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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 152


’’Meditation!’’ whispered Lin Feng.

What the teacher meant is that Lin Feng seemed mature because he had high natural abilities but it was also possible for him to fully unlock these natural abilities.

Kind-hearted people have high natural abilities.

’’That's right, what I do doesn't always correspond with my true state of mind.’’ thought Lin Feng. After everything that had happened to him, the pressure from society and all these stupid people who constantly provoked him, it was hard for Lin Feng to find the time to meditate so he could contemplate spiritual problems.

Lin Feng didn't know how to react in certain situations. For example, when Duan Tian Lang destroyed the Yun Hai Sect, he had captured Han Man and Po Jun then sold them to the Bai Clan who then made them into slaves. How could Lin Feng not kill all the members of the Bai Clan? He hated them from the bottom of his heart and hated how they had done that to millions of others. He knew that it was wrong but he couldn't help it. He had to kill them... because those people would repeat their actions on others if they continued to live.

Nobody could escape from the seven human emotions.

The strongest cultivators always acted on their ideals with firm convictions.

’’Teacher, may I ask you to teach me how to play the zither?’’ asked Lin Feng very politely.

’’Meditate!’’ said the teacher indifferently and then continued: ’’Your thoughts and behavior are not in perfect harmony. You need to meditate more often. You need to forget about the chaos that reigns in our world. You need to wash off the dust you have accumulated in your heart over the years. Don't let the chaos of the world to take control of your pure heart and prevent you from becoming stronger.’’

’’Meditate, cleanse my heart...’’ repeated Lin Feng in a low voice. As before, the music of the zither penetrated deeply into Lin Feng's heart. Lin Feng sat down in the middle of the peach trees and started meditating. He slowly closed his eyes.

The teacher, as before, wasn't raising his head and continued playing the zither.

When Meng Qing saw that Lin Feng was meditating, she moved behind him and continued to enjoy the view. She looked at the peach trees in blossom with pure admiration. She had never seen peach trees in blossom in her life because there weren't any within the Black Wind Mountain.

The music was extremely peaceful and auspicious. It enabled people to forget everything and let the music invade deep into their hearts.

In Lin Feng's mind, different images appeared, the moment when he first arrived in the Continent of the Nine Clouds until the moment when he was disowned by the Lin Clan and when he had to leave Yangzhou City. When he had returned to the Yun Hai Sect, Duan Tian Lang annihilated the Yun Hai Sect. Then, he recalled the moment when he had left for Duan Ren City. All of these images were still very clear in his mind.

But in Lin Feng's mind, there was no hate and no pain. It was as if he was another person who was observing all these things from the outside. He was calmly looking at all these moments in his mind. His heart was filled by the beautiful melody of the zither and was very peaceful.

The music was probably suited for meditation. Even his spirit didn't represent as a hindrance to him benefitting from the positive effects of the music because it wasn't harmful to him. It was helping him to wash away all of the negativity and hatred that had gathered in his heart.

Lin Feng was feeling so relaxed that he progressively fell asleep.

The leaves of the peach trees were still fluttering in the wind. After some time, Lin Feng slowly opened his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he immediately saw the teacher who was still calmly playing the zither.

Meng Qing was still looking as pure and innocent as ever, she was still standing there motionless. She almost looked like a statue which had been there since the beginning of time.

Lin Feng slowly got up. At that moment, he looked surprised and had a strange expression on his face.

’’Fifth.... Ling Qi layer?’’ Lin Feng checked his cultivation level. That's right, he had suddenly broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer.

’’Meditation, the result is amazing.’’ thought Lin Feng. He had a big smile on his face. Breaking through to the different Ling Qi layers wasn't easy... but Lin Feng had broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer a short time before and was on the precipice of breaking through to the fifth, but was unable to. Surprisingly he had broken through to the next Ling Qi layer during meditation.

’’Thank you, teacher.’’ Lin Feng had been able to break through to the fifth Ling Qi layer thanks to the help from the teacher so he was feeling very grateful.

The teacher finally stopped playing. He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng with a soft and tender expression.

’’No need to thank me. You broke through to the fifth Ling Qi layer relying on your own power. The pure Qi in your body was already enough. You had already reached the peak of the fourth Ling Qi layer which is why you managed to break through to the fifth Ling Qi layer so quickly. I just helped you clean the negativity which was holding you back.’’ said the teacher while smiling. His tone really showed how much he appreciated Lin Feng, he treated Lin Feng like his own son. Even though the teacher's strength and power was probably immense, he had never been arrogant like the other teachers Lin Feng had encountered in the past.

’’If you hadn't played the music then I wouldn't have come here. If you hadn't played the music to help me then I wouldn't have broken through to the next Ling Qi layer. Teacher, thank you so much.’’ said Lin Feng honestly and wholeheartedly while smiling.

The teacher slightly nodded then smiled and said: ’’Alright, I am happy that I could help.’’

Lin Feng had a warm smile on his face and said: ’’Teacher, last time, you said that you would teach me how to play the zither, can you teach me now?’’

The teacher looked at Lin Feng and said: ’’Are you not afraid of wasting your cultivation time? Shouldn't you be improving your cultivation level right now?’’

’’Improving my state of mind is part of cultivation training.’’ said Lin Feng while smiling. The teacher was pleasantly surprised and was nodding his head with a smile.

’’Since you want to learn how to play the zither, I will teach you.’’ replied the teacher. ’’Whenever you have time, feel free to come here and I will teach you. Today, I just want you to listen. You must listen to others first before you can learn how to play for yourself.’’

’’Alright.’’ said Lin Feng. Listening to the zither helped him improve his cultivation and it was pleasant to listen to, there was no reason to refuse.

The teacher once again started playing the zither. Lin Feng and Meng Qing sat down next to each other under a peach tree and listened to him play.


In Lin Feng's room, a few people had gathered. Lin Feng, Liu Fei, Han Man and Po Jun.

Lin Feng looked at Han Man and Po Jun and said: ’’Are you guys sure?’’

’’Yes, Lin Feng, big brother, I am sure.’’ said Han Man while nodding his head. He was wearing a golden mask to cover the slave mark on his face.

These slave marks that were carved into their faces would most likely be there forever... but if they managed to reach a higher cultivation level then they would possibly be able to remove them. This is why Han Man and Po Jun were eager to become stronger as quickly as possible. Who could live with the shame of having such a mark on their face forever?

’’Lin Feng, big brother, I'm sure too.’’ said Po Jun. They were both older than Lin Feng but they still called him ’’big brother’’ as a sign of respect. Lin Feng wasn't going to contradict them either. They were both two years older than him, it wasn't that large of a gap. It would be very different if they were much older than him.

’’Alright, I will not try to prevent you from doing It.’’ said Lin Feng while looking solemn and nodding. He then looked at Liu Fei and said: ’’Fei Fei, sorry for bothering you, could you write the letter and give it to them please?’’

Liu Fei nodded, took out a pen and immediately started writing.

’’Han Man, Po Jun, what weapons do you use?’’ asked Lin Feng.

’’I don't need weapons. The earth is my weapon.’’ said Han Man while shaking his head.

Po Jun didn't reply for a few seconds and then said: ’’I use a spear.’’

’’Alright.’’ said Lin Fen while nodding. Lin Feng stretched his hand, a light flashed and suddenly a pitch-black spear appeared in Lin Feng's hand.

’’Huh?’’ Po Jun and Han Man were stunned. Had the spear really just appeared from out of nowhere?

’’No need to be surprised, I have a precious stone which enables me to carry a great deal of items with me at all times.’’ said Lin Feng. Po Jun was extremely moved. Not only had Lin Feng saved his life but he was also so kind and generous towards him.

’’Po Jun, that spear is for you.’’ said Lin Feng while handing over the spear to Po Jun. As he grabbed the spear, suddenly the Qi from the spear rushed into his flesh and blood.

It was as if that pitch-black spear was alive!

’’This is a spiritual weapon. Be kind to that spear and take care of it during battle.’’ said Lin Feng.

Han Man and Po Jun wanted to go and protect Duan Ren City.

’’Spiritual weapon?!’’ Po Jun's eyes shrank. He had already heard of spiritual weapons before.

Spiritual weapons contained an extremely sharp energy and a pure Qi. They were extremely precious. Cultivators of the Ling Qi layer would rarely get the chance to use spiritual weapons but surprisingly, Lin Feng was giving one to Po Jun.

Po Jun felt like his hand was incredibly heavy.

At that moment, Liu Fei came back to them and gave a letter to Han Man: ’’When you arrive in Duan Ren City, give that letter to my father and he will understand.’’

’’Alright.’’ said Han Man while nodding. He then said: ’’Lin Feng, big brother, we're off.’’

’’Be careful.’’ said Lin Feng while nodding. Han Man turned around and started walking. He was determined but their training wasn't going to be easy.

Po Jun bowed in front of Lin Feng and followed Han Man.

Lin Feng couldn't accompany them outside, it would have drawn too much attention. He just looked at their backs as they left and hoped they would take good care of themselves.


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