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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1495


Chapter 1495

Chapter 1495: Insane Yan Di

After that, Yan Di moved higher up in the sky and reached the clouds . ’’I'm a new emperor, so I still need to learn how to control my energies . Give me time to get used to it . ’’

Emperor Qi jumped forwards . Give him time? Was that a joke? He just wanted to kill him .

After one step, he released empty space cosmic energy and Emperor Qi disappeared . Then the space around Yan Di was sealed .

’’Eh?’’ Yan Di frowned . He looked confused .

’’Break!’’ shouted a voice furiously . Yan Di was seemingly stuck in empty space cosmic energy . However, he jumped forwards and lacerated the empty space cosmic energy, then fissures appeared .

After Emperor Qi attacked Yan Di, a fire pattern flashed . Then, terrifying fire cosmic energy invaded the space and burnt the empty space energies .

’’Dong!’’ Yan Di jumped, but there were fire patterns all around him .

Yan Di had a demon lotus resting in his hand . He then stretched out his hand and the demon lotus collided with Emperor Qi's empty space cosmic energy . Then the fire pattern became even more dazzling .

Emperor Qi felt threatened . He continued releasing more and more empty space cosmic energy, almost frantically .

’’Constriction!’’ shouted Yan Di . His demon lotus turned into threads of black fire which surrounded Emperor Qi's body .

’’Rise!’’ said Yan Di . The fire patterns almost seemed alive as they flew towards Emperor Qi .

’’Boom!’’ an infinity of flames dashed to the skies, causing the sky to look like it was burning .

Emperor Qi wanted to jump into an empty space, but at that moment, he heard Yan Di laugh evilly . Emperor Qi's empty space burnt instantly, and his empty space energies were weakening .

The crowd on the ground was amazed, their muscles were twitching, especially those who had had tensions with Yan Di .

They could sense that his cosmic energies weren't weak at all . He was not any weaker than Emperor Qi . Even if Emperor Qi had gone into the empty space, Yan Di's flames would have reached him .

’’Emperor Qi's empty space cosmic energies seem so weak in front of Yan Di . ’’ thought Lin Feng .

His blood started boiling as a gigantic and terrifying Empty Space Picture Scroll appeared . Then a terrifying empty space cosmic energy dashed to the skies . His picture scroll surrounded his body, then he glared at Yan Di menacingly .

Yan Di took a small step forwards, and then the flames gradually gradually disappeared . A strong wind started blowing in the empty space . Then, the empty space energies continued condensing but the crowd couldn't see Yan Di .

Amongst all the emperors there, none of them dared think they were stronger than that Taoist monk . His cosmic energies weren't overly-powerful, but his control of them was amazing .

’’Why are you so far away? I just want to practice . I don't want to kill you . ’’ said Yan Di mockingly .

’’I'll show you!’’ shouted Emperor Peng furiously turning into a golden light .

’’I will help you, little bird!’’ shouted Yan Di furiously . Emperor Peng continued using a few agility techniques, so even the space around him became distorted . He was flapping one wing at full speed and fanning the fire away . At the same time, he was using the other wing to attack Yan Di . Gold and wind cosmic energies dashed to the skies .

The crowd was baffled because Yan Di didn't dodge the attack . Instead, he jumped onto his fire pattern and moved towards the wing .

Yan Di created a fire pattern in his hand his hand and threw it towards the wing . Yan Di did this all while remaining very calm .

’’Dong!’’ The crowd watched as Yan Di flew away a few a few dozens of hundreds of meters . However, Emperor Peng shouted furiously . His wing was broken, only torn flesh remained, and blood was dripping unceasingly . His wing was contaminated with fire cosmic energy .

’’And people said he had the best defense in Ba Huang . ’’ thought the crowd . People considered Emperor Peng as the best in terms of speed and defense .

’’Your defense is good, you little bird! I'll just be helping myself to a piece of roasted bird then . ’’ said Yan Di, but nobody dared laugh at his joke .

If Emperor Peng couldn't kill him, then nobody else could .

’’Emperor Yan has fallen . Now, a new friend has appeared, which is a good thing for Fire Mountain and for the Ba Huang Province . Let's forget about our conflicts for now . ’’ said Emperor Yu . Yan Di was extremely strong . He could help them fight against the Imperial Assassin Union .

’’Indeed, I didn't like him at first but now I want to be friends with him . Let's all do that . ’’ said Emperor Wen .

’’Hmph! What if he belongs to the Imperial Assassin Union and has managed to take control of the Fire Mountain?’’ said Emperor Qi .

’’Even if your clan was a part of the Imperial Assassin Union, Imperial Assassin Union, he couldn't possibly be . ’’ said Lin Feng, smiling in a cold way .

’’You little boy, I don't need your help to deal with them . ’’ said Yan Di .

’’You bastard! Don't talk to me that way!’’ said Lin Feng furiously .

’’Lin Feng, do you know him?’’ asked Emperor Yu to Lin Feng .

’’Teacher, you also know him . ’’ said Lin Feng giggling . Emperor Yu couldn't know that it was Qiong Qi whom he had seen on the flight of stairs back then .

’’You little bastard! How dare you talk to me that way!’’ shouted Yan Di suddenly .

Emperor Yu was confused but Lin Feng glanced at him, giving him reassurance .

’’He's aggressive and arrogant, but he's my friend . We came to the Ba Huang Province together . ’’ said Lin Feng to Emperor Yu, making him laugh .

’’You should stay here and take control over Fire Mountain . ’’

’’I intended to do that . I'm now the leader of Fire Mountain, whoever dares come here and cause trouble will have to face me . ’’ said Yan Di in a calm and serene way . The emperors who hated him couldn't say anything though because they couldn't defeat him .

But people from Fire Mountain had hoped he'd stay anyways .


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