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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 149


When the crowd saw Meng Qing, they were all stunned.

The teacher in black robes laughed. More Qi was released from his body. A resplendent bright and dazzling light flashed around his body.

’’Stop.’’ shouted a voice in the distance. Everybody stopped moving. That voice deeply penetrated into people's hearts to the extent that it made their souls shake.

The teacher in black robes had also stopped moving. He turned around and saw a silhouette come towards them.

’’Vice-principal.’’ the vice-principal had personally come, how surprising!

’’Vice-Principal Long.’’ said the teacher in black robes respectfully, he was no longer acting rudely.

’’Get back.’’ shouted the vice-principal towards the teacher. The teacher in black robes looked incredibly embarrassed and the whole crowd was stunned.

In view of the vice-principal's behaviour towards the teacher, Lin Feng must have really been personally invited by the the vice-principal.

’’Yes, vice-principal.’’ said the teacher in black robes while stepping backwards. He looked extremely embarrassed at his situation.

Vice-principal Long turned around and looked at Lin Feng. He warmly smiled and said: ’’I will solve this problem myself. You can go back now.’’

’’Go back?!’’ The crowd was dumbstruck! Against all expectations, the vice-principal really did care about Lin Feng. Lin Feng had caused a problem and the vice-principal went to solve them himself. Everybody was convinced, at that moment, that the man in blue clothes wouldn't dare to touch Lin Feng.

The man in blue clothes frowned. His heart was pounding. He was wondering what Lin Feng's background really was for the vice-principal to attach so much importance to him. The vice-principal was humiliating everybody to protect Lin Feng. Even though the man in blue clothes didn't have a status as high as that of the vice-principal, had the vice-principal not thought of all the people who were accompanying him?

Nobody understood why the vice-principal was acting this way towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was also unsure of why he was receiving such treatment. He didn't understand why the vice-principal was always so kind to him. He didn't know anyone who belonged to the Imperial Clan or any other prestigious clans. He was lost. Although in the future he would eventually come to understand why the vice-principal was helping him.

’’Vice-principal, I want to say something but I don't know if I should.’’ said Lin Feng while shaking his head.

’’Tell me.’’ said the vice-principal.

’’In the academy, there are some great people but there are also horrible people who drag the rest of us down with them. Those people don't deserve to be teachers.’’ said Lin Feng indifferently. His words were sharp and poignant. He was looking at the teacher in black robes while talking.

’’Vice-principal, I will assume the responsibility for what I have done at the Prisoner Arena. I don't need anyone to help me.’’ said Lin Feng and continued: ’’If anyone dares to offend me again in the future then I will not hesitate to take actions myself.’’

’’That guy... How aggressive! But now it's understandable why he dares talk to the teacher that way.’’

’’What a big mouth.’’

The crowd was making various comments about Lin Feng's behaviour. Even the vice-principal was surprised. Lin Feng was acting very strangely.

Lin Feng didn't know what all these people thought. He turned around and said to the man in blue clothes: ’’You want me, right?’’

’’Indeed.’’ said the man in blue clothes while nodding.

’’Since you want me and I am standing right here, what are you waiting for?’’ said Lin Feng in an indifferent tone. The crowd was wondering what Lin Feng meant.

The man in blue clothes saw that Lin Feng was extremely confident. He had an evil smile on his face. Lin Feng could have left just like the vice-principal had told him but he didn't and instead chose to confront the people who came. The man in blue clothes would not have had the power to do anything if Lin Feng had listened to the vice-principal and left. By staying here and challenging them, he definitely wanted to die.

’’Take him.’’ said the man in blue clothes. At that moment, two people rushed out of the group and started moving towards Lin Feng while releasing a heavy Qi.

When he saw these two people approaching him, Lin Feng didn't move. He still looked calm and serene.

Then, Meng Qing who was standing in front of Lin Feng suddenly released an extremely cold Qi which moved straight towards these two people. They had the feeling that their spinal cord had frozen in place.

Meng Qing raised her hand and released a terrifying cold force. Their hands immediately froze solid. Very quickly, the ice started to spread all over their body and all of a sudden, they were completely frozen in ice and absolutely unable to move.

’’How strong.’’ said the crowd stupefied. No wonder that that girl had dared obstruct the way to Lin Feng. She was extremely powerful.

’’Xuan Qi layer.’’

The pupils of Vice-Principal Long and the man in blue clothes shrank. Lin Feng had never talked about his friends, and an extremely beautiful girl who didn't look very strong was actually this amazing.

What she had done a moment before was only possible for someone of the Xuan Qi layer.

The teacher in the black robes was dumbstruck. What if he had been successful in attacking Lin Feng a moment before?

No wonder Lin Feng was so aggressive. Someone of the Xuan Qi layer was there to protect him at all times. How scary!

The crowd was trying to understand the situation. The vice-principal probably liked Lin Feng for two reasons, because he was strong and because he had a high status. It was not a secret that Lin Feng was extremely talented and powerful, otherwise how could he have such beautiful female friends?

’’From the day I spent at The Prisoner Arena, I swore to myself that if I ever saw a member of the Bai Clan again then they would die.’’ said Lin Feng with an extremely cold tone.

The Bai Clan members were astonished. Meng Qing, however had understood what Lin Feng meant. Her beautiful silhouette suddenly transformed into a white lotus flower and she threw herself towards the crowd.

The sky above as well as the ground below all seemed to completely freeze. All the members of the Bai Clan felt extreme cold. They were all covered with layers of ice.

Meng Qing slightly moved her hand and suddenly, every member of the Bai Clan was pierced to the bone with the terrifying coldness.

If these people had been at the Qi layer stage, that would have explained why they were so affected by Meng Qing's attack but even some people of the Ling Qi layer were feeling the cold pierce into them. How was that possible?

At that moment, the man in blue clothes couldn't stand it anymore and felt like he had to get involved. A hurricane-like attack emerged from his body and moved straight towards Meng Qing.

Meng Qing, looking calm and just raised her hand which released ice that moved straight towards the blue clothed man's attack.


An extreme coldness spread throughout the atmosphere. Suddenly, two huge blocks of ice which looked like huge diamonds shot from Meng Qing's hand.

At that moment, Lin Feng grabbed onto his sword and in an instant, he arrived in front of all the Bai Clan members who were frozen in place.

’’Deadly sword.’’

Lin Feng's' deadly sword started to flash through the atmosphere over and over again.

Blood sprayed everywhere and the atmosphere had become incredibly bloody. He had already killed a large number of people with his sword.

Just as Lin Feng had said, if he ever saw any Bai Clan members then they would have to die.

Everybody was stupefied by Lin Feng's strength. These people had come to capture Lin Feng and in the end, nothing was happening the way they had expected. Lin Feng was calm and unperturbed... as he was killing all the members of the Bai Clan.

With each stroke of his sword more blood was filling the atmosphere and another member of the Bai Clan would fall dead onto the floor.

Blood was endlessly flowing from Lin Feng's sword. This is what happened when Lin Feng was angered.


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