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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1515


Chapter 1515

Chapter 1515: Lin Feng's Strange Experience

The energies surrounded him, but he had an empty space robe . Suddenly, he disappeared and reappeared again, one-thousand meters away .

However Lin Feng was surprised because even though he was far away, the energies still surrounded his body . At the same time, the energies were getting closer and closer .

Lin Feng was wondering if it was the first or the second assassin . The strongest assassin he had met so far was the third one, but the first and second would certainly be strong as well .

The energies were getting closer, and then a wind brushed against his body . Lin Feng released wind and empty space abstruse energies to run, at the same time, he released Earth abstruse energy to protect his body .

’’Dong!’’ Lin Feng heard a sound . His heart started racing, as if it was going to jump out of his chest . At the same time, his armor started crackling . His empty space and wind abstruse energies also broke apart .

’’Boom!’’ Lin Feng released demonic Qi this time . He also released force which was multiplied by six-hundred .

’’Dong!’’ The ground shook and Lin Feng felt like he was going to be crushed again .

Many people were watching Lin Feng, they sensed that his Qi was incredible, so what was putting so much pressure on him? They couldn't see it, but Lin Feng was sweating .

’’Dong!’’ Lin Feng's heart was racing, fearful that he was going to be crushed alive .

’’Boom!’’ Lin Feng jumped and released sword Qi . Then, Lin Feng's body progressively turned black . His pitch-black eyes were filled with a deep darkness . When he glanced around, people would avoid looking at him .

’’What an aggressive Qi . Who could attack such a strong cultivator?’’ thought the crowd .

’’Demonic Qi, Emperor Wu Tian Jian's cultivation type, pitch-black eyes, that's Lin Feng!’’ shouted someone suddenly .

’’Indeed, that's Lin Feng!’’ thought the crowd . Someone wanted to kill Lin Feng .

’’You can't defeat me!’’ said a voice in Lin Feng's brain . That person was trying to ruin Lin Feng's confidence .

’’Slash, slash...’’ sword energies lacerated the space around him . The crowd moved away, fearing they'd get caught up in the fight .

’’You're already dead to me . ’’ said a voice .

Lin Feng's Feng's face became distorted . He released energies, but he couldn't block the attack . One more step and he might die .

Was he going to die? He didn't even know who was attacking him . Lin Feng suddenly felt sad and desperate . He hadn't felt like that for a very long time .

’’No, I still have the Jade Emperor's palace!’’ thought Lin Feng . He couldn't give up because he didn't want to die, he still had so many things to do and he had a wonderful family .

’’Piss off, all of you!’’ shouted Lin Feng furiously glancing around at the crowd . The crowd was surprised, but many of them ran away .

Lin Feng suddenly turned around, jumped forwards, released as much demonic and sword Qi as he could . All the buildings around broke apart .

’’Die!’’ said a cold voice . His face turned deathly pale . Where was the assassin? Behind him?

’’Come out!’’ shouted Lin Feng sounding like a demon .

A gigantic hand condensed in the sky and moved towards Lin Feng . Even if he took out the Jade Emperor's palace, he'd die, he couldn't escape that attack .

’’Argh!’’ demon /> ’’Argh!’’ demon energies rolled in waves and a demon king appeared behind him .

Lin Feng's demonic determination was changing .

’’He's leveling up!’’ the crowd in the distance was amazed . Lin Feng had just broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer, in such a perilous situation!

Lin Feng still couldn't resist those energies though . Breaking through to the seventh Zun Qi layer and dying a few minutes later would be even more tragic!

’’It's him!’’ Lin Feng saw Zhou Tian Ruo and his brother in the distance .

’’Brother, it's him! Kill him!’’ said Zhou Tian Xiao suddenly . Zhou Tian Xiao frowned . Lin Feng looked like he was in danger so attacking him was useless . He glanced around but he couldn't see who was attacking Lin Feng .

’’Bzzz!’’ At that moment, someone appeared in the crowd and ran towards Lin Feng . Zhou Tian Xiao fixedly stared at him . Then someone flew in front of Lin Feng, grabbed him, and started leaving .

The crowd was intrigued . Zhou Tian Xiao was dumbstruck, but then he suddenly thought about something and chased them .

A few seconds later, Zhou Tian Xiao was in the sky alone . He . He hadn't managed to catch up with them .

Zhou Tian Ruo arrived behind and said, ’’Brother, what's going on?’’

Zhou Tian Xiao shook his head, he didn't understand either .

Lin Feng didn't understand either . They made it to a mountain range before the person put him down .

He smiled wryly and shook his head, ’’Brother, you scared me to death . ’’

’’I noticed that your cultivation was stuck at the top of the sixth Zun Qi layer, so I had to help you . ’’ The assassin's energies which Lin Feng had sensed were Mu Chen's .

’’Thank you, brother . ’’ said Lin Feng . He was ultimately happy in the end .

’’You don't need to thank me, you leveled up thanks to your own abilities . I just guided you a little . ’’ said Mu Chen smiling . Some luck and determination had been necessary for Lin Feng to break through to the seventh Zun Qi layer . Mu Chen knew how difficult it was to be stuck at a certain level .

Mu Chen had just tried to help Lin Feng and it had worked . Lin Feng still had a long way to go though .


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