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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1489


Chapter 1489

Chapter 1489: Golden Holy Qi

Lin Feng and the young man in white clothes looked at each other while releasing force . It was as if two oceans were fighting against each other .

’’Boom!’’ They both punched the air in each other's direction at the same time . They didn't use any special power, just force . After their fists collided, they both smiled in a resplendent way .

’’I thought my force was stronger than yours . ’’ said the young man in white clothes smiling happily .

’’You must be disappointed now . ’’ said Lin Feng smiling .

’’Why would I? It inspires me . ’’ said the young man in white clothes smiling . Their force disappeared, and they just laughed .

The old man was surprised too . Fei Yang and that genius knew each other!

’’Lin Feng, that's my teacher . He's also the owner of the Celestial Walls Manor . I wouldn't have thought you'd come here . ’’ said Yun Fei Yang .

’’Lin Feng from Tiantai, nice to meet you, Master . ’’ said Lin Feng as he bowed before the old man .

’’Haha, so many geniuses . Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi are great teachers, I see . You're both outstanding . ’’ said the old man smiling . The owner of the Celestial Walls Manor was a hermit, but he knew about the on-goings of the outside world . He didn't ask anything, he just knew things .

’’So you joined Tiantai!’’ said Yun Fei Yang . He knew about the influential imperial groups of Ba Huang . Then he introduced the beautiful girl, ’’That's my fellow disciple, Bei Yan Yun . ’’

’’That's my brother, Lin Feng . We traveled together and then we lost each other along the way . ’’ said Yun Fei Yang .

Bei Yan Yun and Lin Feng glanced at each other . Bei Yan Yun looked embarrassed, but smiled and said, ’’Lin Feng, I'm sorry . I didn't know you were Fei Yang's friend . I'm too arrogant and know nothing . You're a genius and you're better than me in every way . ’’

’’You're outstanding too and very beautiful . I'm pleased to meet you . ’’ said Lin Feng smiling . Bei Yan Yun had apologized, so he couldn't take such small small things to heart, especially seeing how Yun Fei Yang and Bei Yan Yun were friends .

’’Fei Yang and you are such flatterers . No wonder you two are good friends . ’’ said Bei Yan Yun smiling . She looked outstanding and even if a man was angry at her, it was difficult not to forgive her with that smile .

’’Yan Yun, Feng Xuan and Feng Ling are just my friends . ’’ said Lin Feng smiling .

’’I see . They didn't say that though . ’’ said Bei Yan Yun smiling thinly . Feng Xuan even turned red .

’’Indeed, they said you were together . They said that if I defeated you, they'd consider me seriously . ’’ said Zhou Tian Ruo . Lin Feng and the others turned and looked at Zhou Tian Ruo . He had his arms crossed on his chest .

’’They were probably just joking . ’’ said Bei Yan Yun to Zhou Tian Ruo .

’’I wasn't joking though . Besides, everybody heard them . ’’ said Zhou Tian Ruo while staring at the two girls .

’’Hehe, I want them . ’’ said Zhou Tian Zhou Tian Ruo looking at them .

Lin Feng turned to Feng Ling and Feng Xuan .

’’He wanted to force us to do things we don't want to do, so we had no choice but to say that . ’’ said Feng Ling . Lin Feng smiled in return .

He looked at the people next to Zhou Tian Ruo, smiled indifferently and said, ’’Did you hear them promise anything?’’

’’Hehe, we did . ’’ said one of the young men smiling evilly .

’’Curse!’’ said Lin Feng . Instantly, death-cursing energies surrounded him and started draining out his life . His face instantly turned deathly pale .

’’Don't move . ’’ said Lin Feng to the others .

’’You're insane!’’ said Zhou Tian Ruo while furiously releasing gold Qi .

Lin Feng didn't even look at him, he only focused on the one he was cursing .

’’Now, I just need to think about it and you'll die . ’’ said Lin Feng indifferently . That person's face was looked gloomy . Lin Feng's death cursing energies were powerful, his cultivation was getting weaker with each passing second .

’’If I win against him, you'll against him, you'll kneel down to me, how about that?’’ said Lin Feng pointing at Zhou Tian Ruo .

’’Alright . ’’ said that person nodding while pulling a long face .

’’Who else saw it?’’ Lin Feng smiled thinly . He coldly glanced at Zhou Tian Ruo, his eyes were pitch-black .

’’That person's death and cursing abstruse energies are really powerful . He can even drain out people's lives!’’ thought the crowd .

’’Hmph, my two friends said something because you're a worthless bastard who forces women to do things . I don't have much to say about such people . ’’ said Lin Feng .

’’Indeed, let's fight . ’’ said Zhou Tian Ruo .

He rose up in the air and released gold Qi . A golden armor instantly formed around him . He did that straight away because he wanted to protect himself against Lin Feng's death cursing energies .

’’Come!’’ shouted Zhou Tian Ruo furiously . In a flash, his golden Qi turned into a sharp sword and moved towards Lin Feng at full speed .

Feng Ling and Feng Xuan looked worried . Those people came from the Holy City .


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