They still didn't know that their world was fake though .

Clouds rolled in the sky . The old man from the Celestial Walls Manor was upset when he saw that Qi, ’’I'm late!’’

Then a strong wind started blowing again, and there were two people standing beside him .

At that same time, a group of people arrived at the sun castle . The Messenger put his hand on the sun pattern and it opened itself . It was a door, the door to the Holy City!


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