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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1520


Chapter 1520

Chapter 1520: Chessboard

Emperor Wu Tian Jian whispered, ’’I spent my entire life practicing sword cultivation . Even if the members of Jiange think dearly about me, in my life, I've never actually had a friend or lover . I've always only loved my sword . Do you understand what I mean?’’

’’I understand . ’’ Emperor Yu nodded . Why would Emperor Wu Tian Jian have compassion for Emperor Yu?

’’But you like Lin Feng and I'm injured . If you stay like this, you'll die sooner or later . You know Lin Feng, you know how he is, if he reaches the clouds, he won't forget you in the future . ’’

Emperor Yu continued trying to convince Emperor Wu Tian Jian . The old man smiled and said, ’’Maybe that little boy is the friend I've never had . ’’ said the old man kindly .

Now he was smiling in a resplendent way . Emperor Yu also smiled . They both looked at Lin Feng in a kind and gentle way, as if they had been looking at their own son .

’’I'm off, Master, see you around!’’ said Emperor Yu before leaving . Lin Feng watched him leave . Their conversation had made him think about many, many things, including the mysteries of the small world .

’’Master, are there rules between the Imperial Assassin Union and the Watchers?’’ asked Lin Feng to the old man .

The old man nodded and said, ’’Very old rules which have been determined for a long time behind the scenes . The Imperial Assassin Union doesn't only kill people who have the potential to become emperors . Nobody would waste time trying to do that . Their goal is to eliminate some people or block some others . If they want to eliminate someone, they kill them, if they want to block someone, they control them . ’’

’’But some people from influential groups in Ba Huang don't want to be killed or controlled, so the Watchers help them . During the events in Fortune City, it was decided who the Watchers would protect . Those people are the Imperial Assassin Union's main targets . They are also the symbols of the Watchers, the Watchers' Father places high hopes on them . He hopes they'll create a better future for Ba Huang, or that they'll leave and comeback, annihilating the Imperial Assassin Union once and for all . ’’

’’So we can't say that the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan control the Imperial Assassin Union . ’’ thought Lin Feng .

’’For the people behind the Imperial Assassin Union, the the small world is like a chessboard, it provides them with an endless quantity of cultivators . Every hundred years, they choose some . Therefore, the Imperial Assassin Union will always exist because they're from there!’’ said the old man calmly .

Lin Feng remembered the banquet in the Qi Empire . Many imperial disciples had appeared and attacked their own teachers, which made sense now .

’’My teacher knew something was going to happen, but he didn't say anything . ’’ Lin Feng knew that his teacher had something to do with the Watchers, maybe the Great Ape Emperor did too, and the old emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals .

’’You're right, he knew but he needed the Imperial Assassin Union act first . They let the Imperial Assassin Union attack so that everybody could have a reason to attack the Imperial Assassin Union . ’’ said the old man .

Lin Feng nodded . For the Watchers, it worked to their benefit . After the wedding ceremony in the Qi Empire, many people had started banding together to fight against the Imperial Assassin Union .

’’The Watchers don't want you to stay in Ba Huang . They want you all to leave the world eventually . ’’ said the old man .

’’The Watchers hope we'll be we'll be able to annihilate those who control the Imperial Assassin Union . That way, the safety of the small world will be guaranteed . ’’ said Lin Feng .

However, the old man smiled thinly and shook his head, ’’No, you're wrong . ’’

’’I'm wrong?’’ Lin Feng was very surprised .

’’You're wrong . ’’ said the old man nodding, ’’New groups keep appearing and disappearing . You underestimate the potential of the people that a small world can create . In the Holy City, many groups of influence fight for small worlds like crazy . In their eyes, small worlds are not worlds, small worlds are treasures . They train geniuses in small worlds . ’’

’’You cannot imagine what the Holy City is like . You should never underestimate a small world, every hundred years, geniuses from here go to the Holy City, and maybe ten people leave each time . But imagine the number of geniuses who emerge in a thousand, ten thousand or even one-hundred-thousand years . Amongst them, then again, imagine the most talented of all those talented people?’’ said the old man smiling . Lin Feng was pensive .

Some of those people had the potential to become peerless cultivators .

A small world is not only a world where geniuses are chosen, it's also chosen, it's also a nice place to practice cultivation . People like Xia Tian Fan, Zhou Tian Ruo or Gu Li all go to small worlds to practice cultivation .

’’Why don't they send medium-level emperors to this small world to take control of it?’’ asked Lin Feng .

’’Because there isn't just one group of influence that controls this small world, they have agreements, and there are rules . If you're strong and destroy everything or act as a horrible ruler, then you just waste the small world's potential!’’ explained Emperor Wu Tian Jian .

This time, Lin Feng remained silent for a very long time before he said, ’’So our teacher hope that someday, we'll control this small world!’’

Emperor Wu Tian Jian smiled . If they became extremely strong, that small world would be safe . If they controlled that world, then nobody would be able to harm the people in there .

Lin Feng and Emperor Wu Tian Jian didn't continue talking . Emperor Wu Tian Jian stood up and continued cleaning the Sword Grave . Lin Feng was seated and seemed pensive . He was thinking about what Emperor Yu and Emperor Wu Tian Jian had said .

Each time a battle happened in that small world, it was as if strong cultivators were playing chess!


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