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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 150


At that moment, the man in blue clothes and Meng Qing were in a direct confrontation. The crowd was astonished to see that Meng Qing was much stronger than him.

Even though Meng Qing's style looked very simple, each time her graceful and agile body moved, she would unleash an extremely powerful attack. Her Qi was so cold that it could directly freeze the man in blue. Even though he had a hurricane spirit and was extremely quick, he couldn't avoid Meng Qing's attacks and was forced to fight with her directly.

’’What a strong girl. Who is she? Why is she with Lin Feng?’’ The crowd was amazed. That beautiful girl was remarkably strong.

The man in blue clothes didn't look so majestic anymore. He had a hideous and evil expression on his face. He was furious.

’’Hurricane Blade!’’ shouted the man in blue clothes. His entire body transformed into a hurricane that was actually like a sharp blade lacerating the air as it rushed towards Meng Qing. An incredibly strong and thick Qi was emerging from the hurricane.

’’What a powerful martial skill.’’ thought the crowd. They were not near him but could still feel the Qi within his hurricane attack.

The large blade-like hurricane was rushing towards Lin Feng and Meng Qing at full speed.

’’Hmph.’’ groaned Meng Qing, this was the first time she had made any noise. Her expression was ice-cold. Her body started to release an incredibly cold Qi.

’’Heart of ice, freezing both heaven and earth. Ice reigns over the world.’’ Said Meng Qing while slowly walking towards the man in blue. Her body looked lithe and graceful. A layer of ice appeared around her body and a sharp cold invaded the entire atmosphere. Everything started to instantly freeze around Meng Qing.

The hurricane blade attack froze completely in mid air. The body of the man in blue clothes was progressively freezing inside the hurricane. He was frozen into a huge block of ice.

Every single thing within the atmosphere was frozen solid when suddenly, the block of ice started emitting small cracking noises.


’’Psshhh...’’ Suddenly, the man in blue clothes who was trapped inside the huge block of ice transformed into a hurricane then smashed through the ice and flew into the distance at full speed.

He was looking back at Meng Qing with a hideously evil expression in his eyes. His face was covered completely with frost.

Meng Qing's attack had been much too powerful. He would have died if he had stayed inside that block of ice for much longer.

The man in blue clothes would have never thought that such a beautiful young girl could also be so terrifyingly powerful. How frightening!

But Meng Qing ignored him and immediately moved her hand again. This time, she carried out an attack on the Bai Clan members. The atmosphere around them started to grow colder and colder.

Only Lin Feng didn't feel cold at all while stood amongst the group of Bai Clan members.

’’Deadly sword.’’ Lin Feng took another step and a black fog emerged from his sword. Lin Feng once again started killing the members of the Bai Clan. At that moment, red blood and white frost started to mix together in the atmosphere.

The middle aged man in blue clothes was enraged when he saw Lin Feng killing the members of the Bai Clan so mercilessly but because of Meng Qing's strength, he didn't dare to move closer to them.

She was a really terrifying existence.

Lin Feng's sword didn't stop glowing in the middle of that bloodbath as he continued to cut down Bai Clan members one after the other. Very quickly, all the members of the Bai Clan were lying dead on the ground. Only one person was remaining within the group.

He was wearing a golden mask and he was shaking from head to toe. This person was obviously Bai Ze.

Under his golden mask, his eyes didn't express anything like hatred or cruelty anymore, the only thing that was remaining inside his eyes was pure fear.

All of the strong cultivators that joined him from the Bai Clan were now lying dead at his feet in a pool of their own blood and the man in blue clothes could do nothing but watch them get slaughtered one by one before his eyes.

Lin Feng raised his long sword. Blood was dripping endlessly from the tip of his sword as he slowly walked towards Bai Ze.

At that moment, Bai Ze fell down onto his knees. His legs were shaking too much from fear. He hated Lin Feng from the bottom of his heart. He knew that he was about to die.

’’Last time, I didn't kill you, haven't I already shown you enough mercy?’’ said Lin Feng indifferently.

Lin Feng's bloody sword was moving closer and closer to Bai Ze who was shaking his head as if he was trying to wake himself from this nightmare. He was hastily crawling backwards while looking at Lin Feng.

’’Last time, you said that you would make me a slave. You have not stopped attempting to take my life and continued to provoke me to no end. Now that you are in front of me, why don't you try to kill me, like always?’’ continued Lin Feng.

’’There are some paths on which you shouldn't walk. You have chosen the path to the afterlife, so I will help you achieve your aim.’’ His sword glowed once again and Bai Ze's blood sprayed into the air.

Bai Ze fell heavily onto the ground. He was no longer in the world of the living.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the middle aged man in blue clothes who was still in the distance. He then said coldly: ’’If you do not have the courage to come over here then get lost. There is no need to stay here and lose face.’’

’’You will regret everything that you have done today!’’ said the man in blue clothes with an evil glare.

’’No need to keep saying idle threats. You came here today to kill me, so I killed all of the people that came to take my life. Next time, you will come back with even more people to try to kill me and then what? Even more people will be laying dead on the floor beneath my feet.’’ said Lin Feng with an indifferent tone.

He then continued: ’’If you wanted to keep your face then you should have left earlier. You only made things worse by staying here. You have humiliated yourself. Everybody saw that you are incredibly foolish. Remember each of my words as I say them to you now, I will kill every single member of the Bai Clan that stands before me without mercy. The Bai Clan has no future, I will annihilate the entire Bai Clan.’’

Lin Feng's words stupefied the crowd. He was completely ruthless. He was planning to kill every Bai Clan member until the total annihilation of the clan.

Nobody had doubts when it came to what Lin Feng had just said. He had just proved it to everyone with his actions. There was a mass of bodies lying beneath his feet in a pool of blood which belonged to members of the Bai Clan.

Offending Lin Feng resulted in death, what a pity for those who offended him!

’’I will remember your words.’’ said the middle aged man in blue clothes while looking evil. He slowly turned around and started walking away.

He suddenly transformed into a hurricane, turned around and threw himself towards Lin Feng at full speed. He was extremely quick!

Lin Feng was surprised. He could already feel the man's Qi on his body.

Lin Feng tried to dodge but he could not avoid being wounded. Blood was flowing down Lin Feng's face.

’’I will definitely kill you at some point!’’ said the man in blue clothes and then turned around and started leaving. The crowd didn't realize what was happening.

’’You want to die!!!’’ shouted a cold and furious voice. It seemed like time had stopped. It was Meng Qing. An extremely cold Qi emerged from her body and she immediately disappeared from everybody's view.

At that moment, the man in blue clothes who was leaving suddenly stopped. He looked terrified. An extremely cold Qi had suddenly appeared next to him. He then moved again at full speed in an attempt to escape. The only thing left in his mind was to run away.

’’Heart of Ice.’’ White ice shot from Meng Qing's body and moved straight towards the man in blue clothes. He suddenly had the feeling his internal organs were starting to freeze.


Blood started to flow from his mouth but it was frozen solid... His internal organs had taken a large amount of damage. He couldn't defeat her, so all he could do was escape. He just wanted to escape with his life. This girl was much too powerful.


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