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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1510


Chapter 1510

Chapter 1510: Violence

The Qi Clan's territory was suddenly invaded by an eerie silence .

Emperor Dong, Emperor Qi and the others all looked at Emperor Yu .

In the distance, the crowd could sense the pressure . They knew that that silence was ominous .

Time passed quickly .

Mu Chen raised his hand and smiled indifferently, ’’It's time . It seems like the Qi Clan hasn't made a decision yet so we're going to fight against everyone in the Qi Clan . ’’

’’Go!’’ said Mu Chen to Lin Feng and the others . In a flash, they all started running in every direction .

The members of the Qi Clan were not going to sit and wait for death, of course . Everyone started fighting . A gigantic picture scroll appeared and blotted out the sky . A light appeared which surrounded Lin Feng and the other disciples from Tiantai .

Mu Chen followed them and said, ’’Three people per group . If you see that someone is in danger, help them . Disperse now!’’

Everybody dispersed . Lin Feng and Ruo Xie stayed together . Without Mu Chen, there were only eleven disciples in Tiantai so there had to be a group of two . Lin Feng and Ruo Xie were a good team, so they didn't mind being the only group of two .

Lin Feng glanced around and looked at one young man in particular .

’’I'll go and kill him!’’ said Lin Feng . That young man was Qi Zang, someone who was rising . Lin Feng had seen him a year before in a bar .

Qi Zang wasn't ready for Lin Feng to choose him directly . He started running away .

’’Curse!’’ Death energy surrounded Qi Zang, causing his body to turn grey . He was very fast, he crossed thousands of meters in a flash, but Lin Feng was faster .

’’Qi Zang!’’ shouted Qi Qian Xing at that moment .

Qi Qian Xing released empty space energies, but Mu Chen turned around and looked at him in a cold way .

’’No...’’ a horrible shriek pierced Qi Qian Xing's ears . He couldn't see Qi Zang anymore . . Qi Zang had turned to ashes . Lin Feng was taking Qi Zang's treasures at that moment .

Lin Feng sensed that Qi Qian Xing was looking at him, so he released sword energies and killed someone else .

’’Kill him!’’ shouted Qi Qian Xing loudly, so that everybody could hear him in the territory of the Qi Clan .

In a flash, the empty space picture scroll dazzled, and a light descended from the sky . Just like last time, Lin Feng was stuck inside .

’’Don't waste time . Even if your picture scroll can constrict me, nobody can kill me in the Qi Clan . ’’ shouted Lin Feng in a disdainful way .

Tiantai's disciples had already started slaughtering mass amounts of people .

Emperor Qi and the others were furious after they saw that .

’’Bzzz!’’ Lin Feng was imprisoned in the light when suddenly, some Qi rose and surrounded him . Some people apparently wanted to kill Lin Feng .

’’What a bad attack, it seems that the Qi Clan doesn't have any strong cultivators left . ’’ said Lin Feng Lin Feng . He took out his gigantic axe and slashed it forwards .

’’Slash!’’ A silhouette was cut in two and blood gushed . However, more sword lights moved towards Lin Feng .

’’Boom boom!’’ Lin Feng used his axe again, and he rose up in the air as he looked down at the sword lights .

Lin Feng unsheathed his Tian Ji Sword, at the same time, a demon shouted furiously as a demonic shadow appeared behind Lin Feng .

Lin Feng also used his Deadly Demon Punch, condensing energies in both his fists .

’’Die, die!’’ two people immediately died, but there were still more cultivators running towards him .

Lin Feng shook his hand and a mountain fell on them . He also released demon, sword and death energies .

’’Boom boom!’’ At the same time, the terrifying empty space energy was also being bombarded by Tian Chi, Ruo Xie and the others .

Lin Feng eventually was injured, but there were numerous corpses below him .

He touched his wounds and released life energies to heal himself . Tian Chi, Ruo Xie and the Xie and the others had already broken the empty space and killed the remaining cultivators from the Qi Clan .

’’Bzzz!’’ Lin Feng jumped forwards and, in a flash, someone else died . At the same time, his Tian Ji Sword streaked across the sky and moved towards the depths of the territory of the Qi Clan, continuing to kill people .

Emperor Qi and Qi Qian Xing looked distraught . Even their best cultivators died after facing Tiantai's disciples . A short time had passed, and there were even more corpses everywhere . It was a bloodbath .

’’Father!’’ shouted Emperor Qi . Emperor Dong looked calm and serene though . Nobody knew what he was thinking .

Emperor Dong glanced around, he was looking for some other people . The Watchers had to be there too, right? Tiantai had brought the Watchers to Tian Long divine Castle before .

’’Emperor Yu, you don't want to f*k with me!’’ said Emperor Dong suddenly . He looked furious this time .

Emperor Dong was talking to Emperor Yu using telepathy, but Emperor Yu just frowned .


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