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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1518


Chapter 1518

Chapter 1518: Dead End

Tian Chi and the others could only sit there and pray . They couldn't fight against a medium-level emperor .

’’Mister, can you heal Xing Zhan's leg?’’ asked Tian Chi . The Great Ape Emperor remained silent for a few minutes . Xing Zhan's leg had been cut by the cosmic energies of a medium-level emperor, so healing his leg would be very difficult .

’’It seems like I lost my leg!’’ siad Xing Zhan, trying to smile .

’’Xing Zhan!’’ Tian Chi and Mu Bei didn't know what to say to cheer him up .

’’Today, we're still alive thanks to our teacher . A leg doesn't matter . With my strength, even without that leg, I can still practice cultivation and fight . ’’ said Xing Zhan smiling . Tian Chi and Mu Bei nodded . They admired him for his courage . They raised their heads and tried to see if their teacher was going to come back safe and sound or not .

After a long time, finally, two silhouettes appeared again .

’’Emperor Yu!’’

’’Teacher!’’ the disciples ran towards him . The two people were Yan Di and Emperor Yu .

Emperor Yu didn't look fine . He was bleeding, and he looked like he had lost all his strength . His Qi was very weak as if he was going to die .

’’I'm alright . ’’ said Emperor Yu trying to smile . Tian Chi and the others' eyes were bloodshot, crackling sounds popped they clenched their fists .

’’Emperor Dong!’’ Tian Chi was furious .

’’Yan Di saved my life . I would've have died without him . ’’ said Emperor Yu smiling . He controlled Earth cosmic energy which allowed him to increase his defense, but Emperor Dong controlled empty space cosmic energy, which had a slicing characteristic . Emperor Yu couldn't escape either . Yan Di had intervened at a crucial moment .

’’Thank you, Master!’’ said Tian Chi to Yan Di .

’’It was a pleasure . ’’ said Yan Di calmly and serenely .

’’Teacher!’’ in the distance, Lin Feng and Mu Chen came back . They pulled a long face .

Emperor Yu smiled at them and said, ’’We must hurry and inform all the emperors of Ba Huang . Emperor Dong has a precious item which allows him to find us anywhere . ’’

’’Bzzz...’’ some lights flashed in the sky .

’’That's precisely that thing!’’ said Emperor Yu while looking at the lights lights which had quickly disappeared again .

’’We can't stay in Ba Huang for too long it seems . ’’ said Mu Chen as he gazed into the distance . Emperors were fine, but young people had to be very careful .

Emperor Wen quickly appeared looking distraught, ’’Emperor Dong has an ancient mirror which allows him to find people . ’’

’’We need to inform all the emperors of Ba Huang . ’’ said Emperor Yu to Emperor Wen . Emperor Wen nodded and said, ’’I understand . My dad has already starting informing people . Emperor Yu, your injuries...’’

Emperor Yu shook his head . He had been injured by cosmic energies, even though his life wasn't in danger, his injuries were very serious . His strength was affected . It would be difficult for him to recover .

’’Yan Di!’’ Lin Feng turned to the Taoist monk . He knew a lot, so maybe he knew what to do .

’’I'm not a healer, and I don't understand life cosmic energy either . I can't heal him . ’’ said Yan Di . ’’Once in the Holy City, you should find a medium-level or a higher-level emperor who understands life cosmic energy . That or a great alchemist or doctor . ’’

Yan />

Yan Di then turned to Xing Zhan and said, ’’Your injuries are less serious than Emperor Yu's . ’’

Emperor Yu was a bit disappointed . Emperor Dan was a great alchemist, but he was dead . He had to go to the Holy City to find a stronger cultivator who could help him . But then again, why would those incredible cultivators help him?

’’Mister Xiao!’’ thought Lin Feng . Mister Xiao was mysterious . He had saved Lin Feng's life before and his medicine didn't leave a negative impact on Lin Feng's cultivation, it even helped him become stronger .

’’Don't worry about my injuries . We need to come up with a way to leave . ’’ said Emperor Yu calmly .

’’Is the Messenger the only one who can send people to the Holy City?’’ asked Lin Feng . The Messenger wasn't very nice, and he was friends with Emperor Dong .

The emperors looked pensive, there were several exits, indeed .

’’We can't consider the other one . ’’ said the Great Ape Emperor while shaking his head . ’’In Ba Huang Province, there is only one exit, but in Jiu You, there is another one according to legends . But it's in a forbidden place in Jiu You where even emperors can die emperors can die . ’’

’’Indeed, there' no need to consider Jiu You's exit . ’’ said Emperor Wen .

’’A high-level emperor can pierce through the barrier of the sky . ’’ said Yan Di .

’’High-level emperors can break the sky barrier . That's why the strongest cultivators of this world are medium-level emperors, high-level emperors will just leave . ’’ thought Lin Feng . So, the light beam which had emerged from the three lives scriptures had the power of a high-level emperor .

While everybody was thinking . Emperor Wen's father and Emperor Dong were racing against time . Emperor Dong continued using his mirror, he wanted to find Lin Feng, but after he saw that Lin Feng was with Yan Di, Emperor Dong gave up . He didn't know who the Taoist monk was, but he was too strong . His cosmic energies were terrifying, and his holy mark strength was astonishing . Yan Di had attained the highest degree of perfection whilst using holy marks .

After that, he looked for the Six Desires empress . That evil woman had made an alliance with Emperor Yu . He wanted to capture her alive and use her as a se* slave . Not just her, but her disciple, Yi Ren Lei too .


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