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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1519


Chapter 1519

Chapter 1519: Emperor Wu Tian Jian

’’Emperor Yu, Emperor Dong hates Tiantai, which is why he looked for you . After you, whom do you think he will hunt for?’’ asked Emperor Wen .

’’Maybe that he will also look for the emperors who joined in the Qi Clan's destruction . ’’ said Emperor Yu .

’’Yi Ren is in danger . ’’ thought Lin Feng . Her teacher had come on the day when the Qi Clan was destroyed . Apart from those few emperors, the Watchers' Father had come too, the Six Desires Empress, the Assassin Emperor and the others . Emperor Dong would probably choose the Six Desires empress first .

Lin Feng looked at Yan Di and hesitated . If he asked Yan Di to go, they wouldn't be able to protect themselves against Emperor Dong if he came back .

’’Jiange!’’ suddenly thought Lin Feng . He gazed into the distance and said, ’’Yan Di, go to the Heavens of Desire's Palace, everybody else can come with me to Jiange . We'll be safe there . ’’

’’That sounds good . Yan Di, you're very strong and very fast . You and Emperor Wen's father can stay together . ’’ said Emperor Yu .

’’Alright . No problem . ’’ said Yan Di . Then, he disappeared .

’’What a terrifying speed . He's even faster than me . ’’ thought Emperor Wen .

’’Let's go to Sword City . ’’ said Lin Feng .

’’I also want to see the old man of Jiange . ’’ said Emperor Yu .

Lin Feng and the other strong cultivators landed in Jian Ge . Jiange's people welcomed him politely . Jian Mu even welcomed them personally . Mu Chen immediately left after that . He wanted to find the other disciples from Tiantai .

Lin Feng didn't bring people to the Sword Grave though, he went to the Sword Grave alone .

As soon as the old man saw Lin Feng, he smiled indifferently and said, ’’I know what's going on outside . The two sides violated the rules and now such things are happening . ’’

’’Rules?’’ Lin Feng was surprised . He didn't understand . Were there rules between the Imperial Assassin Union and the Watchers?

’’Master, my teacher wants to see you . ’’ said Lin Feng .

’’Tell him to come . ’’ said the old man calmly . Lin Feng went out and called Emperor Yu .

Then, they came back . The old man sighed and said, ’’You're like me now, what a pity!’’

Emperor Yu bowed politely before the old man and said, ’’I am not worth mentioning in the same sentence as you, Master . ’’

’’Don't be that polite . Have a seat . ’’ said the old man . Emperor Yu smiled at Lin Feng, ’’Lin Feng, please sit down too . ’’

’’Your body has been cleansed, so you are starting to be one with nature . You can't stay here, you must leave for the Holy City where you will have more opportunities . ’’ said the old man .

Emperor Yu shook his head and said, ’’Back then, some old friends and I wanted to leave but one of my friends died from the Imperial Assassin Union . It changed both our destinies . ’’

’’Therefore, you need to make sure things end differently . ’’

’’The Imperial Assassin Union is becoming even more audacious, and they have influence . They want to take control over Ba Huang and Jiu You . You . Therefore, we can only strike back, otherwise, the end results will be tragic . You've seen what happened . ’’ said Emperor Yu to the old man .

The old man remained silent for a few seconds and finally nodded: ’’Indeed, the Messenger has also forgotten what his responsibilities are . You didn't do anything wrong . Maybe to them, the small world is like a game of chess . You're playing quite well . ’’

Emperor Yu was happy that the old man agreed . Then, he slowly stood up and bowed respectfully, ’’Thank you for helping us . ’’

’’Me?’’ said the old man smiling wryly, ’’I'm like you, I'm injured . I was injured by cosmic energies, so I can't fight . ’’

’’I'm sure Emperor Wu Tian Jian doesn't know what impossible means . You've existed for five thousand years after all . ’’ said Emperor Yu . The old man looked at Emperor Yu in a strange way . Lin Feng's eyes were twinkling .

Was the old man of the Sword Grave Emperor Wu Tian Jian who used to amaze everyone five-thousand years ago? He had become so old that nobody knew him anymore . Indeed, five Indeed, five thousand years before, none of Jiange's current people were born yet .

The old man looked at Lin Feng and stretched out his hands which had scars and blisters left from his sword .

’’Lin Feng, and the other disciples from Tiantai are really talented . You can place all your hopes on them . ’’ said the old man tapping Lin Feng's shoulder .

Emperor Yu nodded, ’’Indeed, Master . I am ready to die for them . ’’

’’We can die, but they can't . That's why I'm asking for your help . ’’ said Emperor Yu bowing . Lin Feng was clenching his fists so hard that his nails pierced through the palms of his hands .

’’What makes you act so brave?’’ sighed the old man . Emperor Yu was an emperor, so cultivation was the most precious thing he had in life . Who was willing to die for other people when cultivation mattered most?

’’My fellow disciple who has been there for me for hundreds of years gives me faith . ’’ said Emperor Yu smiling in a resplendent way . He missed his friend .

’’Emperor Shi?’’ thought Lin Feng .


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