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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1502


Chapter 1502

Chapter 1502: Ferocious, Fierce, Tough

After the Watchers' Father saw that Emperor Tian Long was trapped in a cage, he performed some hand seals, and a sharp sword strength appeared . It quickly pierced through the sky .

A dark light pierced through cosmic energies and aimed for Emperor Tian Long's throat . However, at the same time, dazzling lights appeared before Emperor Tian Long and fissures formed .

The Watchers' Father looked furious . That person's empty space cosmic energies were extremely fast, even faster than him .

Lin Feng was observing the battle when suddenly a gigantic hand filled with cosmic energies reached for him . Lin Feng didn't know where that gigantic hand came from .

’’Bzzz!’’ a tornado appeared, and energies surrounded Lin Feng . That gigantic tornado assaulted the energies which surrounded Lin Feng and destroyed them, but as they dispersed, Lin Feng disappeared . He was now between Emperor Wen and Emperor Yu .

’’Come here!’’ shouted Emperor Yu to all the strong cultivators from Tiantai and the Watchers . The strong cultivator who was fighting against the Watchers' Father was a medium-level emperor . He could kill most people in a flash .

But Emperor Wen and Emperor Yu had managed to save Lin Feng . The Watchers' Father stopped chasing Emperor Tian Long, instead he ran towards the one who was fighting against Emperor Yu just a moment before . Millions of silhouettes of the Watchers' Father appeared, nobody knowing which one was the real one .

’’Let's go!’’ Emperor Tian Long and that emperor wrapped themselves up in empty space energies . The medium-level emperor threw himself at Emperor Yu with his fists raised . He wanted to hold out until the other two left .

Emperor Yu raised his hands and mountains fell from the sky . However, only one punch was destroyed while the other one was still moving forwards . Emperor Wen released terrifying cosmic energies, creating painful whistling sounds . Everything shook under that blow, the scene was apocalyptic .

Emperor Yu released cosmic energies, instantly enveloping everybody with an armor . The attacks reached them and even though they were protected, some of them still coughed up blood .

The Watchers' Father didn't chase . The medium-level emperor's cosmic energies were too terrifying . He couldn't chase him because if he did, he wouldn't be able to protect the group .

’’Let's go . ’’ said the Watchers' Father . Instantly, everybody started leaving . They hadn't managed to kill everyone .

Some time passed before the Watchers and the others all left .

Tian Long divine Castle had become a desolate and unpopulated place . All the buildings were wrecked . There were canyons and craters everywhere .

Tian Long divine Castle had been wiped off the map .

In the distance, many people were aghast . Tian Long divine Castle had existed for thousands of years and from one day to another, they had disappeared .

Some more time passed, and some people came to see Tian Long divine Castle's territory . Finally, some people couldn't control themselves anymore . Tian Long divine Castle had been destroyed but its territory still had many treasures . Tian Long divine Castle had existed for thousands of years, so they must have an infinite amount of treasures . All those wrecked palaces and castles probably contained priceless treasures .

Those who who had survived didn't prevent people from stealing treasures, the weaker ones had even left .

Lin Feng and the others were already far away, they didn't know what was going on there . The Watchers were still with them . Because Lin Feng couldn't see their faces, he was wondering if his Watcher was amongst them .

’’You're lucky to be the Watchers' Father, it's a great time for Ba Huang, while it's a tragedy for the Imperial Assassin Union . ’’ said Emperor Wen, smiling to the Watchers' Father . He looked at the Watchers' Father with admiration . Emperor Wen knew how terrifying the Imperial Assassin Union was, so he was he was surprised that the Watchers had managed to kill so many assassins at once .

’’It's still too early . I know how powerful the Wen Clan is, so I hope that the Wen Clan will collaborate with us seriously in the future . I hope that we'll become a powerful group and that we'll destroy the Imperial Assassin Union . Then, we'll make this world great again . ’’ said the Watchers' Father hoarsely . Emperor Wen smiled and nodded, ’’Master, I will do my best . ’’

The Watchers' Father added, ’’I hope the Wen Clan can use their full strength and that we can destroy the Imperial Assassin Union thoroughly . ’’

’’Are you sure we can?’’ asked Emperor Wen .

’’Stay in Ba Huang and wait for my message . ’’ said the Watchers' Father . Then, he gazed into the distance . Under his plaited bamboo hat, his eyes were twinkling .

’’Alright, we will wait for your good news . ’’ said Emperor Wen smiling . He waved at the Watchers' Father and left .

After Emperor Wen left, Emperor Yu looked at the Watchers' Father and said, ’’Do you need me to do anything?’’

’’You can inspect the entire province . ’’ said the Watchers' Father . Emperor Yu nodded .

’’See you in eastern Ba Huang . ’’ said the Watchers' Father before he left before he left with all the other Watchers .

Lin Feng and the others were excited after they heard Emperor Wen, Emperor Yu and the Watchers' Father talking .

’’Lin Feng, I'm taking you somewhere special . ’’ said Emperor Yu, glancing at the crowd before adding, ’’All your fellow disciples have been there, so you should see it too . ’’

’’The limits of the sky?’’ said Lin Feng . Emperor Yu looked surprised and smiled, ’’You already know about it?’’

’’Yes, I do . ’’ said Lin Feng smiling and nodding .

Emperor Yu smiled and nodded, ’’That's good, so I don't need to talk too much nonsense . ’’

’’Teacher, are we going to fight against the Imperial Assassin Union?’’ asked Lin Feng .

’’Yes, they have existed in this world for a long time . Last time, it was a bloodbath . They have only continued to hide because of the Watchers . They tried to kill everyone from the Ba Huang Province and Jiu You last time in the Qi Empire, they failed and now they're furious . We need to eradicate them before they become any more of a threat . ’’ said Emperor Yu .

’’Alright, you should disperse and go to Xuri City in the eastern part of Ba Huang . Don't draw people's attention . ’’ said Emperor Yu to everyone . Then he disappeared!


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